As from the 2nd of April 2020 – we will be increasing our commission fee on Poptop which will affect all of our suppliers on the platform. Our current commission fee of  8.41% (inc VAT) will be increased to 12% (inc VAT). Throughout this article, we are going to be very transparent, and inform you why we have to take this step as a company and how it is going to affect your listing on Poptop.

The Journey So Far

Since Poptop was founded in 2015 – we are extremely proud of what we have achieved in a small number of years. We are now one of the fastest-growing startups in the UK and have now increased our team size to a total of 15 employees based in Newcastle. In 2019 we became the first event marketplace in the world to release Instant Quote and are hugely satisfied with the product we have built for our suppliers. In order for Poptop to grow and develop even further – increasing our commission, for the first time since 2015, is a necessary step we must take.

How Will Increasing The Commission Help Improve Poptop?

Our ambition at Poptop is HUGE and we know we have the potential to build a bigger and better service for our suppliers.  This commission increase means we will use the additional revenue to reinvest into continuing to develop our technology and improve the service we offer. This will truly help us build a platform that satisfies the needs of all our suppliers.

We have a huge backlog of ideas that will improve our service but currently, we do not have the resources to implement these. We want to be very clear and share with you below a few of the steps we will take to improve our service for you.

Invest In Marketing Promotions: We want to grow our client base throughout the UK even further. We want to improve our brand awareness and reach out to more client segments. By 2020 we plan to grow our client base x5 times. This will result in more leads and bookings for you on the system.

Product Development: We want to always improve our product based on our suppliers feedback. Further features will be released on the supplier dashboard including:

  • New redesign of the dashboard
  • Allow suppliers to respond to reviews
  • Release of a mobile app
  • Add external bookings/reviews to Poptop
  • Calendar system which allows +1 booking per day
  • Improvements to Instant Quote packages
  • Redesign of the catalogue

Team Expansion: Hire exceptional team members. More team members can help us achieve better results more effectively and efficiently. We currently have a small team of 15 in the UK and need more resources to achieve bigger and better results.

To Conclude

We understand that you may have questions regarding our price increase and we are more than happy to answer. If you would like to schedule a call with James (Head Of Supplier Department) and discuss this matter – please contact and this will be arranged.

We really want to emphasize that this commission increase will allow Poptop to expand and grow and build a valuable website for our suppliers.  We have benchmarked this fee against competitors and with this small % increase, it still means we offer the least commission charge on the market.


When will this change happen?

From the 2nd of April 2020 – our commission will change to 12% inc V.A.T. We want to give our suppliers plenty of time so they are aware of this update. This will be the first increase to commission since Poptop was founded in 2015.

Will this affect previous bookings and quotes submitted?

This will not affect any previous quotes or bookings. For example – if you have received a booking before April 2nd we will still take our commission of 8.41% from the deposit. 

Will the booking process still stay the same?

Yes – the booking process will stay the same. This means our 12% commission will be included in your deposit as it works now. We are certain this will not affect your bookings as this small % increase will be shown as a deposit to all clients.

Do I need to make any necessary changes?

Once we increase our commission you may want to look over your pricing structure on Poptop. This means changing your base fee to reflect this 12% commission in your deposit. The minimum deposit you will be allowed to submit will be 12% of your overall quote. We will be sending out regular reminders about the commission increase before April 2nd.


  1. John Blandford Reply

    Honestly, I think you are making a big mistake with this increase. I’m sure that this will lead to fewer jobs being booked through Poptop, as I’m sure most of us who quote on here increase our prices to cover your commission so that means we have to increase our quotes accordingly. I can understand a small increase in your commission but more than a 50% increase is not reasonable.

  2. It will mean increasing my prices to cover the extra commission, the upshot would be your competitors like Bidvine and Bark to be more competitive than you so overall you would lose out

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your feedback here. I totally understand your point and I do advise to update your prices on Poptop when the change happens. We do not believe this to out off clients especially with our new instant pricing. ur competitors charge per quote and I am very heavily against this model for our suppliers.

      Kind Regards, James

  3. It’s refreshing to see a company only expecting to be paid when they have delivered a booking for a supplier. Many others charge for leads which in my business means very little as most prospective customers construct long short lists of wedding photographers before deciding on a supplier and making a booking. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks so miuch for your feedback. We totally agree that this is the right model for our suppliers 🙂

      Kind Regards, James

  4. It’s an acceptable increase really. Greater investment in marketing and promotions can only be good for us suppliers. The existing commission is extremely reasonable, I don’t think 12% will put anyone out of business!

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your feedback – much appreciated. We did decide on 12% to still to be fair to the traders and still be the least commission charge on the market.

      Kind Regards, James

  5. Hi James
    Hope all good with you
    We achieve gigs via Poptop which is great. Thank you for the platform and good to see we are both earning money

    I have now seen that you are raising commission by almost 50% to 12%
    This is a great shame and I think will greatly effect our success with you.

    There is a already a strong restriction on clients budgets and we are are often asked to quote for events when client wishes to pay under our from fee on profile
    We adjust fees to allow for your present commission but know that I cant go lower and still offer quality players that will travel and go the extra mile on gigs.
    if we appear beyond most recent client’s budgets, we will not be able to quote which may effect as well as Bands.
    The present position is working well but I think we are all in for tough times in 2020 with Covid etc so I hope you will reconsider
    Kind regards Debby

    • Hi Debbie,

      Hope your keeping well .

      I understand your point about COVID-19. It is a challenging time for everyone indeed. Our booking fee has increased to 12% as stated. I do not believe this will have an affect on your current success. Already, you have achieved success on Poptop which is a great advantage. Clients are more likely to book supplier with verified reviews and bookings.

      We carefully chose 12% as we wanted to stay loyal to our suppliers. I know a price increase is never good, but 12% is quite low in today’s market. Thanks for the feedback and hope your keeping well.

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