Poptop Awards 2022!

They’re here…Poptop awards 2022! This year has been incredible for our suppliers, and we wanted to share our appreciation for your work.

Let’s get straight to our award winners. First, we will look at the best performers in their category.

The best performers have been selected due to many factors, a high confirmation rate, a high response rate to clients and a high volume of bookings achieved in 2022. These suppliers have consistently performed well throughout the year and relished using Instant Booking. Congrats to all involved! 

Let’s take a minute to offer some praise for these suppliers who have smashed 2022 and are looking to continue to do that in 2023.

Most Improved

We’ve had so many suppliers see success on Poptop in 2022. This made choosing who has most improved this year incredibly difficult. The office got together to talk about different suggestions and one name kept popping up…none other than Connor Collins Magic.

Connor has shown us potential by working with Poptop and has gone above it. Connor worked with Emma (Head of Supplier Activation) to set up his synced calendar and improve his service listing with new descriptions and photos. This has helped Connor’s service listing take off this year. Here are some lovely words from Emma on why she thought Connor deserved it.

Connor had some nice words to say after accepting his award.

“Wow, what an honour it is to receive this award! However, I share this award with everyone in the Poptop Team who has assisted, aided & advised me along the way! Thank you to everyone at Poptop for working so hard to help me improve my profile & my business.” 

Explore Connors’s service listings to see why he won this year.

Most Extraordinary

At Poptop, we offer a wide selection of services that go above and beyond the standard listing. That’s why we call them extraordinary. This year we have decided after much deliberation to give our Most Extraordinary to Angel from the 19/29 Agency.

We got to work with Angel in our first supplier ad, which you can see here. After working with him personally, we were able to see just how hard a worker Angel is. He’s even shown that as he’s added 10 more service listings to Poptop throughout the year and scaled his business to UK-wide so it isn’t just focused on London. Angel has used Poptop to help his business grow and we love that we offer our suppliers the ability to do that.

Check out Angel’s service listings to see why we think they are extraordinary.

Office Choice

There was much deliberation in the office about who we’d want to choose for this award. We wanted a supplier who we knew worked hard, always communicated with our team in a kind and generous manner and most importantly took use of the support we gave them. The winner of office choice is Lyreb Honey Catering.

Our client support team were a big advocate for Lyreb Honey Catering winning this award. Our client support manager, Laurel, had this to say about why they chose them.

Lyren Honey Catering were incredibly thankful for their award they had this to say,

“It has been a great 2022 for us working alongside Poptop. We have had many bookings through Poptop and the clients have been a pleasure to cater for. Thank you Poptop from all of us at Lyreb Honey Catering for awarding us your office choice award for 2022. Overall the staff at Poptop are wonderful, helpful and professional to work with and we look forward to working together more in the future.”

Have a look through their service listings to see what gave them the edge over everyone else for this award.

CEO’s Choice

There are so many suppliers on Poptop, so catching the eye of our CEO is a real accomplishment. For this award, Eugene wanted a supplier who has really embraced the support given by Poptop. A supplier who has amazing service listings and has really used Poptop to their advantage to improve the success of their business. For this award, the winner is Bananaleaf.

Shahid, from Bananaleaf, had this to say in acceptance of his award.

“Thank you to the CEO, Eugene and the Poptop team – We’re ecstatic to receive this award! We tried hard this year to offer something unique to the marketplace and really pleased with the support of the Poptop team to have been able to launch our offering and in turn receive huge growth this year!”

Explore Bananaleaf’s service listings to see why they impressed our CEO, Eugene.

CEO’s Most Extraordinary

This year we decided to showcase some truly extraordinary services on Poptop. Our CEO, Eugene, has taken a personal look at the services that we designate with this extraordinary badge. Eugene has worked with Flower Bar in the past and knows what a spectacle they can put on for a party, which is why he chose them for the CEO’s Most Extraordinary award.

Here’s what our CEO had to say about why he chose Flower Bar for this award.

Martin, from Flower Bar, was ecstatic to accept this award that he had this to say.

“In my opinion, a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. I’m a great believer in luck, but also I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. Doing the best at this moment can put you in the best place for the next great moment.”

Read through Flower Bar’s service listings to see why our CEO thought they deserved this award.

We hope these suppliers have inspired you to smash 2023 just like they did in 2022. To get yourself ready for 2023 ready in the best way possible, read our guide.

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