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La Belle Assiette Wedding Catering
Verified bookings: 119
42 Reviews:

Recent review: Great service and attention by the team and the Chef was top notch. Would recommend and when the event calls for it will use again. Thanks all.

Five Wedding Catering
Verified bookings: 68
29 Reviews:

Recent review: The team catered for our hen party of 15 wonderfully. They were flexible and great value for money for what we got compared to other companies I had looked at. Would definitely recommend Five!!

Spice It Up Bar BQ Wedding Catering
Verified bookings: 57
33 Reviews:

Recent review: Debbie & Corinne (sorry if I've spelt that wrong) did a fab job with our work social BBQ. The food was fab, everyone, even the long term burger n hotdog people tried and loved the food - we even had a very happy and full vegan which is pretty unusual for a BBQ. The girls were a great laugh too yet s

Mark Country Catering Limited Wedding Catering
Verified bookings: 47
10 Reviews:

Recent review: What excellent service! Thank you so much for your wonderful cooking and amazing food choices. There was so much food and it was cooked to perfection. Jacci was lovely and they even powered through barbecuing when the heavens opened! Absolutely amazing service and I could not have been happier with

The Chef Touch Wedding Catering
Verified bookings: 32
19 Reviews:

Recent review: Our chef and his lovely server made our hen party really special. The food was amazing quality even though they only had a small kitchen to work with. Everything was freshly cooked in front of us and the flavours where incredible. All of the girls where really impressed. I would recommend chef


Recent requests in this category

Wedding reception - Birmingham

Average quote: £1300.00
On our wedding reception will come approx 110 people, marquee setting in a field. Pulse and salad and potato sides. Vegetarian option potentially needed (2-4). No nuts and a gluten free option essential. Payment upfront. Look forward to hearing from you.

Wedding - Glasgow

Average quote: £900.00
Please could you give me a quote for a fairly basic BBQ for the evening of our wedding. We are having 75 guests on 4th of aug. 2016.. Thank you so much for your time

Wedding - Cheshire

Average quote: £1300.00
Hi, I would like a quote for different food van/ caterers for next July, we have the option of 3 venues at the moment 2 in tonbridge and 1 in the new forest. We will have a range of 70-90 guests. Please could I have information on prices and what you will include. Many thanks

Anniversary - London

Average quote: £800.00
Golden wedding anniversary, catering for vintage afternoon tea for approx 60 people including children. Hog roast cooked and served. Crackling, sauce, buns etc.

Wedding - London

Average quote: £1300.00
11th June 2017 for approx 90 guest we are ideally looking for a bbq or hog roast or combo of both. It will with luck weather permitting be held outside on the lawn we do have kitchen access etc we do have approx 15 children and approx 15 veggies to be catered for food will be paid for by us upfront of the day

Wedding reception - Hampshire

Average quote: £1300.00
I'm looking for a quote for 120 people, all to be served at the same time. Hoping for a selection of BBQ dishes for around £10-12.50/head. We are open to suggestions but would like a variety of meats with salads and sides

Birthday party (adult) - Birmingham

Average quote: £900.00
Between 50 and 80 guests to be served outside the barn with various salads and bread. We will have up to 10 vegetarians and two gluten intolerant guests. Payment will be upfront by us.

Corporate Function - York

Average quote: £1100.00
Hello, I have a corporate event, if you could send me some menu with quotes for catering for 80 people. Breakfast food mainly please. Dietary Requirements: None. Payment: Before Event. Many Thanks

Wedding reception - Bristol

Average quote: £700.00
I'm looking for quotes for BBQ caterers for an informal wedding celebration on 3rd October. There will be approximately 55 people, 2 non meat eaters ( both eat fish/ sea food). So a basic BBQ (burgers / sausages / chicken) package for 55 heads plus pricing per head for any additional dishes you may do, such as lamb chops, king prawns, salmon etc. Payment will be upfront. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hen party - Birmingham

Average quote: £700.00
We would like to know if you have any Mexican/central american mobile vans to come to our hen party on the 7th June from 1pm for 58 people. I will be paying for the entire bill. Thanks

Wedding - York

Average quote: £1000.00
I am looking for a cocktail bar or something a little different for food during my evening. There would be 65 guests during the day and then possibly around 40 more during the evening. Would you be able to send me a price list or let me know of options and availablitiy?

Birthday party (adult) - Somerset

Average quote: £1400.00
6th August, 100-120 guests. It's an outside 60th birthday party in a field on a farm (bit like a mini festival). Guests to pay for food. Looking for food wagons to come and sell their food. Many Thanks

Wedding reception - Bristol

Average quote: £1000.00
There will be approximately 60 guests for a meal with another approximately 40 for the evening. The venue is at my home in the garden. There is access to electricity and water. It will be an intimate garden party relaxed affair with some live music. I would like a hog roast/barbecue with salads type food with deserts and some finger food for later. Open to suggestions. Maybe some vegetarian options. Payment by ourselves

Celebration - Cardiff

Average quote: £700.00
We're not fuzzy, we've looked into hog roasts and salads and that seems like a lovely idea. But I want to look around at other ideas. Approx. 70 people

Private party - Hampshire

Average quote: £700.00
Sixty people, to be fed over two hours, there is a huge catering kitchen available and also a large bar b que area. We are open to any casual but stylish food. Four veggies and one gluten free.

Wedding - York

Average quote: £1100.00
We are looking for a BBQ for our wedding in the evening. We will need catering for around 100 people. And also vegetarian options. Please could you give me a quote or a price list.

Private party - Kent

Average quote: £700.00
We are looking for food vans for a private party - a birthday camping weekend for around 50 people. Please need price for party cater. I pay up front. Are you available on 4th June?

Private party - Birmingham

Average quote: £750.00
I hope you may be able to assist us, We are organising a private party on Saturday 16th July 2016, the event will run from 12:00 - 17:00, We are estimating around 55 guests and we are seeking some quotes from suppliers for Ice Creams / Hog Roast and or BBQ's. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wedding reception - London

Average quote: £1300.00
We are looking to cater for approximately 100 guests for our evening reception at our wedding. There is water and power supply at the venue. Need to cater for vegetarians and possibly some gluten free guests. We would be paying for the food for our guests and would like a good selection of different foods.

Wedding - Edinburgh

Average quote: £1600.00
We are getting married in a field (August) and we think it would be fab to have chips later on..to soak up all the booze! At 7pm approx evening guests arrive (110 guests). Required chips with sauces all vegetarian, mushy peas, curry sauce, chilli. Chips cooked in oil not fat - lots of vegetarians & vegans There is water & generator supply. Quote based on being there for the evening please.

Wedding - Heywood

Average quote: £890.00
Looking quotes on catering a low key wedding with approx 60 guests. Also looking for a fun and fab band who can entertain all ages. Thanks