Have you made the most of your Stats Packs yet? 

With Stats Packs, you can analyse the most crucial data from your service listings – allowing you to find out exactly how many clients are finding and booking your services on a monthly basis. You can read all about how and why Stats Packs are a total game changer in one of our previous blogs.

Our suppliers are absolutely LOVING this genuinely ground-breaking Supplier Superpower. And we don’t blame you. Not to brag, but we think it’s pretty cool too!


Lots of our suppliers have been asking for advice on how you can start to use all this data to improve your listings and secure more bookings. For us here at Poptop, that’s music to our ears!

To help out, we’ve put together a new series of blogs, ‘BEHIND THE STATS’. In each blog, we’re going to focus on one, specific thing we can learn from our Stats Packs, and how we can start to use what we’ve learned to improve our listings. 

For this edition, we’re going to focus on the first big step to securing bookings…


Let’s start by looking at a set of real-life stats so we’ve got a bit of context. These are the July’s stats from a live service listing on Poptop…

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For this blog, we just want to concentrate on the relationship between two key metrics. Listing Impressions, and Listing Clicks. ‘Impressions’ and ‘Clicks’ are two of your most important stats, and on their own they can begin to tell us a lot about how a service listing is performing. 

But how? Let’s begin with the absolute basics. 

What are Listing Impressions? 

Listing Impressions tell us how many times your ‘catalogue listing’ has been seen by a potential client in the Poptop catalogue. This means that your listing has featured in a client’s search next to all the other supplier’s listings. 

For example, say a client used the search bar on Poptop’s site to look for a private chef for their party. Their search would bring back a selection of relevant catalogue listings, which looks like this… 

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Listing Impressions tell us how many times your ‘catalogue listing’ has been seen in a list like this. Simple enough, right?

What are Listing Clicks?

Listing Clicks tells us how many times clients have actually clicked on your catalogue listing. This means that they’ve noticed you in their search, and they’ve clicked through to your listing to find out more about the service you’re offering. 

How are the two connected?

Hopefully, you can start to see that there’s a really important relationship between Listing Impressions and Listing Clicks. Of course it’s crucial to make sure your ‘catalogue listing’ is getting seen by potential clients, but those ‘impressions’ need to convert into ‘clicks’ if you’re ever going to secure any bookings.


This means that at least 10% of your Listing Impressions should be converting to Listing Clicks.

But how do we improve our conversion rate?

To answer this, lets look again at that real life service listing from earlier.

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The ‘Listing Impressions’ tells us that this listing has come back in client searches over 6000 times in the last month. Of those 6000 impressions, they’ve had 354 ‘Listings Clicks’. This gives us a conversion rate of around 5%. So there’s clearly room for improvement. Let’s look at what we could do to get a better conversion rate on our click throughs.  


Think of it this way. Your ‘catalogue listing’ is your shop window, and the Poptop catalogue is a busy high street full of shops. We need to make sure our shop window stands out against all the others. That it’s exciting, engaging, and relevant to what the client is looking for.

We need to convince clients to walk past the other shops on the high street and stop inside ours (ie click through to the longer listing).

So how do we make that happen? What can we do to improve our catalogue listing? There are four really easy things we can do to level up our catalogue listing. Next, we’ll look at each one in turn. 

  1. Improve the visibility of your listing

Getting seen is the first step to getting clicks. You can use another stat – Listing Ranking – to tell you the average catalogue position for your listing. The closer this number is to one, the closer you are to the top of the search. You want to be aiming to get your listing onto page one of relevant searches. There are two big things that will help you do thus. They are…

  • Your membership type.

One of the many benefits of a PRO or GOLD membership is priority rankings in our searches. On average, PRO and GOLD members get between 5 to 10 times more Listing Impressions than Basic members. Your membership type can therefore make a big difference to your visibility. Want to upgrade your membership? Click here.  

  • Your ‘impressions to clicks’ conversion rate.  

Our search engine algorithm is seriously clever. Just like Google searches, the better your click-through rate, the higher you rise in our search results. This means that even Basic members can secure really good search results, providing the content of their ‘catalogue listing’ is seriously appealing to clients. 

That brings us nicely on to the three other things we can do to improve our conversions. And they’re all about improving the quality of our catalogue listing. 

2. The title is vital. 

Your title is the single most important thing you will write about your service. It’s the first, and potentially only, chance you have to talk to future clients. It’s absolutely crucial that your title is exciting, engaging, and stands out from the crowd.  

Here’s an example of a listings title that doesn’t work very effectively.


Whilst this title does a perfectly adequate job of describing the service on offer, there’s no way it would stand out in our catalogue. Instead, you want to try and sell the unique experience your service offers to clients. Like this…


This title offers a glimpse of the 5-star experience on offer. It includes an exciting call to action (indulge in a…) and sells a showstopping element of your service (…delicious wagyu beef cooked live). 

If you’d like a bit more advice on how to really nail your service titles, head to our supplier blog – we’ve put together in-depth guides on perfecting your service listings, with separate blogs for each of our main supplier types, from live music to transport and everything in between.

3. Sell your service through your visuals

Visuals make a HUGE difference to the draw of your service listing. 

Your main photo does more than just display the kind of service you offer – it projects your professionalism and builds trust with clients

Blurry, badly lit photos taken on a camera phone are hugely off-putting to potential clients. In fact, listings with photos like this secure an average of 70% less bookings than those with pro photos. The photo below shows an example of a photo that could be improved.

You want your visuals to look sharp, engaging, and relevant to the service you’re offering. Choose your stand-out shot for the main photo of your service – the one that demonstrates the very best of what you do.  

Professional visuals project a professional image for your business. It’s worth taking the time to obtain some professional, high-quality visuals of your service before listing on Poptop. 

4. Get your pricing right

At Poptop, we recognise that our suppliers are a much better judge of how much their service is worth than we are! But if your service cost is vastly more expensive (or even vastly cheaper!) than every other comparable listing on the catalogue, it’s going to stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

Before you list your service, use our search function to check out your competitor’s listings and prices. Make sure your listing price sits around the same price point as competitors offering a similar service – this way your listing stays relevant to a client’s search. 

So there we have it! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future bogs in our BEHIND THE STATS series, and in the meantime, you can check out our steps to improving your service listing in our supplier blog. All’s that’s left for you to do is log in and start levelling up your listings! 

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