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Cocktail Masterclasses in the UK

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5(11 reviews)
• 27 bookings

Lets Get Shaking, Making & Drinking 🍹

A fun filled interactive cocktail making session. Create three cocktails of your choice with an expert demonstration from one of our team members. Get the party started with The Gin Joint.

from £25 / per person
4.95(19 reviews)
• 70 bookings

All-Inclusive Cocktail Service with Mixologist

No matter the special occasion, you and your guests are sure to enjoy this all inclusive cocktail service.

from £38 / per person
5(14 reviews)
• 12 bookings

Spectacular Tiki Bar

Our team are not just chosen for their mixology skills, they all have such a passion for what they do and have great personalities, bringing entertainment and joy to your special occasion.

from £36 / per person
5(2 reviews)
• 8 bookings

Dreamy Gorgeous Cocktail Master Class

We offer a bespoke cocktail & mixologist Masterclass for guest numbers ranging from 10 - 30. We will mix up a storm for you!

from £23.50 / per person
4.97(36 reviews)
• 79 bookings

Cocktail Masterclass Hosted by Expert Mixologist

POM creates unique and bespoke cocktails, work with us and you are guaranteed a top quality service, professionally made drinks by our expert mixologist

from £30 / per person
4.90(117 reviews)
• 370 bookings

Energetic Cocktail Masterclass with Flower Accents & Flower Bar

Mobile Flower Bar will provide you with a bar show, cocktail masterclass service with flower accents, and an incredibly unique flower bar – that’s right, a bar made of flowers.

from £35 / per person
5(8 reviews)
• 21 bookings

Cocktail Masterclass with Fun Facts, Games & More

Cocktail masterclasses are a great way to spend an evening making cocktails, having fun and making memories.

from £27 / per person
5(7 reviews)
• 7 bookings

Interactive & Fun Cocktail Making Class

Let AA Cocktail Events entertain you and your guests by showing you how to make fresh, delicious cocktails, step-by-step.

from £28 / per person
5(8 reviews)
• 27 bookings

Cocktail Masterclass - Tasty World of Cocktails

The Bar District is the place where we gladly pass our knowledge to whoever is willing to attend our "Cocktail Masterclass."

from £35 / per person
4.86(7 reviews)
• 26 bookings

Cocktail Master Class with Vintage Wooden Bar

Transport your guests into a land of blissful, booze-filled fun even in those more remote places it's an event they won't forget!

from £45 / per person
4.86(43 reviews)
• 139 bookings

Unforgettable Cocktail Masterclass Experience

Our Cocktail Masterclass is definitely an experience to remember! Fun, engaging and professional cocktail making session. This is a great entertainment, a wonderful add-on for your party!

from £48 / per person
5(3 reviews)
• 3 bookings

Signature Colour-Changing Cocktail Masterclass

We offer 5 cocktails as standard and why not try one of our magic colour changing cocktails, sure not to disappoint.

from £30 / per person
4.91(53 reviews)
• 115 bookings

Fun & Interactive Cocktail Masterclass

We are offering a fun cocktail master class with an all-inclusive bar for 3 hours of nonstop drinks including cocktails, beer, wine and much more.

from £26 / per person
4.60(5 reviews)
• 13 bookings

Cocktail Masterclass with Drinking Games & Challenges

Fun filled cocktail making experiences delivered by a charismatic team of professional bartenders. Optional hen party games & challenges available!

from £28.50 / per person
5(3 reviews)
• 11 bookings

Fun & Professional Cocktail Masterclasse

Everyone loves a selfie opportunity! What better time to showcase your cocktail-making skills, than at a Hen Party! Take memorable photos, videos & boomerang the tricks that you learn!

from £38 / per person
4.88(17 reviews)
• 57 bookings

Cocktail Masterclass Featuring 3 Elements Of Matter

The cocktails will involve 3 elements of matter (fire, earth, and air) and we will be sure to show you some tricks along the way including dry ice.

from £108 / per person

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Reviews for Cocktail Masterclasses in the UK

