Throughout this update we will outline the steps we have taken to improve our calendar feature which has been based on your feedback. Updating your calendar frequently and consistently will mean you will only ever get bookings for when you have availability.

As you are aware, COVID-19 has led to a lot of event cancellations and postponements. This has put some strain on our calendars and accurate availability is now more important than ever. We understand that 2021 is already booked out for a vast majority of our suppliers – so we wanted to make sure you only receive bookings for when you are totally free. We have updated our calendar to make it more user friendly and to give you full control of your availability.

Over the last few weeks, as lockdown has eased in the UK, we have started to see a huge increase in the amount of clients visiting Poptop. We are positive this will gradually increase week over week now and we are eager to start bringing our supplier’s many bookings again for the coming months and years ahead.

Calendar FAQ

Can I receive more than 1 booking per day?

Yes, you can receive more than one booking per day on Poptop. There is no limit to how many bookings you can receive for a particular day, as we understand, you can have more than one booking per day. Although – you will now need to “lock” a day if you have enough bookings for that specific date. For example, if you have received 2 bookings for July the 6th, you might want to lock this day as you can not commit to any more bookings. 

Can I lock more than 1 day at a time?

Yes, our new improved calendar allows you to lock more than one day at a time. You now have the ability to lock a whole month which has been heavily requested. This can be done by locking a day and selecting the option “Lock + N days” and enter how many days you want to lock (as seen on the image).

What happens if I lock a day and there are quotes submitted for that date?

If a day is locked with quotes submitted we will remove these quotes for you. For example, let’s say you have 10 quotes submitted for July the 6th. If you decide to lock this day – we will remove the quotes and inform the client that you are unavailable for that specific date.

What happens if I lock a day and there are bookings for that date?

If a day is locked with booking we will keep these bookings active for you. Locking a day will only mean you can not receive any more bookings for that particular date. Once you receive a booking on Poptop, we will keep this day open for more bookings until you decide to lock it.

If I lock a day am I visible to clients on the catalogue?

No, once you lock a day you are not visible on the Poptop catalogue. For example, if you lock July the 6th none of your packages will be visible to clients on that specific date. However, if you decide to unlock that particular day you will then appear to future clients.

How often should I review my Poptop Calendar?

We advise to review it weekly. Keeping your calendar up to date on Poptop is critical to your success. Suppliers with more cancellations on Poptop are likely to receive fewer recommendations. As clients can now book you instantly, we advise to regularly block out your unavailability on Poptop and make this part of your Poptop routine. If you receive a booking outside Poptop, I advise to lock the day on Poptop immediately if you can not take anymore bookings for that day.

Is this the final version of the Poptop calendar?

No, we will be updating our calendar with frequent updates throughout the remainder of this year. We will introduce hour slots into our calendar which will give even more accuracy. We will also look at syncing your personal calendar so you do not have to update your Poptop calendar so frequently. We wanted to make sure we had the basics correct for you to help you during this time.

What days should I lock now?

Please, pay special attention to the next coming months. We have a lot of clients starting to book again on Poptop, so please lock your unavailability until you feel comfortable and ready to attend events. Also, we advise to lock any days in 2021 when you are fully booked. Keep your Poptop calendar updated alongside your personal calendar.

What happens If I do not use my Poptop Calendar?

Unfortunately, if you receive a lot of cancellations on Poptop then we will start to reduce the amount of recommendations we send you. If this continues, we may look at removing your profile from Poptop. It is vital to keep your calendar updated, so you can only receive bookings you can commit to. Updating your calendar frequently will strengthen the relationship you have with Poptop as we know we can trust to send you recommendations.

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