We have more than 6000 event and wedding suppliers on our roster. Some of them have grown from a few events per month to a fully booked schedule years ahead. We are very proud of our suppliers and would like to continue sharing their success stories.

Meet our PRO member mixologist and bartender, Cocktails with Mario, who is our leading mixologist on Poptop. Mario has now had 13 bookings on the platform and generated over £4,000. Please, read the following interview on how to succeed in the event industry and Poptop.

What do you believe is your key to success at Poptop? What are the most important questions to ask a potential client?

Our key to success is our professionalism and friendly approach for the client.

We believe that having a friendly and honest personality and listening to our client needs makes us who we are today.

The most important questions to ask a client would be:

  • Number of guests
  • A start time of the venue
  • What’s their budget
  • What cocktails they like to have
  • Any additional information

If I could say one of my main challenges is to make sure everyone’s on their A-game and give attention to every little detail that’s around them.

When I saw the movie “Cocktails” with Tom Cruise I was blown away and I said.. one day I will do that.

What are the main challenges for you when catering for a large number of guests?

When catering for larger events I actually kinda like it because a lot of potential clients gets to see you in action and the feedback you might get is higher with a larger volume of people.

When did you start working in the events industry and as a mixologist, it looks from your video and skills, you have been doing this for many years? Have you competed before?

So, I’ve been a mixologist for almost 10 years now and I love every single day of it.

I have such a huge passion for this business and for creating and experimenting with new cocktails.

Flair (juggle) is one way of expressing myself when it comes to creating cocktails.

Mainly on a stage, or in a Flair Competition, where, we are being judged on our performance.

When I saw the movie “Cocktails” with Tom Cruise I was blown away and I said.. one day I will do that. That day came a long time ago and now I’m competing against best flair bartenders in the world all over Europe.

What skills/personal attribute are most important to being successful in the business?

In this business, you need to be humble at first! And secondly, listen to the clients’ needs.. and thirdly act professional no matter the situation.

If you master those skills I can’t see how you won’t persevere in this business 🙂

Do you come up with your own cocktails? Tell us some of your favourite cocktails you have come up with yourself?

April 20 is one of my signature drinks, and if I produced it, in a Mixology Competition I did this year in London, Roadhouse. April 20 was also my birthday and was Inspired by that day.







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