Our Tips and Tricks to Get That Five-Star Review This Christmas

The festive season is always a busy one for the events industry, so you want to ensure that you give your clients the best experience possible. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of this Christmas season. Not only to give the clients the best party ever but to ensure you get that crucial 5-star rating.

Why? 5-star reviews get you that step closer to Super Supplier.


Building a rapport with your client.

The first step to gaining that 5-star review is establishing a rapport with your client. You want your client to feel comfortable and excited that your service will be at their event. We have an inbuilt messenger for this exact purpose. You can use our messenger to show how you will provide the best service possible so that the client’s mind is put at ease.

The best thing to do ahead of the event is to check the event details and get in touch with the client to confirm they are correct. By doing this you can develop a solid rapport and you can forecast anything that may cause a problem when setting up your service. You’ll need to confirm basic details such as, what time to be there to set up, how big the venue is, how many people you should expect to be at the event, the address of the venue, and a brief description of the structure of the event.

Once you have all the fine details worked out, check in with the client to show how excited you are for their event. A simple message such as,

“Hello, we can’t wait to come to your event tomorrow! I’d just like to confirm all of the event details are the same…”.

If you want more help with messaging clients we have a messaging guide to help inspire you.

Can your service bring the festivities this Christmas?

Think about how you can make the event more festive. Are you able to provide some decorations for your service? Is your food menu festive enough? Do you have enough Christmas songs to satisfy a crowd? The options are endless. Something as little as providing some Christmas decorations with your service can go a long way to leaving your clients delighted and help you bag that 5-star review.

At the event

As always – make sure to turn up to the event on time, we’d recommend turning up at least 15 minutes early to the time the client says. This will allow time for any issues to be sorted that may come about before the event.

Take the opportunity to get good-quality photos.

We can’t recommend enough taking photos at your event. Events are the greatest time for you to take pictures of your service. If you are able to hire a photographer, for a more professional look, this would give you a massive advantage when promoting yourself – but you can still get great shots from a smartphone.

Taking some quick pictures on your phone will help with the promotion of your business – clients want to see you interacting with guests and putting smiles on faces. They want to get a feel for the vibe you bring to their event.

Checking everything is running smoothly.

Make sure to speak to your client a couple of times during the night to make sure everything is running smoothly and that they are happy with the service you’ve provided. Building upon that rapport with your client will get you a step closer to that amazing review.

After the event

The last steps to getting that 5-star review.

After the event is over and it has been a great success, now is the time to catch up with your client. Poptop sends a reminder to the client to leave a review of your service, but you can ask the client yourself. This would build upon that rapport you have established and you’re more likely to get a positive review.

Tell the client how much you loved working at their event and if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review on your Poptop profile. Ask if they’re happy to share any photos they’ve taken of the event that involves your service, as this will be great for future clients to see.

It’s also important to think about what worked well at the event and what didn’t. You should constantly strive to see how you can make your service better. You can keep a small journal of the events you worked at and write down a few notes of what you thought went well.


Let’s have a quick look over what we’ve talked about in this tips and tricks guide to getting a 5-star review.

  • Confirm your event details
  • Build a rapport with your client
  • Add decorations to your service to showcase their festive season
  • Take good quality of your services to showcase to future clients and develop your Poptop profile.

We’ve gone through some helpful tips and tricks for this holiday season. Now, is the time for you to get out there and provide an incredible service to get those 5-star reviews!

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