Our mission at Poptop is to offer a revolutionary online marketplace where users can source unique suppliers for weddings, private parties and corporate events.  With our instant pricing & availability and money back guarantee we help minimise unpredictable situations, avoid any unpleasant surprises and offer complete peace of mind to our clients. 

In order to achieve this goal, we ensure that we follow this code of good practices:

  • Poptop brings you together: Event planners can connect with the 10,000+ suppliers and venues across the country to give them the best event experience. 
  • Poptop provides it all: Our ever-increasing list of suppliers and venues ensures that we can help you to find whatever you need for your event, all in one place!
  • Poptop supports you: Our platform allows suppliers to create instant quote packages that allow quick, real-time bookings for our clients and easier service for all our users.
  • Poptop teams are here to help: Our support teams are on hand to help you whenever you need it. 
  • Poptop understands: Our suppliers and clients are able to communicate regarding events without the pressure of a booking being made. 
  • Poptop engages with feedback: Our website is defined by our users. We aim to collect feedback, listen to complaints and make updates regularly to ensure that our platform is as easy to use and streamlined as possible.
  • Poptop is 100% transparent: We show uncensored reviews of our suppliers from clients who have booked with our suppliers and our venues. 
  • Poptop facilitates safe bookings: Our payment system ensures safe and easy bookings through the website. And if you’re unable to make an online payment, we can organise an alternative for you. 
  • Poptop has got your back: If anything goes wrong or booking is canceled, we are on hand to provide any assistance you need, whether it be a deposit refund, a replacement supplier, or just a simple update of your account.
  • Poptop is dedicated: We provide our suppliers and venue managers with ongoing long-term support so that they can be sure to get the most of their Poptop experience. 

Introduction to the T&Cs

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information regarding your legal rights, remedies and obligations. 

These T&Cs are legally binding between all site users and Poptop. Failure to comply can end in termination of the account. These T&Cs will govern your use of Poptop.uk.com from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile).

The owner and operator of this website is Poptop UK Ltd. Baltimore House, Gateshead, NE8 3DF. Company registration number 09309515.

0. Key terms and Definitions

0.1 User: Inclusive of venue manager, supplier and client.

0.2 Client: Anyone procuring services from a supplier registered with Poptop. 

0.3 Supplier: Any provider of services registered with Poptop. 

0.4 Venue manager: The main user of the venue profiles, the venue manager will input the information regarding the venue and create packages that are bookable to their venue.

0.5 Any reference to ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ is regarding Poptop and the website Poptop.uk.com Instant Quote: Live pricing, input by the venue manager.

0.6 Package: A bookable service, created by the supplier or venue manager. Includes, but is not limited to, images, description and pricing. 

0.7 Deposit: Paid by the client, to secure the booking and confirmed by the supplier or venue manager.

0.8 Confirmed Booking: When the supplier or venue manager accepts the booking from the client.

0.9 Client Protection: Should the booking be cancelled by the supplier or venue for whichever reason, the client will receive their deposit back in full from Poptop, who will be reimbursed by the venue manager. 

0.10 Live Availability: Suppliers and venue managers who sync their calendar with Poptop will be open to live availability for clients to see. 

0.11Cancellation: Whether this is by the client or venue manager, this refers to when the booking previously agreed on between the two is no longer going ahead. 

0.12 Offline Payment: Should the client provide Poptop with extenuating circumstances in which the deposit cannot be paid via the Poptop website then the payment can be dealt with between the supplier or venue and the client without the input of Poptop.  However, the supplier or venue manager will be held responsible for paying the commission to Poptop after the deposit is paid to them. 

0.13 Provisional Booking: Prior to confirming the booking with a deposit payment, the client can make temporary booking. They are not obliged to go ahead with this booking until they pay a deposit and this is confirmed by the venue manager. 

0.14 Deposit Pending: Once the client has paid their deposit this is not confirmed until the supplier or venue manager has decided to take on the booking. This means the suppliers and  venue managers are in full control of the bookings they take.  

0.15 Catalogue: Refers to the packages that our suppliers and/or venues that Poptop has to offer clients.

1. Acceptance to the T&Cs

1.1 Poptop reserves the right to remove or terminate any profile (supplier or client), without a refund, if a user breaks the Terms and Conditions. This includes but it is not limited to, putting other users at harm, providing information that goes against the T&Cs, preventing any user from using or enjoying the site, impersonating any user whether it be employee, supplier or client. This extends to the entire period that an account has been active, including the time between the booking and deposit payment, up to the event dates themselves. 

