Gift buying can be a real challenge, but Poptop are here to help you find an unusual wedding gift which will stand out from the crowd. Of course, you want your gift to be as perfect as the couple you are gifting it to!

Our unusual wedding gift idea list covers a range of budgets, with gifts appropriate for both the last minute buyer, and for people planning gifts months in advance.

With the help of our gift idea list, you can find the ideal unusual and exciting gift. There’s nothing quite like expressing how much you care about the happy couple than through a first class present.

One-night glamping adventure

Glamping as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £50-100

This is a relatively inexpensive gift for you, but it offers the couple a well-earned break away from the stresses of the real world!

Where to find: ParTpeesTK TentsVictoria Lily EventsPoles Apart PartiesPepper Bells GlampingDorset Bell Tents, Wildcat Camping.

Introductory Flying Lessons

Flying Lesson as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £100-300

This unusual and exciting gift is perfect if the newlyweds are thrill seekers!

Where to find: Adventure 001, Fly By Light, Into The Blue, Go Fly, The Pilot Centre, Flying Lessons, Mersey Flight.

Couples photoshoot

Couples Photoshoot as a Wedding Gist Idea
Malcolm SK Fitt Photography LTD

Cost: £100-700

The couple has a photographer to document their happy wedding day glow, and this unusual wedding gift offers the couple a chance to document their afterglow!

Where to find: WPS-Photography, PS Visuals,  Moments Catchers, Katarina Nichol Photography, Bart PhotographyNatasha Ferreira Photography

Horse RIDING Day

Horse Racing Day as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £30-70

This gift is especially good if the couple has expressed an interest in going to the races, but haven’t had the chance to go themselves.

Where to find: Freerein Riding HolidaysHighland Horse Fun, Stag Lodge Stables

Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktails Masterclass Couples Photoshoot with Malcolm SK Fitt Photography LTD as a Wedding Gist Idea
Barz8 Events

Cost: £60-100

Although cocktail making classes are typically associated with stag and hen dos, there’s no reason why this can’t be a fun couples activity!

Where to find: Serve It UpCocktails with Mario, Purple FizzLouisianna Mobile Bars, Chota Peg & Lime.

Hot air ballooning experience

Hot Air Balloon Ride as an Unusual Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £250-350

Ever since Love Island, we’ve been loving how romantic flying up in an air balloon with your significant other would be.

Where to find: Adventure BalloonBalloons over Britain, Sundance Balloons, Altitude Balloons.

Afternoon Tea for two

Afternoon Tea as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £35-100

There are few things as quintessentially British as a traditional afternoon tea.

Where to find: La Belle AssietteMark Country CateringLove By Lucy And LiamASJ Catering & Events.

Pet photoshoot

pet photoshoot as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £50-200

The couple’s pet is central to their life together. A pet photoshoot gives the couple an opportunity to commemorate their fluffy companion!

Where to find: Happy Feelings Photography, Tania Naiden, Sarah Cook PhotographyIsabelle Elliott PhotographyNCB PhotographicSapna Odlin Photography.

Three-course dinner

Three-Course Dinner as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £50-150

A luxurious meal is a classic wedding gift, but it will always go down a treat.

Where to find: Chef at Home by James HoweMcCalla’sDiamond Pearl Events.

Private chef

Private Chef as a Wedding Gist Idea

Cost: £70-300

Hiring a private chef to cook for the happy couple is a more personalised and unusual alternative to buying the couple a three-course dinner.

Where to find: Flavourz Event, and Party ServicesTraiteur Catering Company.

Sushi making workshop

Sushi Lesson as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £50-70

This unusual gift offers the newlyweds some quality time together, alongside buying them a lifelong culinary skill!

Where to find: YO!

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £90

“Alexa, find me the perfect unusual wedding gift?” Amazon Echo is a popular smart speaker which will make life around the house easier for the new happy couple.

Where to find: Amazon

Handmade dinnerware

Handmade Dinnerware as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £60-150

Dinnerware is a classic wedding gift; so gifting some handmade dinnerware adds an unusual twist to this typical gift, making your present stand out from the crowd.

Where to find: Etsy

Flower delivery subscription

Fresh Flower Delivery Subscription as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £75-250

This gorgeous gift keeps on giving long after the wedding day ⚘

Where to find: Appleyard London

Fresh fruits delivery subscription

Subscription as a Wedding Gist Idea

Cost: £30-100

The newlyweds will love this unusual, functional and delicious wedding gift.

