At Poptop, we made a commitment that we would keep improving & innovating our product, for both clients & suppliers during the current pandemic. Following many conversations with suppliers, we understand the hardship 2020 has brought in terms of revenue, so we want to make sure we have the best performing website, when events return back to normal.

Our goal at Poptop has always been to be the first true events marketplace in the world and we are extremely proud to announce we have made this step. Throughout this article, we will outline the changes we have made to the product, how it benefits you and the next steps you should take next.

So, What Has Changed?

The transition into a true marketplace means that clients now can view live pricing & availability directly from the catalogue. This is a world’s first and completely different to how our system and any other event platform works. Previously, clients had to fill in their event details and request a quote from a supplier. This inevitably led to around 30% of clients dropping off and not completing their event request.

For example, now once a client fills in their event details including Date, Event Type, Guest Numbers & Postcode they will be shown an accurate price available to book when viewing your packages. 

Clients will also be able to view live pricing & availability without even creating an account on Poptop. Once clients follow Proceed To Booking or Save For Later they will then be prompted to create an account. 

Proceed To Booking – The client will be directed to the checkout page where they can upgrade their package by adding on any extras you may have included in your packages. You will, of course, get notified of this so you can converse with the client.

Save For Later – The client can save your package and continue browsing the catalogue for different services they may require. Again, you will be notified of this, so you can converse with the client if they have any questions.

How May This Affect Your Profile?

More Engaged & Interested Clients 

Following feedback from our suppliers, we’ve learned that too many clients were not responding to quotes.  Our latest update means, you will now receive interaction from clients who are only particularly interested in your services. Once a client messages you, or receives your packages, you can be assured that the client is particularly interested in booking your services.

You can now invest your time in following up with clients and really focus on finalizing the booking. Our recommendation is to follow up every 2 days, asking if they have any questions, or if they would like to proceed with the booking.

Less Notifications From Poptop

For the moment, you may have noticed a drop in the number of notifications that you have been receiving from clients. The reasoning for this is because clients now can view your prices, live on our catalogue, without having to create a profile. However, in no way does this mean that your services are being shown less. As you can create multiple packages on Poptop, across different categories, your exposure is increased even more throughout the UK.

We are also working on an exciting update outlined in “what’s still to come”, which will help you keep engaged, understand your packages performance & any improvements you can be making.

What Features Are Still To Come?

Package Statistics & Performance

We really want to give you an indication of how many clients are viewing & interacting with your packages.  Our next priority is to create new emails and a statistical dashboard which will show how your packages are performing. This will give you a clear vision of the 100s of clients that view your different packages daily on Poptop. Furthermore, this will also give you great insight into whether your package needs further improvements or not.

For example: Your stats may show you are having a lot of views, but few bookings, then it is clear there could be improvements made to your packages to help this. This could mean a better-written description or more attractive profile photo could lead to better results.

Improved Catalogue & Journey For The Client

We are continuously improving the design of our catalogue. Clients will be able to filter down the number of packages they receive on our catalogue by price and specific categories. Again, this will result in a better quality lead for you.

Furthermore, we are really getting involved in the client’s event. We will analyze what each client may be missing from their event, to make it truly memorable and special. Our goal is to become a one-stop so clients can book everything they need to from each category. This will result in more clients viewing your services and this will lead to potentially more bookings.


I have no packages created yet, what does this mean for my profile?

Unfortunately, if you have no packages created it is extremely unlikely that you will receive any bookings or requests via Poptop. We have made the step to remove suppliers profiles and only keep packages on our catalogue. We advise creating your packages now before we start to see the return of live events in the UK.

How does this affect my PRO/GOLD membership?

The change to our product will actually mean more benefits for your PRO/GOLD member. All your packages will receive the benefits of the membership which is higher catalogue visibility, more recommendations by the Poptop team and the client’s phone will be available. All the packages you offer will show on the catalogue individually.

Will my packages appear on the catalogue if I am booked out? 

Yes, your packages will still show on the catalogue to clients. Although once a client enters their event date it will indicate to the client that you are not available (if this is blocked on your Poptop calendar). The client can then change their date to suit your availability. It is really important to keep your calendar up to date to succeed on Poptop. We always give preference to suppliers with fewer cancellations on the system.

Will clients be able to ask questions about my packages?

Yes – we soon release a step where the client can “contact the supplier” if they have any questions regarding your packages. This means you can answer any client queries and help finalize the booking.

How can I achieve more bookings on Poptop with the latest update?

All eyes are now on your packages. It is so important to have really attractive and clear packages. Your package must include the following to achieve incredible results:

  • Catchy Title – Include a title that will stand out from the catalogue among your competition. It also must be clear of what is exactly being offered
  • More media the better – It is really important to have images & videos included in your packages. Your photos & videos must also be of high quality and this will help to sell your service
  • Clear description – Your description must be detailed and include exactly what is being offered to the client. It is also important to include an intro about yourself and let’s showcase your personality

Finally, I really advise all suppliers to see how our latest update works. Please, go to our catalogue and search for your packages. This will also give you a good indication of how your packages fare against the competition.

We also advise to update your packages and make sure they are at the highest standard. Let’s use this downtime to our advantage, which will result in better results, once we see the return of events.

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