1.2 Poptop content is owned exclusively by Poptop.

1.3 By accepting these terms and conditions, you also accept our privacy policy and our cookies policy.

2. Licence to use this website

2.1 You represent that you are legally able to accept these Terms and Conditions, are of legal age to form a contract, which here is 18+. If you are not of legal age, you are breaking the terms and conditions of Poptop and your account may be terminated.

2.2 You must not falsify your identity or misrepresent yourself on the site, including on your Poptop public account. You must not provide us or other users with false or misleading information, including personal details. All information must be true and correct at the time of submitting this information. You have the right to update this information if it is incorrect.

2.3 The website is brought to you as our latest update, you must not copy, print, download our content for your personal use without first retaining all copyright and other proprietary notices contained thereon. 

2.4 If you are using our website on behalf of a business, company, charity or other organisation then the organisation in question is too subject to these terms and conditions. 

2.5 You must not use unauthorised means to access the Poptop site, employee accounts, or any computer system connected to the Poptop site.

2.6 You must not post any content or take any action that contains malware, spyware or code that will affect the website in a way deemed harmful.

2.7 You must not reproduce or copy this website, any of its contents or users without first receiving written and signed prior consent. If you do copy anything, you are responsible for anything that you copy or reproduce and this is not associated with Poptop in any way. 

2.8 We are not responsible for any harm, virus etc that occurs to your computer, tablet, mobile or any device that you use to access our emails or the website. 

2.9 Poptop is intended for business use only and as such only persons who are 18 or older and/or are Corporations, Government agencies or instrumentalities, charitable institutions, partnerships, companies and sole traders will be permitted to become Members and undertake transactions as Guests or Hosts on the Site. Any access to or use of the Site or Services by anyone under 18 is expressly prohibited. By accessing or using the Site or Services you represent and warrant that you are 18 or older.

3. Changes to the T&Cs

3.1 We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the Poptop website at any time and without prior notice. By continuing to use the site, you are accepting the modified terms and conditions.

3.2 If you do not agree to the changes, you should not continue to access the website. 

4. Material and Content

4.1 All information or tips given in blog posts or through emails is offered as impartial advice. 

4.2 You must not post any content (including text or photographs)  that can be deemed offensive, illegal, harmful or damaging.This includes but is not limited to nudity and violence. Poptop has a right to remove any content from your Poptop profile and account at any time if it does not adhere to the terms and conditions. 

4.3 You must not give out personal contact information in order to facilitate safe bookings. 

4.4 You are solely responsible for your actions and interactions with other users on the Poptop website and at an event. While our support team is there to assist with your event, they are in no way responsible for a user and have no obligations to monitor disputes between users. 

4.5 Responsibility for what is posted on public areas of the website lies with each individual user. We do not control the material that you or others may post, though this will be periodically moderated to ensure the safety and security of our users.

4.6 If you are not the sole user of your Poptop account, you have responsibility for what others post on your account. If you feel your account has been compromised, please get in touch with the support team as soon as possible. 

4.7 Poptop does not own the content provided by our users. However we do have the right to review and remove it wherever necessary. 4.8 All photographs of minors must have parental or guardian permission before being posted on the website.

5. User Registration and Login

5.1 In order to use different areas of the site you will be required to provide us with personal and demographic information as part of the registration process. You will be required to create a password and use it to log on to the site. 

5.2 Your password should be protected and you have the right to change your password at any time.

5.3 You are responsible for all activity that occurs through your Poptop account, whether authorised or not. Therefore please protect your account with a valid password, we are not liable for any loss or damage that comes about as a result of failure to protect your password.

5.4 If you notice any unusual activity on your account then you have the right to notify Poptop of this immediately by email. 

5.5 You may add your phone number to your Poptop account. When giving us this number you agree that we can contact you at any time while your account is still active by both text and phone call.

6. Poptop’s Role and Rights

6.1 Poptop reserves the right to monitor interactions and conversations on the website between the clients and suppliers in order to ensure a safe environment for all users.

6.2 Poptop is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profit. 

6.3 Although we have the right to moderate content on the site, we have no authority to make binding commitments, representations or promises on behalf of any user. We are unable to commit to a booking on behalf of a user, this must be confirmed by both client and supplier.

6.4 We are under no obligation to provide additional checks to verify the identities, backgrounds, documentation, legal status or credentials of users (suppliers and clients). Any checks must be carried out by the users themselves either before a booking has been made or a deposit has been put down.

7. Cancellations and changes

7.1 In the case of supplier or venue manager cancellation, the client is fully protected by our Client Protection Programme. 

7.2 In the case a supplier cancels a booking within 21 days of the event date, they will be charged a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee will be 12% of the overall quote. Their profile will be suspended until this has been paid.

