The countdown has officially started to the release of our new system  “Instant Quote”. We are only a few weeks away until Instant Quote will be live, and today we have released an update to the platform, which takes us one step closer.

If you are not aware, Instant Quote will automatically submit quotes for you, based on the packages YOU offer and the prices YOU set. Our new system will mean you will be able to get booked, without even having to submit a quote. We are confident that Instant Quote is going to redefine the events industry and will bring our amazing suppliers the endless bookings they deserve.

What Has It Changed?

  • Quote templates have been removed – We have removed “Quote Templates” from the platform and you will no longer be able to submit quotes via this way. Quote templates will not be coming back and they will not be making a return. The reason is we have done a lot of research and noticed that suppliers quote templates is exactly how Instant Quotes will work. We noticed your quote templates were in fact packages you offer to clients. So, we now urge you to update your Instant Quote packages and you can select these when submitting a quote for quick submission (video below will demonstrate)
  • Add a main photo to the quote – You now have the ability to add a main photo to your quote. You will not be able to submit a quote without a photo being added as this is a required field. We advise adding an appropriate and attractive photo as this will help secure more bookings. If you pre-select a package to quote, it will automatically add the photos you have chosen in your Instant Quote package (video below will demonstrate)
  • Quote using price calculators – You now have the ability to quote per event, per person, per hour and per item. Again, if you have no Instant Quote packages added then you will have to choose one of these options. If you select an Instant Quote package this field will auto-fill for you (video below will demonstrate)
  • Travel expenses field – There is now a field where you will need to enter the travel expenses for the event. If you are not selecting an Instant Quote package then you will need to enter the travel expenses you are charging for the event. If you are selecting an Instant Quote package, then the travel expenses will automatically submit for you based on the postcode you have entered in your Instant Quote packages (video will demonstrate this)
  • Quotes will be automatically submitted – Once you add our Instant Quote packages, you can select a package and it will submit all-inclusive for you. Basically, Instant Quotes is here. There are only a few more steps before the official release and these are, we will submit quotes for you based on your packages and we will have a live calendar feature to track your availability

Why Have We Made This Change?

These changes have been made to show the client a clear breakdown of everything that is included in the quote. All of the information will be shown clearly to future clients, and the client will know exactly what is included in the overall quote. This is the next step to Instant Quote, where you can automatically select the packages you offer to the client.

Below, we have 2 videos which demonstrate how the new quote submission forms work. Video 1 will demonstrate how the forms work if you have not added any Instant Quote packages. Video 2 will demonstrate how the forms work if you have Instant Quote packages added.

Video 1: Instant Quote Packages Added

Instant Quote Packages Added

Video 2: No Instant Quote Packages Added

No Instant Quote Packages Added

Next Steps?

There only is one next step that all suppliers should be doing. This is simply to create your Instant Quote packages. We will be keeping you updated every step of the way when we release our new system. Although NOW, is the perfect time to create your packages so we can review these, and get ready for the release. 

If no Instant Quote packages are created, then, unfortunately, it will mean you will fall behind the competition on Poptop. Adding Instant Quote packages will mean you will be able to submit a quote instantly, and it will automatically calculate the travel expenses and show the recommended price for you.

We advise to have a look at your quote templates section and transfer these to your Instant Quote packages. I know this sounds like some work, but going forward this will save you so much time. Please, add your packages now.


If you have any questions regarding these changes or Instant Quote in general, please, feel free to drop our support managers any questions at, and

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