Read verified reviews from real clients, who booked with Poptop in the UK

Roxanne K
• 25 March 2022

Booked with Poptop

Martin was excellent and cocktails were delish - great event for my sister in laws hen party. I would highly recommend the cocktail masterclass for an event.
Michelle F
• 12 October 2021

Booked with Poptop

Had a great evening, lovely cocktails . Good communication from Martin from start to finish . Would highly recommend for your party . Everything cleaned up , very friendly and professional, will make…
Leah A
• 03 July 2021

Booked with Poptop

Carly was really friendly and comfortable to be around! We all had a really great time, we even had to rearrange drinks last minute due to one of us finding out they were pregnant. She made her mockt…
Hannah B
• 20 June 2020

Booked with Poptop

Martin was excellent, with a quick set up and on time, he even taught us to make our own cocktails. All the facilities were provided and the cocktail recipes were so inventive and delicious! Thank yo…
Danielle M
• 16 October 2021

Booked with Poptop

Booked for my mother in laws 60th Birthday and they didn’t disappoint. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and had a great afternoon. Would highly recommend, they have a good variety of cocktails …
Amanda H
• 22 May 2021

Booked with Poptop

Absolutely first class service from the initial contact through to the day itself. Josh is a true professional and ensured on the day all my guests were happy. Josh made my daughters birthday party o…

Cocktail Masterclasses in UK cities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cocktail masterclass?

A cocktail masterclass is a session where a mixologist makes drinks for you and your guests, and at the same time, shows you how to make cocktails. The cocktail making classes are ideal for birthday parties, wedding receptions, and corporate events. It can also be arranged privately for you to learn how to prepare several cocktails. You can find talented mixologists who give cocktail making class at home on the Poptop website. Start your event with a delectable welcome drink to get your guests in the mood for the party, and then have the expert mixologists teach you how to mix, muddle, and shake cocktails. A demonstration from the supplier will be provided for each cocktail. A menu can be individualised and discussed prior to the event. The sessions usually last around two hours.

How to hire a cocktail masterclass?

You can hire a cocktail masterclass at home by checking out our experienced list of mixologists on Poptop. It's a simple process: 1) Enter your party details on the website to see live prices and the availability of masterclasses. 2) Submit a booking request. 3) Secure your date by paying a deposit. 4) The booking is then confirmed. Although the vendors provide a unique range of services, you can count on their quality. They are able to provide cocktail masterclasses for any type of event, thanks to their perfect skill set. Take your party to the next level with superb cocktail masterclasses.

Will I buy the ingredients for a home cocktail class?

You need not worry about buying any ingredients, the mixologist will take care of that. The skilled mixologist will provide all ingredients, glassware & cocktail-making equipment at your event. Once you book a cocktail masterclass on the Poptop, confirm availability, and then look forward to having a memorable event. To make cocktails such as margaritas, ingredients may vary depending on the type of cocktail menu. However, for most cocktails the following ingredients are required: lemon juice, tequila, pineapple juice, vodka, cranberry juice, fresh mint leaves, and cream.

Should I provide any equipment?

No, you don't have to worry about providing any equipment. Before the event, our mixologist will set up a cocktail masterclass area. Equipment and tools such as cocktail shakers, cocktail spoons, cocktail strainers, bottles, and can openers will be provided by the supplier. They will also provide all necessary ingredients, glassware, and cocktail-making equipment. Before leaving the event, they will ensure to tidy the masterclass area. You can be confident that the suppliers will leave the serving area as neat as they met it.

How many drinks will we prepare during a cocktail masterclass? What are these cocktails?

A selection of classic cocktails will be provided for you to choose from. Each guest at your event can get between three to six cups of the following drinks: Porn Star Martini, Garden of Eden, Sex on the Beach, Espresso Martini, Blue Hawaiian, French Martini, Whisky/Vodka Sours, Mai Tai, Raspberry Mojito, Strawberry, and Banana Daiquiri. The cocktail menu could vary depending on the vendor's menu. Ideally, all menus would have the classic cocktail drinks such as old fashioned, margarita, cosmopolitan, negroni, and Moscow mule. If you will need a customised menu for your event, feel free to discuss this with our suppliers during the booking process.