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Verified bookings 58
Reviews 28


Recent review: Hi Chris Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. You did an amazing job. Thanks for making a big effort, and for all the excellent communication. Best wishes for the remainder of 2017 Ben

from £150. Based in Bristol

Verified bookings 30
Reviews 4

Sean the Caricaturist

Recent review: Shawn was totally amazing at my husband Philip's 65th birthday party in Nottingham. Shawn is a very talented carucaturist and he drew all if our guests (around 60) and he made everyone laugh. He has the greatest humour and is fabulous at entertaining. He has the most amazing smile and a great person

from £195. Based in Blackpool

Verified bookings 28
Reviews 19

Rob The Caricaturetainer

Recent review: Rob was amazing from booking to finishing - the process was simple and informative. Rob, on the night with his helper lady, were truly professional and I think he was non-stop drawing for 3 hours with a never ending queue! Guests were so happy and us equally too. Thank you for the colour perso

from £260. Based in London

Verified bookings 24
Reviews 7

Chris Taylor Caricatures

Recent review: Would rate Chris 100%, he interacted with our guests and made everyone feel comfortable. He drew a characterture of myself and Dan prior to the wedding in order for our guests to sign which was a really nice touch and a good keepsake.. everyone agreed he was a good addition to the wedding evening an

from £210. Based in Linlithgow

Verified bookings 14
Reviews 7

Francesco Caricatures

Recent review: I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your excellent service during Uni Camp this year. The students all really enjoyed themselves. It was great that they had something so special to take away with them to remind them of their amazing week at the University of Suffolk!

from £212. Based in Greater London

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