2019 was a fantastic year for Poptop, with a lot of our amazing success down to our team of suppliers! Last year we changed the game: we became the first marketplace to launch Instant Quote system with calendar integration. We have some exciting plans for 2020!

“2019 was a year of major updates. We want to thank you for being so patient and trusting in Poptop during this period. Our goal for 2020 is to make Instant Quote continually improve and allow you to achieve the best results on Poptop”

With everyone creating new years resolutions and goals, we devised a list of the most crucial goals our Poptop supplier needs in 2020 to achieve the best results from their listing! 

Set Your Business Goals📝

This will be different for every supplier and can be applied to your service in and out of Poptop. You could create a target of getting a specific number of bookings, focus on gaining badges or even becoming a supplier who is awarded the best of 2020! If you get 20 bookings in 2020 we will award you this badge. This will then be visible for clients and could enhance your credibility with new clients.

Build Your Connections Through Networking 💻

Utilise platforms such as Linkedin and search for networking events in your area. Sites such as Eventbrite, Twitter and Facebook offer amazing opportunities to connect with people in your field, locally and globally! You can also connect with Poptop on Linkedin!

Require An Online Deposit 💸

Poptop changed to an online deposit in October of 2018, however, some suppliers still keep the deposit set as the minimum 8.41%. You can increase the percentage of the deposit you receive – and this will be paid to you in a number of days. You can even select whether your deposit is refundable or not.

Update & Improve Your Profile👤

Now is the perfect time to review your Poptop profile. Update your profile description and ensure all the tags added are relevant to your service. Your profile should have enough information to describe your service clearly to prospective clients – remember you should be selling your service! 

Verify Your Poptop Listing 🏆

You can verify your Poptop Listing and receive the Poptop Featured Supplier Badge on your profile. To Verify your listing simply follow this link. Here you will be provided with different badge styles and instructions on how to add this to your personal website.

Update Your Media Files📷

Perhaps one of the most crucial goals is to ensure that your media files on Poptop are updated. Outdated images will make it harder for your listing to reach its full potential. We suggest having a variety of media files and shots to show your service to it’s best ability. Read the following article for more tips: How to use photography and videos to sell your service.

Familiarise Yourself With Our Supplier Blogℹ️

We regularly update the supplier blog with updates on the system and ways that you can improve your listing and conversion. Feel free to check our blog out for other articles such as our Instant Quote or Pro Tip Section. 

Understand Poptop’s Policies✔️

Here if you are unsure on cancellation policies, what client protection is or our terms and conditions do have a look at our blog. If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions do feel free to email the team at support@poptop.uk.com. 

Follow up With Poptop Clients💬

After your Quote is sent you could send a follow-up message to ask whether they had any questions or wanted to see any more information, you could even attach more media files here. But do remember sending too many follow up messages can make clients feel pressured and hounded and they are less likely to book your service.

Keep On Top Of Your Poptop Calendar 📅

One of our most recent updates was our calendar feature. You can use this feature to check quote requests, sent quotes and bookings. You are able to block dates as unavailable and you can also sync your calendar with the site. This feature currently doesn’t remove bookings, but we’re working on improving this in the near future! For more information have a look at this article on our help center – How Does The Calendar Feature Work?

Utilise Social Media 📱`

Having your company on social media is a fantastic way to increase awareness of your service. Using social media ensures a level of authority and credibility, with many clients wanting to find an online presence of a company. Ensure you keep your socials up to date!

Ensure Your T&C’s Are Clear To Clients 📑

When you get your first booking with Poptop you will be asked to add your bank details in order to confirm the booking and accept the deposit. If you are wondering ‘what should I add to my T&C’s’ then do read the article or message a member of the team for further assistance. 

Utilize Your Membership 💎

Whatever membership plan you have on Poptop you should ensure you utilize its full potential. If you have a paid plan ensure you are using clients contact information that you have provided and use follow up messages to clients to help create more bookings. Watch the space for 2020, we have exciting improvements to our membership tiers coming soon.

Ask For Certified Reviews

3 days after a booking with Poptop we send an email to the client so that they can upload a review to your listing. Here if the client has not left a review on your listing why not drop them a message or an email asking them to check their inbox for the email or to log into their account and write a review. Alternatively, the client can email you or their concierge a review and it can be added. If they email/message you the review just forward this to our support teamk and we will be able to add for you! 

Arrange Your Inbox📤

You can decline requests which you are unavailable for. Additionally, you can remove any quotes that are sent, by doing either of these options you will archive the request and notify the client by email. 

Opt Into Poptop Notifications🔔

Ensure that you have your Email and Text alerts switched on, you can turn these on under the settings section of your profile. These are automatically switched on once you create a profile and therefore you won’t need to activate them unless you switched them off at some point. If you think you have an issue with your notifications do check your spam folder as they may be lurking there! 

Follow Our Social Media For Updates & Insights💡

If you don’t already follow our social media then you should! You can also connect with Poptop Team Members on Linkedin, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Published Instant Quote Packages

Last year was incredibly exciting for the team as we launched the Instant Quote feature. Over 70% of suppliers who won our best of 2019 had Instant Quote on their profile, and clients react more with suppliers who have this feature when making direct requests. 

If you haven’t yet created your Instant Quote packages – start adding your packages now. Don’t fall behind the competition on Poptop – suppliers who are using Instant Quote are performing better than ever before.

For more information on Instant Quotes and what you should include do visit the IQ blog section or message support@poptop.uk.com to schedule a call with a team member. 


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