Poptop Levels – all you need to know.

A while ago, we introduced Super Supplier. Our way of rewarding Poptop’s best suppliers with big, business-boosting benefits. 

It’s proved a big hit with suppliers and clients alike. But one repeating question we’ve been getting from suppliers is ‘how close am I to Super Supplier?’. Our newest release is designed to answer that very question.

They’re called Poptop Levels. And they’re here to help you turbo-charge your way towards Super Supplier status.


Poptop Levels help you track your progress and visibility on Poptop – pointing a clear path toward Super Supplier status, and top search position in the Poptop catalogue. 

Your Poptop Level shows you how visible you are to Poptop clients – starting at Level 1 (Hidden Supplier) and rising to Level 6 (Super Supplier). Every time you level up, your visibility increases – making it easier for clients to find and book you. 

The goal? To achieve Super Supplier status, and secure TOP catalogue position.


Let’s start by answering the ‘why’, and then we can move on to the ‘how’.

In the image above, you’ll see ‘visibility percentages’ next to each Level. These tell you exactly how visible you are on the Poptop catalogue. Here are those percentages again, for clarity.

Each time you level up, your visibility increases, making you more likely to receive bookings from clients. 

To put it another way – the higher your Poptop Level, the more bookings you’re likely to get.

So, how do you level up?

To level up, you’ll need to hit certain benchmarks. You’ll find these benchmarks detailed in your Super Supplier stats, and you can use these stats to track your live progress. 

To start with, your benchmarks will be pretty simple things you can easily tick off – like updating your Poptop calendar, synching your online diary to Poptop, and adding external reviews. 

As you progress up the levels, the benchmarks become more about client interaction and booking confirmations. These benchmarks get easier to hit as you become more visible on the catalogue. 

Each time you hit a couple of new benchmarks, you’ll ‘Level Up’, moving closer to the top of the Poptop search catalogue. Hit all five, and we’ll reward you with Super Supplier status – pushing you right to the top of the catalogue. Plus, we’ll reward your great work with tonnes of other brilliant, business-boosting benefits. 


For a quick look at where you are right now, simply log in to Poptop – and go to your supplier. Here you’ll find your current level. It’s automatically updated in real-time, too!

We’ll also send you regular email reminders, telling you what Poptop Level you’re at, and how to Level Up. 


Here’s a quick look at what each Poptop Level means, and how you go about levelling up!


Not happy with your Poptop Level? Want some quick hacks to improve your visibility? Here are 2 things you can do RIGHT NOW to push you up the Poptop catalogue.

  1. Level 1? Update your calendar!

Level 1 suppliers (aka Hidden Suppliers) have 0% visibility, but it’s easy to start getting seen on Poptop! Just update your Poptop calendar with a minimum of 1 date you’re unavailable for bookings. You’ll immediately move up to Level 2.

  1. SYNC your online diary.

This is the single biggest step you can take towards Super Supplier, and represents a really achievable benchmark to get ticked off. Plus, suppliers with synched calendars get booked more (it’s true – 70% of Poptop bookings are secured by suppliers with synched calendars). Also, synched suppliers are considerably less likely to fall into Level 1. Finally – it’s the best and easiest way to use Poptop!

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