Supplier Superhero Claire Rossi

Welcome to Supplier Superheroes! A brand new feature where we sit down with Poptop’s best suppliers and find out the secrets to their success. For our first edition, we couldn’t think of a better example of Poptop supplier superheroes than Claire Rossi.

Before we get into our interview with Claire, lets have a quick look at her Poptop stats!

Give us some back story on yourself and your business. What got you passionate about your craft?

I’ve always been a performer, I actually studied for a dance degree at University but I found my real passion was singing. I started off singing in a small restaurant in South East London once a week with a pianist and 16 years later I’ve performed all over the UK, India, the Philippines, Switzerland, Jamaica, Beirut and many more countries.

Why did you first sign up to Poptop? And what were you hoping to get from it?

I wanted to reach a wider audience and connect with people that would love my style of music. Of course I also wanted to get more bookings in the diary! I signed up to Poptop alongside a few other lead generation sites, but I really found that Poptop worked for me. Right now, I’m getting the bulk of my private event bookings through Poptop.

This year, you’ve had 35 bookings through our platform. What do you think it is about Poptop that works for you and your clients?

The feedback I get from clients is that they love it. They’re able to book me instantly and know what they’re getting instead of having to wait for replies to messages.

For me, it’s the ease of the system. Poptop is so much easier and less time consuming than the other sites I use. Once I’d created my services and synced my calendar, there really wasn’t much else to do but wait for the bookings to come in!

You’re a great example of how suppliers can use Poptop to help grow their business. What advice would you give to Poptop suppliers who want to see numbers like yours?

The big thing for me is to make sure your listings really stand out. For musicians like me, that comes down to videos and images. Make sure you have high quality promotional material and include as much detail as possible on your profile, and always ask clients to leave reviews after the event.

Poptop are so helpful, as well. I’d recommend to anyone to make the most of all the supplier support available – the online supplier guide, phone calls, and webinars have all really helped me get more bookings. If you put the effort in, it really pays off too. I got Super Supplier in April, which has been brilliant for bookings. Poptop even sent a professional photographer to one of my events to take some brilliant promo photos.

What’s next for you and your business?

Continue to grow, listen to client feedback. Help to make people’s every event I perform at one to remember!

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