Service Listings: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to create the ultimate service listing. We will give you tips on how best to present your images, descriptions, service titles and more.

When creating a service listing it is crucial to keep the following 3 questions in mind:

1. Is it clear what service I’m offering?

2. Is the content relevant to the service and easy to understand?

3. Does my service sound exciting and stand out from the crowd?

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Setting up your service listing

The first stage of creating a service listing is to select the most relevant category that you are offering to clients.

Here are a few examples of categories that you can choose between.

Step 2: Creating an interesting title

Your title really needs to stand out on the catalogue. The title is the first thing that clients see when searching on Poptop. It needs to be unique and interesting and catch the client’s attention.

To help you make the best title possible, we’ve created a formula and have showcased a few best practices across certain categories.

Step 3: Selling your service with visuals

Photos and video content can be the biggest selling points of your service. They need to represent the service you are offering and they need to be of great quality.

They really need to sell what service you’re offering while being relevant.

3 tips to improve your images

  • Use a high-quality camera to take your images
  • Showcase clients interacting with your service (for example, if it’s a BBQ service then the photo could show clients waiting to be served by the BBQ.)
  • Show a face behind the brand – it’s always a bonus to add a high-quality photo of yourself

We recommend having one showstopping main photo and at least 7/10 different photos highlighting your service in different ways. These should capture the essence of your service listing.


If you’re able to provide a video of your service in action, this will massively help when clients are looking to choose their preferred supplier. A video can showcase the atmosphere created at an event by your service.

Step 4: Nailing your descriptions

Remember, before a client clicks on your service, they don’t know anything about you.  Your service descriptions must be appealing and clearly state how the service will run.

Describing your service

This is the main body of text that clients will see when they click on your listing. You’ve got 500 words to sell yourself. You don’t have to put your service specifics such as set lists or menus in this section as you’ll get the chance to do this later in the Q&A section.

As we’re focusing on selling your service, the experience and what sets your service apart, here are some examples.


“Our private chef service brings sumptuous, restaurant-quality food into your home with an authentic Catalonian tapas experience from one of London’s most sought-after chefs.”


“Our rare 1960s Rolls Royce Phantom 3 offers you the opportunity to arrive at your wedding or event in true vintage style, whilst enjoying a relaxing ride in this beautiful luxury vehicle.”


“Our photography service captures the beautiful, natural moments of your wedding with an intimacy that truly reflects the essence of your big day in photos you can cherish forever.” 

Tell us about you

Your chance to explain what sets you apart from your competitors. You’ve only got 300 words so stick to the headlines.

  • Show passion for your craft – You’re going to be an integral part of the client’s event so you want to show your passion and love for your craft as it builds a unique rapport. Think about how you started your business and why you love doing it.
  • Build trust – show your experience in the industry. How long have you been working? What kind of events have you worked at? What inspired you to offer your particular service? If you’ve worked at some incredible events, now is your time to brag. Is your service a bit quirky or cool? Tell us about it.

Step 5: Fill in all Q&A’s

The Q&A section is where you as a supplier can answer any question the client may have. Your conversions will increase if the client has no questions before proceeding with a booking.

Do you offer alternatives for vegans, vegetarians or gluten-free diets? How long does it take you to set up? Do you provide your own equipment?

Everything specific to the service that you supply will be answered here, so you don’t have to worry about it putting these details in your service description.


In this guide, you’ve seen how to create the best titles, descriptions and photos to make your service truly stand out.

What are you waiting for?

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