Poptop UK Supplier Podcast: James Armandary

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Welcome to the Poptop UK Supplier Podcast. A Podcast made for event suppliers looking to accelerate their business in the events sector. Get the latest updates, trends, interviews and news from Poptop UK.

Each episode will have an interview with a unique supplier, telling you about their business and success on Poptop. It will also include an interesting interview with a member of the Poptop team, where we get to talk about different updates, event trends and how to use Poptop best.

In this week’s episode, photographer James Armandary gives the lowdown on finding that perfect work-life balance. He also spoke about how he found his personal style in photography and how others can. 

CEO of Poptop, Eugene Shestopal, joins the podcast to show how he started Poptop and what the future holds for the company.

Where Can You Listen

Episode Breakdown

Intro: 00:10

James Armandary Interview: 00:23

James Armandary Quick Fire Questions: 19:02

CEO Eugene Interview: 20:30

CEO Eugene Quick Fire Questions: 29:36

Outro: 23:42

Stay tuned for next month’s interview and check out the supplier guide for more interviews, updates and helpful guides to using Poptop.

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