Our supplier motto is to ‘help, guide and educate our team of suppliers to achieve the best results they can’, this article answers some of your FAQ’s regarding cancellations and the payment procedures on Poptop. You can find further information as stated in our terms and conditions.

The Client Has Still Not Paid The Deposit. What Do I Do?

Once a client makes a pending booking you are able to give them a call and email to discuss any details of the event and finalise further. All clients are reminded via email to make deposit payments – and as soon as they pay you will be notified. If they do not pay within 21 days then this booking will automatically be canceled as we can not expect any supplier to hold a date without a deposit.

When Does The Deposit Reach My Account? 

As soon as you press confirm booking via Poptop the deposit payment from a client is scheduled. This deposit payment transaction is processed by Stripe – the leader in online payment solutions.

The payout will be made to the specified UK bank account and processed automatically. The payout usually takes on average 7 – 10 workdays due to anti-fraud & security checks performed by Stripe for debit/credit card payments. Once we receive the payment from Stripe, the payout should appear at the specified bank account within 2 hours and you will be notified of this via email.

You can check the date of the expected date of this transaction in your billing section of your profile. The expected date will show at the side of the event date.

If your expected payment date falls on a Saturday or Sunday please be aware that this will be delayed to the following Monday.

What Will Happen If The Booking Is Canceled By The Client, But There Has Been No Deposit Payment?

If the client cancels a pending booking then this will be canceled with no refund – as there was never any payment. This will notify you and the client via email.

What Happens If A Booking Cancelled By A Client With A Refundable Deposit? 

If the deposit was refundable this would be refunded to the client, unless the client canceled within the time frame you placed it would no longer be refundable i.e 14 days pre-event. 

What Happens If A Booking Cancelled By A Client With A Non-Refundable Deposit? 

If the deposit is non-refundable, we will not refund any of the deposit. Poptop will keep the booking fee to cover our transactional costs and any deposit that was paid to you is yours to keep. This will notify you and the client via email. 

You can upload your personal T&C’s to your Poptop account under the billing section where you add your bank details. This can include cancellation policies and all your terms. For more information follow this link – What should I add to my T&C’s?

What Will Happen If I Cancel A Booking?

If you cancel the booking (which had a deposit paid by the client) we would refund the deposit to the client, whether this was refundable or non-refundable. This is the same for our booking fee. 

If you set a deposit higher than our fee, we will need you to refund the deposit to us, and we will make full transaction back to the client. You will receive an email notification with the details of this upon cancellation, these are also shown below.

BACS pay to:

PoptopUK Limited

Account number: 64261763

Sort code: 40-34-18

Company VAT number: 281 1167 20

How Can I Prevent Cancellations Due To Unavailability?

If you cancel bookings due to unavailability please sync your calendar with Poptop or manually block dates as unavailable. For more information on how to do this visit the website and click the help beacon for articles on the calendar feature. You can learn more in the following link How Does The Calendar Feature Work?

The Remaining Balance And Issues With Clients Not Paying. 

All remaining balance for bookings is paid directly to yourself in a method of your choice. You can make this clear to the client via messages, the quote and your terms and conditions. We suggest that you ask for payment pre leaving the event, whether this is before the date or when you arrive before your service.

What Should I Do If I Have To Cancel A Confirmed Booking? 

Step 1 – Here if you do need to cancel can you please let the client know directly that you are canceling. This is done preferably via a phone call.

Step 2 – Once you have done this we highly recommend sending an email to support@poptop.uk.com cc’ing the client’s email in confirming the cancellation – so we know the client has been correctly informed. Alternatively, feel free to send over written confirmation that we can see the client has been made aware.  

Step 3 – Poptop would then cancel the booking and refund the clients deposit – any money the client has paid you directly will need to be returned. All of the deposit, including if any was transferred to yourself would be refunded by Poptop to the client’s account. Notification of this is sent to yourself and the client.

Step 4 – Straight after the cancellation, you will be notified via email. Here is we transferred any deposit to yourself you will need to refund us the amount to the details that are sent to you (as also shown below). Once paid do let us know as this cancellation will lead to an automatic suspension on your account.

BACS pay to:

PoptopUK Limited

Account number: 64261763

Sort code: 40-34-18

Company VAT number: 281 1167 20

If able, Poptop can help find a replacement for the event, however, if this is canceled on short notice or during the wedding season we are less likely to find another suitable supplier. Likewise, if you frequently cancel bookings with Poptop we will give preference and recommendations to other suppliers.

I’ve Been Suspended As I Owe Poptop Money, What Do I Do?

Once a booking is canceled through Poptop we will inform you straight away via email. If you owe us any money this should be transferred back ASAP – it will state the amount and also our bank details in the cancellation email.

Please, email the team at support@poptop.uk.com when payment is made so we can unsuspend your account. Once your account is suspended you will not be able to submit quotes, message prospective clients or confirm bookings. Here we also don’t promote suspended profiles on our catalogue nor do we offer recommendations after a period of time. 

What Happens If Poptop Has To Cancel One Of My Bookings As I Broke Terms And Conditions? 

Poptop offers client protection which means if a supplier was not to show up to their event or another issue occurred we can refund the deposit to the client. Any deposit paid would be refunded here, this includes any that we transferred to yourself. Any money the client paid directly would need to be refunded by yourself.

Failure to refund the client or Poptop can lead to the suspension or removal of your account. Please see our terms and conditions on our supplier blog for more details. 

If you can not find the relevant information you require please message support@poptop.uk.com.

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