Introducing: Poptop Suggestions

We’re constantly looking for ways to increase client interaction with Poptop suppliers. This new release is designed to do just that.

In this short little update, we’ll give you the ins and outs of Poptop Suggestions. We’ll cover…

  • What Poptop Suggestions are, and how they work.
  • Where clients will find their suggestions.
  • How you’ll show up in a client’s suggestions.

Let’s get cracking!

What are Poptop Suggestions?

Poptop Suggestions are recommendations we’ll give to clients if they haven’t gone ahead and booked their first-choice service. These recommendations will include ALL our active suppliers – that means you!

They’ll work like this.

  • If a client doesn’t proceed with a booking after 5 days, we’ll reach out to them with alternative services and suppliers for them to consider.
  • We’ll suggest between two and four alternative services.
  • Whether you show up in a client’s suggestions will come down to a number of deciding factors (more on that in a second), but a client’s suggestions will ALWAYS be relevant to their initial service choice and event location.
How Poptop Suggestions will display on a client’s account.

Where will clients find these suggestions?

Clients will find their Poptop Suggestions on their Poptop account, under their booking. We’ll also send them a dedicated email, containing all of their Poptop suggestions. So there are plenty of opportunities for you to see serious booking conversions as a result of these suggestions!

How do you show up in Poptop Suggestions?

As we mentioned above, we’ve worked hard to make sure Poptop Suggestions only display relevant services for the client.

  • Poptop Suggestions will only offer services that are the same or similar to the client’s initial choice. For example, if they shortlisted a food truck, suggestions will display food trucks. If they searched live party bands, suggestions will display live party bands.
  • Poptop Suggestions will only show services within 15 miles of the event location.

These are the ONLY two deciding factors in who turns up in Poptop Suggestions. That means even if you’re not a member or a Super Supplier, you’ve got a great chance of bagging bookings off the back of Poptop Suggestions!

To make sure you’re in good shape to confirm any suggested bookings – make sure your calendar is up to date.

Early signs are good!

We’ve been testing Poptop Suggestions for a little while now, and we’ve already seen a significant uptick in the volume of interactions between clients and suppliers.

So be prepared to get more Poptop messages than ever – you can read our dedicated Poptop Messenger guide for more info!

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