Poptop 2022 Supplier Roadmap

2022 has truly been a year of innovation for the Poptop team. Our goal was to implement and deliver a roadmap that would improve suppliers’ experience and get suppliers on a path of successfully using our ‘Instant Booking’. Well – this has been achieved and 97% of our suppliers are now successfully taking bookings via Instant Booking. Our roadmap has helped us hit key milestones in 2022, just take a look for yourself.

Here’s a brief outline of what features were added to Poptop in 2022 to improve the performance of our suppliers.

You’ve seen the year as a whole, but let’s take a more in-depth look at our product releases.

As you can see, 2022 was a busy year for the team at Poptop, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve got plenty more planned in 2023 to make Poptop even better!

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