Macellaio RC South Ken

84 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London, SW7 3LQ, Kensington, Greater London

Price from £1500 Up to 24 guests

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  • £1500 per event

Info about Macellaio RC South Ken

It seemed like yesterday I founded the very first Macellaio, and grew it into a group of successful restaurants in Italy.

My gastronomic journey has brought me to London with the aim of sharing with my guests and my colleagues what I have learnt over twenty years in the food industry.

I started cleaning floors and dishes in the family run ‘Trattoria’ in ‘via Francesco Rolla’ in the suburbs of Genoa; occasionally serving minestrone soup with pesto, prepared by my mother. This helped me learn, and become increasingly more curious. If it wasn’t for all of my experiences, I wouldn’t be here now writing this…

‘Macellaio Roberto Costa’, a name that aspires to be a praise to the animal, but above all to the work of the artisan farmers that devote their lives to this passionate world.

Several years ago, I realized that the best way of doing hospitality is without compromising the quality – ever. I am lucky to have been born and raised in Italy, with the best ingredients in the world; which gave me the opportunity to showcase the true meaning of ‘made in Italy’.

In London, I met real, true and sincere people who gave me, and keep giving me the opportunity to learn new things every day. Here, I am stimulated by a vibrant market and a demanding clientele, who are passionate and experts.

Macellaio RC is a hymn to Italian excellence, thanks to my outstanding partner: Daniele Oberto administrator of “Macelleria Oberto” in Alba.

Our commitment, is to offer you the excellence of Italian products with no compromise.

All the products offered in our restaurant are the result, the “fruit” as we like to say in Italy, of dedicated work made by artisans and farmers who share the “Italian passion” with us. As one of the more experienced butchers, I was lucky enough to work with Giovanni who taught me: there is no passion without blood. Thank you Giovanni.

Our commitment, is to offer you the excellence of Italian products with no compromise.

Suitable For
  • Birthday (adult)
  • Birthday (kids)
  • Celebration
  • Private party
  • Wedding
  • Wedding reception
  • In House Catering
  • Buffet Meal Facilities
  • Seated Meal Facilities
  • Reception
  • Disabled Access
  • Alcohol License
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