2022 In Numbers – Poptop Report On Instant Booking

We’re on the threshold of a new era in event planning with the help of Instant Booking.

Over the last 3 years, our goal at Poptop has been to make event planning as easy and stress-free as possible for both clients and suppliers. Many companies have tried achieving that but no one has made a real breakthrough in terms of client and supplier experience.

Now it has been achieved. We were the first events marketplace in the World to deliver this technology to the market, we’ve proven it works and now thousands of clients and suppliers use it every month. As restrictions were lifted fully in 2022, we have been able to research the benefits of an Instant Booking model vs request to quote. The findings have been overwhelmingly positive and we have compiled a report showcasing the huge benefits of Instant Booking.

Instant Booking – Does It Really Work?

Performance of Poptop Suppliers

The rise of superstar suppliers

Instant booking has unlocked superstar suppliers. The cut down of admin time has allowed suppliers to scale their business UK-wide. The average travel radius per supplier has increased from 70 miles (2019) to 150 miles (2022). Have a look at some of the amazing results suppliers have achieved by scaling their business on Poptop:

Instant Booking is extremely accurate

Our suppliers are incredibly inspiring & entrepreneurial

Our Instant Booking system gives suppliers time to develop new interesting services. Average services per supplier have increased from 2.5 (2019) to 4 (2022). Have a look at some of the extraordinary services created by suppliers:

Party planners love instant booking

Instant Booking has made party planning extremely easy and efficient for party planners. We have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our Instant Booking technology. Instant Booking removes the confusion of traditional quote requests that take days (even weeks!) to generate prices and availability.

What party planners book – our top growing categories

1.8 million people have been to a Poptop party in 2022

Below shows where clients book services on Poptop for their various parties.

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