Achieving Super Supplier

In our final edition of the Poptop Supplier Guide, we’re going to tell you all about Super Supplier – our award reserved for the very best events suppliers on Poptop.

In this article, we’ll cover…

  • What a Super Supplier is.
  • What the Poptop Levels system is.
  • Why Super Supplier status matters, and what you get from it. 
  • How you become a Super Supplier.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

What is a Super Supplier?

Super Supplier status is an award we give to the very best suppliers on Poptop. You can’t buy Poptop status. You earn it, by consistently performing in five key areas of Poptop. More on that in a bit.

We’re proud to feature some of the UK’s very best events and party professionals on our platform. Super Supplier status is our way of celebrating and showcasing those suppliers – by rewarding them with serious, business-boosting benefits. 


Super Supplier status is a statement of quality and trust. When they see that you’re a Super Supplier, they know you’ll provide a flawless service from start to finish.


We trust our Super Suppliers to deliver – so we put you front and centre on Poptop and work hard to help your business grow.

Now you understand what Super Supplier status is – let’s dive into why it matters. This is the good bit!

The Poptop Levels system

The Poptop Levels system showcases how you can become a Super Supplier.

When you sign up to Poptop, you start as level 1. As you start to complete your profile, add your service listings, add a synced calendar and add a review you’ll see yourself rise through the levels.

As you move up the levels we’ll tell you exactly how to get to the next one, so you don’t have to worry. Your visibility increases in the search catalogue as you improve your level.

Visibility is seen as your catalogue ranking on our marketplace. To see how your listing ranks in our catalogue, take a look at your service listing stats.

How we reward Super Suppliers.

Super Supplier status is only achieved by consistently performing on Poptop. To reward that hard work, we give our Super Suppliers some truly transformational benefits. 

Here’s why it’s worth achieving Super Supplier status.

  1. Top Catalogue Placement. 🔝

We trust our Super Suppliers to deliver every time. So we’ll put you at the very top of your search category. That means LOADS more bookings.

  1. Clients know you’re the best. ⭐️

Super Suppliers are the very best on Poptop, and we give them the badge to prove it! Your Super Supplier badge gets displayed front and centre on your services, so clients know you’re someone they can trust.

  1. We’ll help you improve your business. 🤩

We offer Super Suppliers access to exclusive opportunities – like free photo shoots of their services in action, and highlight articles on blogs and social media. 

  1. We’ll recommend you. ❤️️️

We upsell Super Suppliers in promotional emails – giving them an increased chance of securing high value bookings. 

  1. You’ll help us shape the future of Poptop. 🚀

We work closely with Super Suppliers, offering them the chance to have their say on Poptop product updates and future releases.

  1. You’ll join our elite community. 💪

Our Super Suppliers are invited to join a closed community group where they can trade events tips and set up a line of communication directly with our expert team. 

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on all that? 

How to become a Super Supplier.

It couldn’t be simpler to become a Super Supplier. You’ll remember earlier in the article, we said you don’t have to shell out money to become a Super Supplier? Well, it’s true. You just have to consistently perform in FIVE key areas of Poptop

We’ve even made it easy to track your Super Supplier progress with your Super Supplier Stats. Learn more about them in our Stats Guide.

Now let’s show you what you need to do to become a Super Supplier.

Let’s dive into these in a bit more detail. Here’s what each of these means in practice.

‘Booking Commitment

Confirming bookings is key to success on Poptop. We expect Super Suppliers to keep cancellations to a minimum by cancelling less than 10% of their bookings in a 3-month period. E.g. If you have 10 confirmed bookings in the space of 3 months, you can’t cancel more than one.

‘Responsive to Clients’

Suppliers who respond to client messages quickly and positively get more bookings and better reviews. You’ll need a message response rate of at least 80%.

‘Great Reviews’

Go above and beyond for your clients at their event, and then remind them to leave you a Poptop review afterwards! We’re looking for an average of 4.5 stars or above. 

‘Event Experience’

To get bookings on Poptop, your services need to look their absolute best. If you need some help, we can help you to improve your service listings! Get in touch with Emma – our service listings expert – and get a consultation booked in. Email her at

‘Calendar Sync’

Syncing your online diary with our calendar is – hands down – the easiest way to maintain high booking confirmation rates. Need help syncing? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it step by step. 

When are Super Suppliers announced?

Our Super Supplier list gets updated daily – You have the chance to become a Super Supplier every day as long as you’re hitting all 5 benchmarks. To see if you’ve reached Super Supplier status or are close to reaching it. Check out your supplier dashboard.

So what do you need to do to become a Super Supplier?

Let’s wrap this up with some nice, simple tips on getting to Super Supplier. Follow these steps and you should hit Super Supplier in no time!

  • Read all our Supplier Guide Articles.

Step one to performing on Poptop is to understand how Poptop works, and what it can do for you and your business. Read the other five articles in this guide, and you’re off to a great start.

  • SYNC your Poptop calendar.

Syncing your working diary to Poptop isn’t just the best way to manage your availability. It’s also the easiest step you can make to becoming a Super Supplier. Get it done today!

  • Track your progress with Poptop Stats.

Your Poptop Stats let you easily see how close you are to Super Supplier, and what’s left to do to get you there. Check your stats regularly, and you’ll soon be on track.

  • Respond to all client messages ASAP.

We’ll always notify you when you get messages from clients – respond as quickly as you can and keep your response rate up!

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