Poptop UK Supplier Podcast: Private Chef Fed By Ed

a chef describing the food

Welcome to the Poptop UK Supplier Podcast. A Podcast made for event suppliers looking to accelerate their business in the events sector. Get the latest updates, trends, interviews and news from Poptop UK.

Each episode will have an interview with a unique supplier, telling you about their business and success on Poptop. It will also include an interesting interview with a member of the Poptop team, where we get to talk about different updates, event trends and how to use Poptop best.

In our second-ever episode, Dom is joined by Private Chef, Edward Harvey also known as Fed By Ed. They discuss how Ed came to be a Chef, how he came to work with Poptop, his goals for 2023 and more.

Dom also spoke to the Head of Activation, Emma, about creating the best listing possible. You’ll get to hear all the top tips from the Poptop team.

Where You Can Listen

Episode Breakdown:

Intro: 00:08

Fed By Ed Interview: 00:28

Emma Interview: 18:22

Outro: 23:42

Stay tuned for next month’s interview and check out the supplier guide for more interviews, updates and helpful guides to using Poptop.

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