As you are aware, Instant Quote is officially here! This is the new system which will automatically submit your quotes, based on YOUR price variables.  The main purpose of this article is to answer any FAQ’s you may have, and give you a video tutorial on how to create your first package.  

Since the release of Instant Quote, Poptop suppliers are AMAZED at how much detail we have included and how easy it is now that they do not have to submit quotes. We are trying to make this new system perfect for our suppliers, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Over 4000 packages already completed!

Video Tutorial

This video shows the process of creating an instant quote package, as well as explaining each of the different sections in the form. If you have any questions about the video please leave them in the comments sections below.



Q. Will the old system disappear when Instant Quote goes live?

The old system will continue for the foreseeable future, however, our aim is for the majority of Poptop bookings to be going through the new Instant Quote system.

Q. Is this a mandatory change?

You do not have to create an instant quote package, however, other suppliers are already having their quotes submitted for them before you have even had a chance to view the request.

Q. When will this go live for clients?

We have already started the beta test for this by sending out published packages for suppliers to clients. The feedback so far has been great.

Q. How many packages can I create?

There is no limit to the number of packages that can be created, however, all the packages that you create must be able to be booked separately. The more packages you have available, the more you will appear in the catalogue to clients.

Q. Will I still be able to send a quote?

If the quote is submitted incorrectly then you will be able to remove the quote and resubmit. We do not expect this to happen often, but if it does you will be able to discuss with the client what is needed and re-submit a quote with the correct information.

Q. How do I know what quotes have been submitted?

All suppliers who have had an Instant Quote package submitted for them will receive a quote submitted email. You can then check the quote that has been submitted for you to ensure it has gone out for the correct price. 

Q. It says on my package Draft / In Review / Published?


The package has not yet been completed. You will need to go back through the package, make sure all relevant information has been input and click the Publish Package button on the preview page.  

In Review:

The package is still being reviewed by a member of the team. We will contact you directly if this is going to be published or if something needs to be changed.


A member of the team has reviewed your package and is now published and will be sent to clients allowing them to book that package that is being offered.

Q. What’s to come with Instant Quote?

Videos/ Audio Files / PDF Documents: 

The ability to add videos, audio files and PDF documents to your package will be added in the future giving the client a better idea of what they will be booking. The date for this is still to be confirmed but an update email will be sent to all suppliers when it is known.

Q. Next step to take?

Now is the best time to create your packages in preparation for the release! Please, click here, go to the Packages section of your profile.

Furthermore, if you have any questions please, comment below or email our supplier managers at or


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