7.3 All clients reserve the right to cancel a booking with 7 days, at this point they will be preserved to refund in full

7.4 In case of client cancellation, you must notify the client support team as soon as possible, failure to do so may result in the suspension or termination of your account. For more information on cancellations please refer to sections 5 within the extended Client terms, below. 

7.5 Any changes in the quote pricing must be discussed with both clients and suppliers. If any changes in the quote price have been made, you must notify Poptop immediately so that we can update the website. 

7.6 All cancellations need to be confirmed by both parties in writing. 

8. Disputes

8.1 As Poptop only takes the deposit payment, we are not responsible for the recovery of any balance paid outside the platform. 

8.2 We may offer assistance in the recovery of the money owed in some situations. In the unlikely event that an agreed payment/refund is not made. 

8.3 Poptop may advise parties to proceed with other means, including but not limited to a Small Claims Court. In this case, Poptop has the right to provide any evidence or information needed but this does not mean that Poptop will get involved with either side of the dispute.

9. Payment

9.1 All payments made through the website are secured with our system.

9.2 Any payments made directly to the supplier and away from the Poptop website will not be covered with the Client Protection Programme, unless they are notified and agreed with the client support heroes as an offline booking.

9.2 If you believe you have been falsely charged, please contact us immediately and wait at least 1 business day before taking any further action. 

10. Termination of your account

10.1 We have the right to terminate, suspend, deactivate a users account for any reason that breaks the terms and conditions. 

10.2 You will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of cancelled bookings as a result of terminations or suspension. 

10.3 Attempts will be made to notify you prior to terminating your account, but this is not something that is guaranteed. 

10.4 If you think that your account has been wrongly suspended or terminated, you have the right to dispute this with the Poptop Team, though your account may not be reinstated. 

10.5 Poptop may operate with a 3 strike system for users who do not cooperate with the terms and conditions provided by Poptop. 

10.6 Users managers will receive a strike for each instance that they do not correspond with the terms and conditions set out by Poptop and these will be brought to the attention of the user in the form of a written email or phone call from the Poptop support staff.

10.7 Should any user exceed 3 strikes, given to them by Poptop, then we reserve the right to remove your account permanently from the website. 

10.8 These strikes may be removed from a record, but it is up to the Poptop support staff as to whether they will be removed.

11. Disclaimer 

11.1 Any user of the Poptop website does so at their own risk. You must acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions before moving forward with the Poptop website. 

11.2 The advice and support from Poptop given to its users is to be considered by the user before use in any given situation. 

11.3 Users are solely responsible for all communications and interactions with other users of the Poptop website. Users will understand that any and all communications are not a reflection of Poptops own thoughts, opinions or idealisms. 

11.4 Poptop does not take responsibility for any loss of profits or services that venue managers may experience during their time on the Poptop website. 

11.5 Poptop remains under the controlling law and jurisdiction of England and Wales, therefore these terms will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. 

12. Force Majeure and Acts of God

12.1 Poptop is not responsible for any cancellations or postponements that may occur as a result of any unforeseen events or acts that may prevent booking from going ahead.

12.2 These events or acts may include but are not limited to war, riots, fires, floods, death, hurricanes, typhoons, epidemics, pandemics, earthquakes, lightning, explosions, strikes, lockouts, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, and acts of governmental action prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations.

12.3 When any acts as such do occur the users recognise that Poptop’s and the Supplier/ Venue Managers T&Cs, privacy policy and any further contracts still stand.

12.4 Poptop are under no obligation to provide any refunds, discounts or vouchers to clients who are bookings may no longer go ahead due to these unforeseen events.

12.5 All clients, suppliers and venue managers recognise that while the client and supplier support teams are there to help and assist in anything they can. It is also the responsibility of the parties individually to get in touch and discuss options regarding the bookings in question; the T&Cs and any cancellations or postponements. 

12.6 All users recognise that payments, refunds, scheduled standing orders or other payments may be affected, delayed and deferred due to such acts. 

12.7 In such cases, the Poptop fee may not be refunded to clients with refundable bookings. If it is refunded then there may be a delay in the processing of this.

12.8 While Poptop will remain as operational as possible during these unforeseen circumstances, the users recognise there may be a delay in processing, email and phone communications and website updates.

12.9 Each case may be reviewed individually and it is up to the Poptop support team’s discretion as to how to proceed with each of the bookings. 

12.10 Poptop will endeavor to keep you up to date with any processes, changes and issues that we are experiencing at this time and you may be notified by phone, text or email as to how we will proceed. There may be a delay in this communication, and all users still have the right to make contact at any time.

