Throughout this article we will outline how you can still receive bookings and help income on Poptop for the forthcoming months.

First of all, we want to wish all our suppliers well during these challenging times. We hope you and your families are keeping safe and if any support is needed from Poptop, please, make sure to get in touch. Covid-19 has put a stall on the events industry for the moment and we understand this will bring many challenges to your business such as cancellations,refunds and re-scheduling of events. 

During this period you need to ADAPT to the current market and showcase your services like never before. Due to covid-19, small gatherings are no longer aloud so now we advise to offer your services remotely and online.

How can I promote my services remotely?

Over the last week, we have seen HUGE demand that clients are still looking to book remote services such as educational videos, entertainment via video and food and goods delivery.

We have created a list of categories and example packages below which remote/online services work for. It would also be great to hear your feedback on the type of online/remote services you offer – 
please contact our business development manager James O’Reilly.

We advise to create these packages ASAP on Poptop and we will then start advertising and marketing these ideas to clients over the next few days/weeks.


Solo musician / Singer / Music Band

Special request song for special occasion via video (birthday/wedding anniversary)

Live stream concert via video

Instrument tutorial/lessons

Singing lessons

Catering / Private chefs

Food deliveries to clients address

Cookery Masterclass tutorial online (client could choose between menu options)

Preparing and delivering a food box with the ingredients step by step instructions on how to cook


Online caricature portrait via video (family portrait or 1-1) 

Caricature of any photo choice


Live Magic tutorial with cards 1 hour

Magic Show via video

Trick and tell (interactive video stream with client)

Cocktail making

Online cocktail masterclass

Cocktail tutorials

Children entertainment

Live children’s show via video (children’s magician/clown/children comedy)

Dance Act

Dance routine tutorial (Bollywood/Bellydance)


20 minutes live comedy set

What are the next steps?

Create your packages and be one of the first suppliers on Poptop to offer remote/online services. We will even create a special section on the catalogue for remote/online services.  We also advise to upload and update all your normal services and prepare for 2021 bookings.

We advise you to create your remote packages ASAP on Poptop by following the link below and going to the “packages” section and “creating new”. Once the package is complete, our team will publish this to the catalogue and advertise specifically to clients wanting online/remote services. We will even create a special section on the catalogue.

This really is a great opportunity to keep practicing your profession, bring in small income and keep households in the UK entertained. If you need any help, thinking over package ideas or video stream services to use – please contact our business development manager James O’Reilly.

What services can I use to schedule video calls with potential clients?

Once your packages are created you will need to sort the software that you will use to schedule videos.There are many services online that offer free live video streaming. Once downloaded you are ready to take bookings and start an online/remote session.

First of all – for suppliers offering online video sessions  such as “music lessons” or “magic show” we recommend using the following:

Zoom – This service is free and will allow you to stream live with your clients with no time restriction. Once downloaded – you will need to send the client an invitation to join the video. We have provided step by step instructions on how to invite a client to join a video here.

Skype – Again, Skype is a free video service that will allow you to host online bookings with no time restriction. The client will also need to have skype so please, add them as a new contact and start a call. We have provided a link which will give a step by step guide on how to use Skype here.

We advise to communicate with the client upon booking, what date/time the video will commence and if they have any preferences on video services they would like to use.


  1. Sandra Grant - Reply

    Dear James,
    Regarding the Skype concert. Please can you let me know if there will be copyright issues, thanks

    • I think Zoom has a 40 min time restriction unless you pay. You can simply just immediately set up a new meeting and resume another 40 mins.
      I may be wrong.

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