‘About Supplier’ – Everything you need to know

The new ‘About Supplier’  is extremely important as it builds a connection with potential clients looking to book your service on Poptop. It serves as the initial glimpse into your personality before clients engage with your services, request a quote, or send a message. If the client builds a connection with your profile, there is a significantly high chance they will choose you to supply for their party.

Why complete your about supplier section:

  • Builds trust with potential clients
  • Shows your personality
  • Lead to more potential bookings

We’re going to break down each section of the ‘About Supplier’ so you can showcase your personality. Each section has a 120-character limit, so ensure your responses fit within this limit.

Profile Picture

Your picture should be a clear image of the business owner. We won’t accept company logos, blurry images, or images of anything else other than a person.

A photo like the one above is a perfect example. This allows clients to get an idea of who will be at their event.

Event Industry Experience

This is your chance to show off your passion for your craft. You get to show how long you’ve been working and what it is you do.

Bad Example.

“12 Years experience”

This isn’t a good example. Although it showcases great experience, it doesn’t clarify specific areas of expertise. Inform potential clients about your 12 years of experience in event planning, covering various occasions such as weddings and birthdays, or highlight any specialities you may have.

Good Example

“I’ve been in the industry for 12 years with a focus on weddings because I love being a part of a couple’s special day.”

This is a good example that demonstrates both the supplier’s extensive experience and their speciality.


Show them what inspired you to start your career in the events industry. Have you got a story? Did you start because your family member inspired you? An inspirational story will build a connection with potential clients.

Bad Example

“My passion for photography and videography.”

“A good friend that I worked with.”

These examples can be improved as they lack inspiration. They are too vague and fail to show potential clients the reasons behind starting the business. The supplier should consider including a specific story or event that motivated them to establish their business.

Good Example

“I started my catering business because it allowed me to see and work with my family every day.”

This is a great example that highlights the fact that it’s a family-run business. The supplier wanted to spend more time with their family, making it more personable.

Favourite Event

Out of all your time working, what has been your best event? Was it a big festival like Glastonbury or did you get to cater for an amazing or famous client?

Bad Example

“I couldn’t choose because they’re all my favourites”

This is not a good response as it is vague and cliche.


Although, this provides a specific event it doesn’t show why the supplier loved working at Glastonbury. By expanding on the point and showing why they chose that event, the supplier is more likely to build a rapport with a potential client.

Good Example

“I loved working at Glastonbury because I loved getting the chance to see all of the incredible artists perform.”

This is a great example because it shows why the supplier chose Glastonbury specifically. Clients will be inspired to book your service knowing you have worked at the UK’s biggest events and festivals.

Dream Celebrity

Whether they’re alive or not doesn’t matter, let us know who you’d love to work for. Why you chose them and what they mean to you.

Bad Example

“I can’t choose because there’s so many to choose from”

This isn’t a good example because it is too vague and cliche. Choose a specific person to show your personality.

“Barack Obama”

This is a good example of a specific person but it doesn’t show why they want to work with this dream client. In this case, the supplier should say why they want to work with Barack Obama. Is it because they find him incredibly interesting or is it even to say they worked with a former President of the United States?

Good Example

“I’d love to make food for Barack Obama as I think it would be amazing to hear some unique stories.”

Once you’ve completed your About Supplier section, it will be sent into review to be seen by our team. If it is published, it will be live on your profile. If it is rejected, you will be sent an email explaining why it has been rejected and how you can improve it.

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