The Poptop Awards 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the Poptop award season is here. This is our second annual awards ceremony and we are thrilled to announce the winners

We would like to express our gratitude to all our suppliers for their hard work throughout the year. It was a challenging task to select this year’s winners, but after careful consideration, we have chosen some outstanding suppliers.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the winners!

Most Improved

This year we saw so many suppliers find incredible success. This year’s Most Improved Award goes to Talvin from Big Baller Bus. Talvin invested a significant amount of time optimizing his profile and even added 55 reviews, contributing to his highly successful 2023 on Poptop. Let’s take a closer look at his stats.


Bookings confirmed: 30

Revenue generated: £14.5k

Average review rating: 5⭐

Joined Poptop: 2023

Talvin is always in constant communication with our team to find out tips and tricks to help him gain an advantage over his competitors on Poptop. He impressed our Head Of Supplier Success, Emma, that she had this to say,

Check out Talvin’s service, Big Baller Bus, to see why he deserved this award.

Office Choice

This award goes to a supplier who everyone in the Poptop office loves working with. A supplier who provides a great service, they’re willing to help and they see the standard for other suppliers on our platform. Tom Piper’s Hog Roast embodies all those qualities, which is why they won this year’s Office Choice award. Let’s take a look at their stats:


Bookings confirmed: 17

Revenue generated:£21k

Average rating: 5⭐

Joined Poptop: 2023

An older man with glasses holding an award.

David had this to say about winning his award,

“Until we started working with Poptop earlier this year, we would restrict our business to events no more than 30 miles from where we’re based in mid-Cheshire. However, we have now provided Hog Roasts in Essex, Southhampton, Dorchester, York and many other ‘long-distance’ venues. Wedding and party locations are no longer a restriction to us providing the best Hog Roast catering service. And whenever we need assistance from the Poptop team, they are always available to provide the right advice!”

Take a look at their listing to see how they have a truly great hog roast service.

Most Inspirational

We asked suppliers to send us why they think their business is truly inspirational. We received over 30 submissions that it was a hard task to choose. But one stood out from the rest and that was Christopher’s from Midlands Premier Events. Let’s have a look at their stats:


Bookings confirmed: 33

Revenue generated: £16.5k

Average rating: 4.76⭐

Joined Poptop: 2018

A man in a chair holding an award.

This award allowed suppliers to nominate themselves for it. Check out why Dom picked Christian out of so many other suppliers for this award.

Photo of man wearing glasses and a quote that says, "Out of all the suppliers who nominated themselves for this award, Christian truly stood out. His story of having to find a new career after an unfair dismissal showed not just how much hard work he put into his new career but his passion and determination to succeed!
That’s why I was happy to award him the Most Inspirational award this year out of 30 other suppliers. 
Well done, Christian. You deserve it.”

Check out all the amazing services Chris offers on Poptop.

Best Start-Up

Suppliers had the opportunity to nominate themselves for the award, showcasing their business growth and success in the past three years, both on Poptop and beyond. We read through several nominations that highlighted just how successful some of the businesses are on Poptop. The team was inspired by the accomplishments of Air Of The Dog, as they managed to scale a mobile bar business in such a short period. Let’s check out their stats on Poptop. Let’s check out their stats on Poptop:


Bookings confirmed: 8

Revenue generated: 5k

Average rating: 5⭐

Joined Poptop: 2023

A man and a woman holding an award.

Richard has this to say in acceptance of his award,

Thank you for awarding us with the best start-up! The Air Of The Dog is a family-run business and It’s been a real labour of love since we started and to get recognition like this is really rewarding. What started with an inflatable pub in the garden has turned into a nationwide company featuring in many national and international publications. Poptop has given us the platform to reach a wide variety of clients/events and has been instrumental in our success. We would really recommend this to any business.”

Supplier Of The Year

This award goes to a supplier who has truly demonstrated outstanding success in 2023. They set the standard for everyone else, boasting excellent listings, a strong rapport with clients, and a willingness to assist in times of crisis, such as being a last-minute replacement supplier. No one exemplified this more than Party Bus London, which is why we were proud to award them our 2023 Supplier Of The Year Award. Let’s take a look at their stats:


Bookings confirmed: 75

Revenue generated: £73k

Average rating: 4.87⭐

Joined Poptop: 2021

An award held in front of a double decker bus.

Tony had this to say about winning his award.

“I would like to say thank you for the support from the Poptop team in helping build our business and helping us make it to another level. Receiving this award from Poptop shows the commitment we provide to making sure the client always has a great time onboard and leaves feeling satisfied. We hope to maintain this into 2024!”

What a year 2023 has been. It makes us so excited to see what 2024 has in store. We’d like to thank all the suppliers for their hard work and let’s make 2024 event better!

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