Where to find: Officedrop

Wine club membership

Wine Club Membership as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £10 per bottle

If your happy couple is into wine, this makes a super gift. Alternatively, if wine isn’t their choice of tipple, you could consider a more unusual option, such as a beer and cider subscription box.

Where to find: Le Petit Ballon – Wine Club

Electric corkscrew

Electric Corkscrew as a Wedding Gist Idea


Cost: £10-20

This present is ideal to supplement a wine club membership, or standing alone as an addition to the new couple’s kitchen.

Where to find: Amazon

Ikea gift card

Ikea Gift Card as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: Up to £500

Building a new life together and building new furniture together regularly come hand in hand!

Where to find: Ikea

Wine tasting experience

Wine Testing as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £30-100

Offer the happy couple the opportunity to indulge in the finer things.

Where to find: Redhill Farm Estate WineCarr Taylor VineyardDionysius Shop

Coffee machine

Coffee machine as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £80-1000

Make this regularity of the working day a bit more luxurious for your happy couple with the perfect coffee machine. This gift would be nicely accompanied with some unusual specialty ground coffee or coffee beans.

Where to find: John Lewis

Ceramics workshop

Ceramic Workshop as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £50-70

This gift is an ace way to give the newlyweds the chance to try an unusual new activity and spend some quality time together!

Where to find: Obby

Neon lamp

Neon Lamp as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £5-200

A unique lamp is a lovely addition to the new couple’s house which will remind them of their special day. You also can personalise this gift!

Where to find: Amazon

Airbnb gift card

AirBnB Gift Card as a Wedding Gist Idea

Cost: £25-500

This gift offers your couple the chance to walk in the shoes of locals the next time they go on holiday. Sometimes making memories is more indulgent than having a physical gift!

Where to find: Airbnb

Spa day

Spa day as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £80-250

Organising a wedding can be stressful, so a spa day can ensure the happy couple’s complete recovery!

Where to find: Virgin Experience Days

Set of matching suitcases

Set of matching suitcases as a Wedding Gist Idea

Cost: £50-500

A perfect suitcase can make a romantic getaway a lot easier! This gift could be used in conjunction with the glamping adventure or the Airbnb gift card.

Where to find: Amazon

Bar set

Bar Set as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £15-80

A long-lasting bar set is a useful, fun and unusual wedding gift for the newlyweds to “shake” off the stress of the wedding! This gift also works well with the cocktail masterclass so the happy couple can try out the skills they learned.

Where to find: Domu

Stand mixer

Stand Mixer as a Wedding Gist Idea

Cost: £50-550

This gift is especially good if your happy couple is star bakers, as the perfect mixer can stir batter and dough with ease.

Where to find: Amazon

Noodle maker

Noodle Maker as Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £130-230

The newlywed’s marriage will be filled with oodles of happiness, and now oodles of noodles!

Where to find: Debenhams

Ice cream making machine

Ice Cream Making Machine as a Wedding Gist Idea

Cost: £30-200

An ice cream machine (try saying that five times quickly!) is a fun and unusual take on the classic wedding gift of a kitchen appliance.

Where to find: Amazon

Indoor cultivation kits



If life is catching up with your newlyweds, an indoor growing kit is a super way of ensuring they can share a hobby without it detracting from their busy lives. Not to mention, they’ll get some homegrown veg from it!

Where to find: Ikea

Vinyl record player

Vinyl Record Player as a Wedding Gift Idea


Anyone will tell you that a vinyl sounds better than digital music, but let your happy couple find out for themselves! This unusual wedding gift is perfect for the hipster couple in your life.

Where to find: hmv


Bread maker Couples Photoshoot with Malcolm SK Fitt Photography LTD as a Wedding Gift Idea

Cost: £60-240

This money-saving gadget will help the newlyweds enjoy their domestic bliss.

Where to find: Amazon

So there you have it – Poptop’s comprehensive unusual wedding gift list!

You can get several of these gifts, such as the private chef and cocktail making classes, through us at Poptop! Just make an event request here.

If you are throwing the newlyweds stag or hen party, check out this article for some essential ideas and tips!

Which present ideas did you think were the most unusual? Let us know in the comments below!