Supplier T&Cs

1. Introduction to the supplier T&Cs

1.1 While Poptop allows for a safe space for users to interact, Poptop is not an agency. Poptop does not represent any party and we are not a supplier, venue manager, or client in our own right of any kind.

1.2 Poptop does not represent you as suppliers, but you do represent and reflect on our services, so you must adhere to our Terms and Conditions and our Codes of Good Practice.

2. Usage of the Poptop site

2.1 You must not provide personal details, contact information or your website links to the client until a booking has been made. Doing so can result in a ban or termination of your account. 

2.2 You must confirm that you, and anyone that you represent/ arrives to an event is properly qualified, insured, experienced and licenced, as required by the laws applicable to the event services that are being offered.

2.3 Suppliers recognise and understand that signing up to the website and sending a quote does not guarantee messages/ quotes will be seen and it does not in any way guarantee work for the suppliers. 

2.4 Failure to maintain your Poptop profile will result in termination of your account. This includes, but is not limited to, not including at least one image on your account, not updating your account with the latest information, not making us aware of any information that might have changed. 

2.5 You give us full permission to change or add information to your public profile page at our discretion and use the information on the website posted as your ‘official website’ in order to increase the quality or presentation of your public profile.

2.6 You must not post, distribute, or reproduce trademarked or copyrighted material without first obtaining the prior consent of the owner.

2.7 Reviews may only be posted by legitimate clients who have booked you. If you post false reviews, your account may be terminated for improper use, without refund. But you may dispute any review you feel to be fraudulent.  

2.8 You will respond fully, truthfully, and within three business days to any request for information or other inquiry from Poptop UK.

2.9 If your Poptop profile has been inactive for 6 months then your profile page and packages will be hidden from clients in the catalogue and you will not get bespoke requests. 

2.10 By agreeing to these T&Cs you agree with our Client Protection Programme. 

2.11 By submitting content to the Poptop website, you are granting us the freedom to use such material for business purposes in any form, in any media via whichever technology we choose.

3. Sending Quotes and making contact with Clients

3.1 You must not post any content that promotes products or services that are not offered on the Poptop site. 

3.2 You must not contact a client outside of the website or share your contact details with them before booking has been made. Please get in touch with a Poptop Supplier Team member if a client asks you for your contact details before making a booking.

3.3 You must not contact a client with an offer, suggestion or advice to book outside of the Poptop platform. 

3.4 You must not contact clients warning them to book away from Poptop or other suppliers on the Poptop website. 

3.5 You will not resell or re offer any lead you receive to other suppliers, vendors or service providers. 

3.6 All travel fees, extra costs, VAT etc, should all be included in the quote sent to the client. If a quote price needs to be adjusted before the client makes a booking, please let one of the team know immediately. 

4. Confirming a Booking and Event Protocol

4.1 Deposit payments that need to be made outside of the Poptop website must be recognised by a Poptop team member immediately so that we can ensure the site is up to date and you are not incorrectly invoiced. 

4.2 By representing your company on Poptop, suppliers must act in a professional manner at all times, provide the highest level of service for all events, co-operate to understand the needs of the client and of the Poptop staff. 

4.3 If you do not show up to an event without notifying the client or supplier your profile may be terminated immediately. 

4.4 After a booking has been made you must not contact the client in any other way than that the means provided by Poptop/ or the client. This includes but is not limited to social media.

4.5  You must get in touch with the client to discuss final payment and event details at the very latest 1 week before the event, if you do not get in touch the booking may be cancelled and the deposit refunded to the client. If you do not have the client’s details or you are unable to get in touch please contact a member of the Poptop support team for assistance.

5. Cancelations

5.1 You agree that Poptop reserves the right to cancel any booking, request a refund or issue a refund for any event booked through the site. 

5.2 If you cancel a booking, you must notify the Poptop team immediately in line with our Client Protection Programme.

5.3 If you cancel a booking within 21 days of the event date, you will be charged a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee will be 12% of the overall quote. Your profile will be suspended until this has been paid.

5.4 You understand that if you cancel a booking for whatever reason, then the deposit will be refunded to the client by Poptop and we will invoice you for that amount minus the Poptop fee. 

5.5 If a client cancels a booking, it is up to you as to whether you wish to refund. This will depend on what you set in your Terms and Conditions. 

5.6 If the supplier does not attend a prearranged event without prior notice, your account may be suspended or terminated depending on the severity of the case.

5.7 You can select if the deposit is refundable or non-refundable in your Package settings. If you select refundable the deposit can be refunded up to 21 days before the event. If you select non-refundable, the deposit cannot be refunded.

