We have more than 8000 event and wedding suppliers on our roster. One of our top suppliers and PRO member is Pink Passengers; they even made the cut for the best of 2018 award. They have an amazing 28 bookings so far on Poptop, which much more yet to come!

Steve has been running the Pink Passenger minibus hire since 2011. We recently got in contact with Steve, here he shares some of his best tips to success. Read his interview below on how to succeed in the transport business and how to make your listing a success on Poptop.


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How did you get into the transport business?

I sort of fell into transport, I was studying plumbing at college and working the doors to make ends meet. I was struggling financially and decided to sell my little van and used the £500 to take my Class 1 HGV after seeing adverts about a driver shortage. It was much easier back then and I started lessons on a Mon, had my test on the Sat morning and was working on the Sun! I got bored pretty quickly driving up and down the country and decided to inquire about the recruitment side working for agencies. I excelled at this, got promoted numerous times and eventually resigned as the North West driving manager for a large agency to start up Pink Passenger.

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What is your key to success at Poptop? What are the most important questions to ask potential clients?

I think we have a personal touch, we treat potential customers like old friends, put them at ease and most importantly be honest. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver. The amount of times a customer has thanked us for our honesty is amazing. It might sound strange but in a way we under sell our service, we want to give them more than they’re expecting, we want them to come away going “WOW”! we didn’t even ask for that. The little personal touches go such a long way.

The strangest (or best) event you provided transport for?

I think the hen parties are always good fun, we’ve had some pretty wild ladies over the past 8 years. The one event that sticks in my mind is when I transported the pop group Mike and the Mechanics, they were very down to earth and looked after our company mascot, a 3 legged Jack Russell, who traveled in the back with them.

How is the relationship between yourself and Poptop clients (or what is your ideal Poptop client)?

We have a great relationship with Poptop clients, we try to answer any queries as quickly as possible, we’ll do our best to accommodate any special requests and we try to be as informative as possible in our initial response.

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The most important things to remember when building rapport with a client?

Honesty, never promise what you can’t deliver. See the importance of the booking from the customer’s side, if it’s a hen party or a prom it’s usually a once in a lifetime event. From the supplier side try not to see it as “just another booking” go the extra mile and give them more than they expect.

What’s your favourite event to work for?

I personally enjoy the kiddies birthdays, proms and hen Parties as we get to decorate the already stunning interior of our party bus. The children’s faces when they initially get on the bus is brilliant and is something I’ll never get tired of! First words are always “WOW!” and even better when we start their favourite song as they approach the vehicle, I still get goosebumps now.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d just like to mention the importance of having good staff working for you, Joyce who is the customers initial contact is the one who makes them feel welcome and works tirelessly behind the scenes. The drivers are the face of the business and all go the extra mile for the customers and the company, without these guys we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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