Numbers are everything in business, right?  But getting your hands on data that’s both accurate and easy to understand can be a bit of a minefield. Unless you’re a total Google Analytics wizard, drilling down into your business’ crucial numbers can feel almost impossible, especially when you’ve got enquiries to deal with and events to supply on a day-to-day basis.

Well, good news. Your pals at Poptop are about to make your life a WHOLE lot easier. 

In this blog, we’re going to give you the low down on our brand new Stats Packs, a genuinely ground-breaking new membership benefit, with hints and tips on how to use all this game-changing data to your advantage.


Ever wondered how many views your listings are getting, and how many of those views are turning in to real leads? From today, all that info will be right at your fingertips, with our game changing Stats Packs, exclusively for Poptop suppliers.

With our long-awaited Stats Packs you can track fresh, in-depth data on your services month by month – giving you all the metrics you need to constantly improve your listings, secure more bookings, and grow your business.

‘But how?’ (we hear you shout as one!). Let’s start with a simple, but crucial question.

What kind of Poptop membership do you have?

Your level of Poptop membership affects the reach and visibility of your service listings. You’ll also get access to different amounts data depending on which type of membership you have.

We offer three tiers of Poptop membership…

BASIC MEMBERSHIPPerfect for new, emerging events suppliers that want to keep their business local. Basic members only get access to Stats Packs for one of their service listings.

PRO MEMBERSHIPPerfect for suppliers who are looking to rapidly grow their business, expand their reach, and increase their booking potential. Pro members get unlimited access to Stats Packs for ALL of their service listings.

GOLD MEMBERSHIPPerfect for suppliers who are ready for maximum exposure and are equipped to handle high volume bookings on a nationwide scale. Gold members get unlimited access to Stats Packs for ALL of their service listings.

Not sure which type of membership you have?
There’s a really easy way to find out! Log in to your Poptop account, and check your membership type listed in the membership section.

Want to upgrade your basic membership for full access to Stats Packs? It couldn’t be easier. Just follow this link for all the info you’ll need.

Now that we’ve established what kind of membership you have, lets take a look at the Stats Packs themselves, so we can work out how to get the best out of them.


Our Stats Packs provide data on five key metrics. Together, they can give you an incredibly accurate picture of how your service listings are performing. Those metrics look like this…

This tells you how many times your listings have come back in a client’s search, and how many times you’ve been seen on the Poptop catalogue.

This tells you how many click-throughs your service listing has received. This means that clients have seen your listing on the catalogue and have clicked to view your service in more detail.

This tells you how many times your listing has made a client’s ‘shortlist’ of preferred suppliers. This is the final step before a client pays their deposit and confirms a booking.

This tells you how many bookings you’ve received.

This is the average catalogue position for your service listing. The closer this number is to 1, the closer you are to the top of the catalogue.

These five key metrics are updated on a monthly basis, meaning you can constantly keep an eye on how your numbers are changing.

Need a hand getting to grips with all this? To help us understand how to get the most out of these metrics, let’s look at some real-life examples of supplier stats, and work out what they can tell us about the performance of their listings.


Let’s start with a service listing that’s performing really well, so we can start to see the link between these five key metrics.

Here’s what stats on a great service listing look like. These are July’s stats on the service listing of a current PRO member…


  1. Turning impressions into click-throughs is vital. This is the start of your journey to securing a client’s business.

According to ‘Listing Impressions’ we can see that this service listing has appeared in client searches nearly 5000 times in the last month. But crucially, the ‘Listings Clicks’ show us that they’ve had nearly 1500 click-throughs from the catalogue. This means that nearly 30% of all the clients who have seen this listing in the catalogue have clicked through for more information.


This would suggest that the service listing has a particularly strong catalogue listing – it’s ranking well in the catalogue, and the title and photo is really appealing to potential clients, and so they want to find out more. 

2.  The volume of ‘click-throughs’ that lead to ‘shortlists’ demonstrates the effectiveness of your content.

Out of those 1459 click throughs, this listing has been shortlisted 117 times in the last month. This is an overall conversion rate of around 8%.


This would suggest that this service listing’s content is really solid. The descriptions are exciting and engaging, the photo and video content are really high quality, and the price is competitive. 

3.   Your listing’s visibility, reach, and quality all have a direct impact on how many bookings you secure.

Out of nearly 5000 impressions, this listing’s average ranking is 6.72. In this case, the supplier’s PRO membership will be pushing them up the rankings, making them more visible.

This listing has secured 11 bookings this month, a return of around 10% of their initial click-throughs. If this supplier continues this level of success across all of their service listings, they should have a seriously high volume of bookings confirming on a monthly basis.

Can you start to see how those five key metrics link together, and how they reflect the effectiveness of your listings?

For contrast, let’s now take a look at an underperforming service listing, so we can start to get a sense of what we can do better.

This shows July’s stats for a current BASIC member’s service listing… 


1.  Your membership level has a big impact on your visibility.

–  The BASIC member’s listing appeared in searches roughly ten times less frequently than our PRO member, and their average listing ranking was way down on the PRO member, too. This immediately impacts your chances of being seen on our catalogue.

2.  Quality content is absolutely vital.

–  Basic members can still see really strong returns on their conversions from click throughs to bookings if their content is good quality, but in the case of this listing something clearly isn’t quite right. This service is seeing a click-through conversion of less than 1%, suggesting that something about the catalogue listing is deterring clients from wanting to find out more – this could be down to a poor photo, a badly written title, or a combination of the two. What’s more, the listing has had no shortlisting’s and no bookings. Something really isn’t working for clients in this listing’s content, descriptions, and visuals.

3.  Improving your conversion rates is easier than you’d think.

–  Not all the successes of the previous listing were down to their membership status. Your listing has to sell the service effectively, too. If the content of your listing isn’t engaging, exciting, and relevant to the service you’re offering, clients are going to book elsewhere. 

Regardless of what kind of membership you have, it’s super easy to improve your service listings, up your click throughs, and secure more bookings. In fact, we’ve even put together a series of blogs on improving your listings, with specific advice for each supplier category! Head to our supplier blog to find out more.

So there you have it! Feeling powerful yet? All this data is waiting for you on your Poptop profile. All that’s left for you to do is log on and start making the most of your brand-new Stats Packs. Click here to get started!

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