6. Membership and Fees

6.1 You are responsible for paying all fees to Poptop as set by our payment and pricing terms. All payments are made electronically as specified by Poptop. You agree that we may charge your chosen method the booking fees and membership fees owed. 

6.2 You agree to keep all billing information up to date and accurate. 

6.3 Poptop has the right to add any prices or services at any time. We have the right alter pricing at any time. You will be notified of this change before it happens.

6.4 You agree that the Poptop booking fee of 12% inclusive of VAT (from April 2nd 2020)  is non-negotiable and can be taken automatically from the deposit payment. 

6.5 In the event of the supplier being booked on a ‘guest charge’ we require a minimum fee of £16.80 inclusive of VAT to be paid for these bookings. This will ensure we receive a more accurate fee. 

6.6 Poptop accepts the following forms of payment for memberships: Visa, Mastercard and American Express only. 

6.7 Poptop accepts the following forms of payment for booking fees: BACS and Paypal. 

6.8 All memberships will be automatically renewed for the same amount of time that was first established (6 monthly/annually). 

6.9 You have the right to cancel your membership at any time via the membership page. Poptop are not in control of your membership, you can not request to have this canceled by a team member.

6.10 In the case of client cancellation, the supplier will forfeit any booking fee to us for all non-refundable payments.

6.11 All membership fees are non-refundable unless previously stated in writing by a member of the Poptop team. The ultimate decision regarding any membership refunds will be entirely down to the supplier support team.

6.12 30 days money-back guarantee can only be refunded in your first membership plan taken through Poptop.

7. Disputes

7.1 If you are in dispute with another party regarding a booking on Poptop, please make the supplier support heroes aware immediately. 

7.2 Even though we will look into the situation for you and provide support wherever possible, we may not always be able to reach a solution and would advise that all disputes should be taken up with the clients directly. 

7.3 If a client comes to you asking for a refund, and the event has gone ahead as planned. It is up to you as to whether a refund or partial refund is given.

7.5 Disputes are handled on a case-to-case basis, Poptop will offer assistance to our client, but we may be limited in how we can assist our users with any dispute with a client. 

7.6 We are not responsible for any accounts made by suppliers with ongoing medical conditions including but not limited to poor mental health issues or dementia, or those under the influence. Any supplier that is deemed unfit to have an account with us will be removed.

8. Strikes

8.1 If a supplier commits an action that is not acceptable in the eyes of Poptop, a strike may be put against their account

8.2 In the event a supplier reaches 3 strikes on their account, the account of said supplier will be removed from Poptop and not allowed back on

8.3 The decision of whether a strike is added or not is always in the hands of Poptop and should be seen as a warning

8.4 If an action is committed that goes beyond what would be considered to be strike worthy, it can lead to the account of the supplier being removed

8.5 Each dispute will be taken case by case and it will be down to the Poptop employee handling the matter if a strike is added of not


  1. Sarah Abu-Lafi Reply

    hello, this is Sarah from luxmaruees.
    can you please contact me,
    I am logged out of the website and can’t seem to log in again,
    can I know why? or how to fix this
    please send me an email at sara_12689@hotmail.com
    or call me at 07983212563.

  2. R.mitchell Reply

    Please could you tell me if you charge anything for finding acts. As I wasn’t aware of any charges I had to pay if I book someone. Or is it the person I hire that pays you . Thank you

  3. Before I complete a profile can you please advise what you mean when offering clients a money back guarantee – and how this would work – if a client was say not happy because it was hot and people were out side and didn’t fill the dance floor – they could state the dj was at fault and the party was not as expected – would you then issue a refund and expect us to give back the full amount paid by the client? How would the onus of proof and verification of a complaint be verified?

  4. Hi I have a complaint with midways limousines they won’t return calls or messages have you any power over them they have taken a deposit and will not return any calls as we cannot due to covid19 use our booked day they won’t discuss a new date or return deposit as it’s not us that has cancelled

    • Daria Permina Reply

      Hi Gemma,
      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had problems with a supplier. Unfortunately, the booking was never made through the site, and we were not informed of any update regarding your event or this supplier. It means we don’t have any control over your booking or a deposit that you’ve paid. But we can email them for you, to let them know that one of their direct clients have been in touch with us for you.
      Thank you, and take care,
      The Poptop Team

  5. I am receiving a large number of enquiries for 2 person events. Can I amend the minimum number of guests for the enquiries I receive? Many thanks

    • james o'reilly Reply

      Hi guys, I know you have message me direct for this 🙂 I have advised to add your Instant Quote packages so you can input the min/max amount of guests. This means you will always receive the most accurate bookings and requests.

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