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Verified bookings 25
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Recent review: A big thank you to Charlie and the team. They were very courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. The Teepee looked gorgeous once it was set up, really pretty with all the flowers and fairy lights...! The girls had a great time, and slept well on the beds provided, once they did finally get to sl

from £200.00. Based in Langham

Verified bookings 3
Reviews 0

Victoria Lily Events

About: Victoria Lily Events provides Vintage Photo Booths, Instagram Photo Booths and Bell Tent Glamping accommodation for weddings, private parties and events....

from £150. Based in Brighton

Verified bookings 6
Reviews 4

TK Tents

Recent review: Super helpful, friendly and accommodating. Communication during booking process was fab and very helpful! Tents were fab! Undecorated which was our request but came with inflatable mattresses which were super comfy and at knee height (as oppose to the regular mattress thickness) they were great f

from £200. Based in Cheshire

Verified bookings 0
Reviews 0

Covered in Style

About: Welcome to Covered in Style, providing you with Giant Tipi’s and other bespoke Covered solutions.. in Style! Travelling throughout the north of England and Scotland. Let us help you create the perfect solution for your whatever gathering you are choosing – we have our own twist that will enha......

from £1600. Based in Cumbria

Verified bookings 12
Reviews 5

Wildcat Camping

Recent review: Fantastic birthday venue for our 13 year old daughter set up in iur garden. Martin assembles and takes down again taking out any of the hard work. Clean spacious and loved by the kids. Would work equally well for boys. We had bunting and lanterns and some of the girls slept in it overnight, -went d

from £75. Based in Sheffield

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