Poptop Statement -The War In Ukraine

In this post, we provide an update on our team in Kyiv and offer you the opportunity to join our fundraising drive.

On 24th February, Russia began its unprovoked and unwarranted war on the people of Ukraine. Every one of us has watched on with horror in the intervening days, sickened by the sight of shells falling on the streets of a sovereign European nation. At the same time, we’ve been buoyed and moved by the bravery of the Ukrainian people, showing such strength in the face of untold aggression. 

Poptop has deep ties with Ukraine. We run our events planning platform from two offices – one in Newcastle UK, and one in Kyiv. We’re proud to call ourselves a British-Ukrainian company. Our Kyiv office is as much a part of the Poptop family as our Newcastle office. They’re our colleagues and our friends.

Some of the Kyiv-based Poptop team.

Thanks to their talent and dedication, we’ve built the most technologically advanced events marketplace platform in the world. And now, throughout these unprecedented times, they continue to inspire us with their bravery, resoluteness, and compassion.

Poptop’s operations continue at full capacity. Our core operational team is based in the UK, and we’ve already implemented a series of planned contingency actions. We’ve neither seen nor expect any disruption to the day-to-day running of our platform. 

The safety of our team in Ukraine is now our absolute priority. Many from our Kyiv office have already left Ukraine, whilst others have chosen to stay. Even in the face of war, most of them choose to continue working; delivering updates and improvements to the Poptop platform. It’s difficult for us to express the full extent of our pride and gratitude towards them.  

Right now, we’re asking our suppliers and clients to help us support the people of Ukraine. We’ve chosen to support the work of a brilliant charity – British-Ukrainian Aid – established to provide desperately needed humanitarian assistance, and to save as many lives as possible. 

You can visit our fundraising page here.

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