Event Planners USED POPTOP – 2,197,372

 New POPTOP Suppliers – 2,736

Money Made For POPTOP Suppliers – £5,962,990


What a year 2018 has been! As you can see from the statistics above we are reaching new highs at Poptop. In 2018, we have had over 2.1 million event planners trust in Poptop to plan their crazy and special events. A total of 2,736 new suppliers have joined our platform this year, and we have generated just under an astonishing £6 million for our suppliers!

We are even more excited to see what type of amazing events will be planned through Poptop in 2019.  To keep your event on trend, we have compiled a list of the 5 key factors that will make your event unforgettable.



The sustainable event trend has been growing for the last few years, with no signs of it stopping in 2019. Event planners and suppliers are very aware that creating an environmentally friendly event is now the normal procedure.

Creating a sustainable event is now key to being a modern-day event planner. Especially after princess Eugenie announced her plastic-free wedding, more and more brides and event planners, are following in her footsteps. I’m afraid as a supplier, if you can not commit to these types of requests, then you will certainly be overlooked. For example in 2019, event suppliers will be engaging with event planners more than ever, to make sure the wastage of food is at a minimum. Creating a sustainable event is not only the right thing to do, but you may, also receive some nice press coverage on this. This could be exciting for both the actual event or the supplier’s businesses.

Below, is a list of ideas on how you can make your event more sustainable:

  • Plastic-free
  • Go paperless
  • Choose an outdoor ceremony
  • Invitations using recycled materials
  • Local food and catering companies
  • Flowers that can be replanted/smaller floral arrangements
  • Decor refusing elements
  • Food part of the design
  • Venue with green certifications
  • Venue that uses local produce
  • Zero waste


   Unique Venues


Think outside of the box! Using a unique or even a historic venue, will leave a lasting impression on your guest or attendee, and make your event memorable. Gone are the days of using a classic and dated ballroom. Event planners are staying local and are proud to showcase the venues in their local town/village. 

Below, is a list of ideas for the best type of venues you can use for your event in 2019:

  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Barns
  • Ranches
  • Greenhouses
  • Spaces with large outdoor areas
  • Concert venues
  • Historic and unique events
  • Stay local


 Personalized Events


Personalized events have been growing and growing continuously over the last few years. 2019 is set to continue with this trend, and see personalization taken to the extreme. Personalizing your event for your guests or attendees will bring a sense of joy, and make them feel more connected and engaged with your event. Although, along with adding more personalization to your event comes more planning and preparation. You will need to know the finer details, and suppliers and event planners will need to be in constant contact. On the other hand, get personalization wrong, and this may lead to a disappointed guest or attendee.

Below are some examples on how to add that personalized touch to your event (along with some crazy ideas):

  • Personalized menus
  • Personalized name tags
  • Personalized gift ideas
  • Personalized furniture
  • Signature cocktails and mocktails
  • Family photo displays
  • Customized dance floors
  • Customized drinks labels with photo or design
  • Personalized prints
  • Touchscreens for signatures


 Wholesome Food


Food bars and sharing platters are a huge trend for 2019! Attendees and guests of your event like to feel at ease when selecting their food. This is why sharing plates and dessert stations are a great idea. Guests get to choose exactly what they want, how much they want, leaving them comfortable for the remainder of the event. We have seen a drastic decrease in the stereotypical 5-course meal for guests at a wedding. Nobody likes to pre-order their feed nowadays, so let your guest choose from a selection of their guilty pleasures on the day of the event. This also means that there will be much more interaction between your guests, and they will not be stuck to one seat for the day/night.

    • Sharing plates
    • Simple food
    • Grazing tables
    • Dessert stations
    • Vegan food
    • Locally sourced ingredients
    • Mobile Bars
    • Smoothie/juice bars



Event experiences is the core focus for event planners in 2019. Event planners want to work with suppliers who will create that unforgettable moment for the guest or attendee. This is the reason why singing waiters and video booths will be a big hit in 2019. Allowing your entertainment to interact between guests is always going to be a big winner.

The whole point of putting on an event is to bring joy to your guests, and let’s face it you want your guests leaving saying “This was the best event I have ever been to”. So, put on an experience for your guests and WOW them with food that they have never tried before. It will even come as more of a shock if this amazing food is locally sourced.

  • Video-booths
  • Glitter bars
  • Llama selfie
  • Scented invitations
  • Singing waiters
  • Food trucks
  • Silent Disco
  • Local delicacies
  • Cocktail bars



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