Through this article we will outline the new categories that  have been added to Poptop and how you can add them to your profile/packages.  We have added these new categories based on popularity from our clients search results.

During these uncertain times, we understand everyone in the events industry is worried about the coming months ahead. However, we must remain positive and make sure we are fully prepared for when the market bounces back. As we have some downtime now, we must keep pushing our business forward and this includes updating your Poptop profile.

We have released over 30 new sub-categories for our suppliers by researching what is most popular and what clients are frequently booking. We have added a range of new categories, including some for online and delivery services, for you to use. 

It is vital to add the relevant categories to your profile and packages to ensure they are shown in the correct sections and being seen by the relevant clients. This will maximise your chances of receiving more bookings on Poptop.

The new categories/sub-categories are as follows:



Kids Party Bus

Marquee & Tent

Bedouin Tent  
Wedding Marquee`   
Luxury Marquee  


Wedding cake
Vegan Catering 
Greek Catering 
Lamb Roasts
African Catering
Italian Catering
Prosecco Van   
Chinese Catering
Dessert caterers  
Cake Stand
Catering Equipment 
Cooking Masterclass
Party Food Delivery

Photo or Video Services

Drone Photography

Event Staff

Makeup Artist

Event Decorator

Balloon Decorations
Flower Decoration

Event Equipment

Luxury Toilet
Portable Toilets

Online Lessons

Online Singing Lessons 
Online Guitar Lessons
Online Piano Lessons


Singing telegram 

What’s Next?

Follow these steps that we have laid out below to ensure your profile and packages are showing in the relevant part of Poptop’s catalogue. It is extremely important to make sure ALL your Instant Quote packages are created. We will soon stop advertising suppliers with no packages created.

  • Update Your Profile

Using the categories above, update your profile with any that are relevant towards the service you offer. This will maximise your potential of being seen by as many clients as possible, and specifically clients, who are interested in the type of service you offer.

If you are uncertain on how to add the categories/sub-categories to your profile then follow the steps below:

  1. Login
  2. Go to profile down the left side 
  3. Go to Listing Description
  4. Add the relevant Main Category
  5. Add the relevant Sub Category
  6. Click save at the bottom
  • Update Your Current Instant Quote Packages 

Adjust your current Instant Quote packages. If you believe there may be a  better suited category, please, change your packages to reflect this. The catalogue will be updated right away and your packages will be visible.

  • Create New Instant Quote Packages 

If you have not yet created a package because the relevant category has not been available, now is the time to create that package and show clients what you can offer! We advise all suppliers to add their Instant Quote packages. Poptop will stop advertising suppliers on the catalogue who have none created.

If you cannot find the category when updating or creating your packages, ensure you have followed step number1 as they will not appear unless they have first been added to your profile. 

Furthermore, If you know anyone that can provide one of the services listed above then please refer them to Sign Up. It is currently a challenging time for everyone involved in the events industry, so referring a friend could potentially allow them to gain some bookings.

If you do have any questions about updating your profile or packages, please, email our Business Development Manager.

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