These are incredibly challenging and difficult times for the whole event industry and all professionals working in the event industry. At Poptop we set a #1 priority to support our suppliers as much as we can.

We do believe, however, that the industry will bounce back stronger than ever after this! It is vital now to plan ahead, stay on top of things, adapt to the challenges of the new world and prepare for the future growth of demand! We have provided some guidance below on how you can keep active and keep pushing your business forward in this period.


Undoubtedly for thousands of businesses a #1 goal for the next several months is to survive. We are unsure how long covid-19 will last for so it is critical to cut costs to keep your business afloat.

  • If you have not done yet, reach out to your accountant to build a sustainable financial plan for at least the next 12 months. If you do your own accounting, but don’t have a detailed financial plan yet – you can download templates online here
  • The government has announced a series of unprecedented measures to support businesses, so make sure you keep checking for updated here. While some support schemes don’t have a clear mechanic, it’s worth keeping an eye on the updates. We believe that there will be many more updates to come to help small businesses
  • Also, many event professionals have been hit with a high level of cancellations during this period. Our approach at Poptop is to try to postpone events, not cancel. Make sure you adapt the approach – most of our clients feel very supportive of the industry and agree to postpone/change the date. This will also help your cash flow for the forthcoming months as you can keep the deposit or full amount if received
  • Look for new opportunities to stay in touch with your clients and key contacts. We’ve been working in several initiatives to help our suppliers during the period of uncertainty. Make sure to reach out to our Head of Business Development – James O’Reilly via in order to discuss ideas for partnership and collaboration


While we understand it can be frustrating to have periods with few bookings in the diary, these spells of quiet are the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve achieved and make plans for the next year.

  • Gather all your client feedback and reviews, and pick out the best quotes to share in your digital marketing media
  • Update your Profile/Instant Quote Packages with new images, videos, testimonials and written content to keep it fresh and relevant to people looking for your services
  • Invest time in your social media strategy, uploading new content and scheduling posts for the months to come
  • Set out a calendar of promotions and events you want to run and participate in for the next 12 months, and draft or develop the materials for each one
  • Build your audience with live videos, special offers, and competitions to get people engaging with your pages
  • Work on your onboarding process to make sure every client is delighted by the service you offer

Developing your plans and marketing materials is an activity that tends to take a back seat when we’re busy performing, so refocusing on these is a valuable use of this quiet time.


When we’re booked up with back-to-back gigs, it can be difficult to find time to improve the service you offer. Take a chance, while the calendar is a little emptier, to review your recent performances, check out what the competition is doing, take in feedback from your customers, and work out where you could be making improvements.

  • Create or update your Instant Quote Packages to suit the current market
  • Learn some new performance pieces to wow future clients
  • Explore new ways to promote/sell your business online
  • Practice recording showpieces on your mobile device or digital camera
  • Gain extra customer service skills to make sure your customers are always delighted, and you always get their recommendation

There’s always something new to learn, even for the most experienced performer, so focus your attention on some new skills that could really make a difference to your business.


Getting involved with your community is a great way to give back to those who’ve supported you through the year, and to raise your profile, locally.

  • If you can offer lessons over video calls to others then do so in your spare time as this  will broaden your network
  • Possible provide food deliveries to people who are in need, this is a good way to spread your name in a positive way
  • Spend more time connecting with your future bookings to understand the running order of their event. This means when the event date is coming up you will be 100% ready!


If you’ve not spoken with your fellow performers for a while, it’s a great time to do so. Chances are, they are experiencing, the same quiet times that you are.

  • Arrange a video call with your local network in a creative space, where you can all relax and spark some ideas
  • Network online – check out groups on Facebook, Twitter, and in forums where you can engage with and pick the brains of other creative professionals like you

Whether you’re learning from those who have been there and done it, or you’re the one answering the questions of people new to the industry, this kind of networking is a great confidence boost. We are all going through covid-19 together so it really can be a time to grow your network base.

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