Improve Your Listing Performance

Our latest product release allows suppliers to make decisions based on real-life data. Our new and improved listing stats can help suppliers spot weaknesses in their service listings and make the correct improvements resulting in more bookings through Poptop.

In this guide, we are going to show you:

  • How to best use your listing stats.
  • The benefits Poptop listing stats can have for your business.
  • How to test variants of your service listings using A/B testing.

You’re listing stats are here, these showcase how well your listings are performing in comparison to other suppliers. For a full breakdown of your listing stats, check out our guide. 

The benefits of listing stats

Listing stats are a great tool, here’s how:

  • Listing stats provides real-time data showcasing how clients are interacting with your services.
  • Listing stats showcase how you are performing against competitors in your category.
  • Listing stats allow you to optimise your listing by testing different service variants.

Why should you test the different variants of your listing?

This can lead to an improvement of conversion and can optimise your listing to reach the maximum potential of bookings on Poptop.

The benefits of testing new variations of your service listing:

  1. It can lead to higher conversions.
  2. Identifies issues with your service listings.
  3. Gives clear evidence of what works when selling to clients.

How to identify issues with your service listings?

We now make it really easy to spot where you can improve your performance on Poptop.

We now indicate how you are performing against your competitors. If you are performing below the average then you might want to take action.

Take a look:

breaking down listing ranking and listing impressions
breaking down listing clicks and shortlists
breaking down confirmed bookings and conversion rate

Now you know what each listing stat tells you. It’s time to take action and spot areas where your listings could be improved.

How to A/B test your service listings?

What is A/B testing and why you should do it?

Firstly, you’re probably thinking: what is A/B testing? You’d be happy to know it’s not that complicated.

A/B testing is when you compare two different versions of something to see which one works better.

For example, let’s consider you want to improve the ‘impressions’ of your service listing. 

Impressions are 97% below the average. What can you do to improve them?

  • Update your main display image
  • Update your service listing title
  • Subscribe to either our Pro or Gold membership

Below, we present how we have updated an image to make it more engaging for clients on the catalogue. This will eventually lead to more impressions on the listing.

This is a good example of how you could update your main service image. Both images show a high-quality image but only one shows the supplier at an event. Photos at an event show clients the atmosphere you create and how much fun your service can be.

Once you’ve updated your listing with an incredible new photo, you can check to see if this has improved your listing’s impressions.

How to check to see if my impressions have improved?

  1. Update your main photo.
  2. Go to your listing stats and take note of your listing impressions for the last 7 days.
  3. Wait 7 days.
  4. Compare and contrast the performance of your new image against the older version.

Have they improved?

No – I’d recommend either changing your photo or updating your service title. You want to ask yourself if your service image and title will catch a client’s eye.

Yes – Great job! You’ve tested a new photo on your listing and it improved your impressions. Let’s keep the new photo on your listing as you’ve proven clients interact with it more on the catalogue.

How to test different aspects of your listing?


Boosting your ranking in our catalogue is easy.

Your ranking in our catalogue depends on how complete your profile is, what your level is or if you’re subscribed to one of our membership options.

The great thing is we’ve got a guide to help you with all of these.



Take a look at our different membership options.



Test new photos and titles to see if this helps improve your listing’s impressions. 

These are the first thing a client sees when searching the Poptop catalogue, so you want to make sure they wow potential clients.

To help with creating a title and choosing great images, we’ve created a useful guide.


Photos and titles that intrigue clients to take a look at your service. Test out different images and titles to see if this improves your clicks.

This guide shows you how to create amazing titles and choose incredible images.


The main deciding factor falls to the price of your service listing. We advise doing some research and checking out your competitor’s pricing.

We looked at the best pricing in our getting ready for 2023 events guide here. Check it out to see if your pricing has a competitive edge.

Confirmed Booking

Your confirmed bookings are determined by your responses to the client. Have you messaged a client who has shortlisted your service? Have you been friendly and kind to make them want to book you more?

The way you talk to clients can make or break a booking. To help you, we’ve made a guide on how to best talk to clients.

Try out some of our examples to see if it improves your booking confirmations.


Amazing, you know what your listing stats are and how to test different variations of your service to see if they improve your stats.

What did we learn in this guide?

  • You’ve learnt the breakdown of your listing stats
  • You’ve learnt how to a/b test to improve the performance of your service

Improving your stats will help you make the best version of your listing. 

Remember to make it a regular habit to check your stats to see how your service listing is performing. 

Happy testing!

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