How To Get Your Packages Published?

‘Packages’ allow clients to make a provisional booking for your services, instantly, without having to wait hours/days for a quote to be submitted. Clients will now receive a quote automatically based on your published packages and can be reassured that the price is correct, and their preferred supplier has availability. We are the first event booking platform to do this in the WORLD and it is changing the event industry for the better!

Following the successful release of this new service, we wanted to create an easy checklist on how to get your packages published. Now is a critical time to be creating your packages to ensure you are prepared for when the market is back in full swing. This has, so far, increased conversion rates, reduced booking time and improved the overall experience for both suppliers and clients. The feedback from suppliers and clients has been AMAZING and we want you to be part of this!

What Does It Mean To Get My Package Published?

When you create a package it is sent to be reviewed by a member of the Poptop team. Once it has been reviewed it will either be Published or Rejected. Once your packages are published they will be automatically sent to interested clients. If it is rejected you will be notified why this has happened and asked to make the changes suggested before it can be published.

It is important to note that we will only publish quality packages that include all the necessary information to ensure our clients are only getting relevant packages. 

While reviewing these, we are contacting all suppliers, either to inform them that their packages have been published or to advise on what information needs to be added for us to be able to do so.

Below are five categories that show the requirements needed for your package to be published

The next step you need to take is to create your packages following the guides we have provided above. If you cannot see your category, read what we require for others and adapt it to yours. 

If you do not create your packages now, you will not be shown in our catalogue, while other suppliers are going to have their packages shown to thousands of clients everyday. So what are you waiting for?

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