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Hello! You’ve made it over to the client headquarters for tips and tricks on all things Poptop! Including, how to plan an event, request quotes, book suppliers, manage your budget and generally plan your event to the best possible standard.

We’ll be adding bits and pieces periodically so make sure you come back to check out our new content!

1. To Use – Poptop’s Official Event Planning Checklist

Use our free printable checklist to:

  • Countdown to your event
  • Check off each important task as you go
  • Use prompts to update your budget
  • Fill in the important event details on the left hand side
  • Tick which suppliers you may need at the bottom

Download Event Checklist

2. To Use – Poptop’s Official Event planning Budget Sheet

Use our free printable budget sheet to:

  • List all supplier names and contact details
  • Map the costs of each supplier
  • Keep track of deposit payment amounts
  • Ensure no late payments are made
  • Tick off when payments are completed

Download Budget Template

3. To Read – How To Book A Caterer

Booking a catering company can be more complicated than booking other suppliers. Find out why this is and how to book caterers for your event easily and efficiently by reading our article.

Event & Wedding Catering – What To Choose And How To Book

4. To Read – How To Book Photography Services

Ensure you find the perfect photographer or videographer for your event by following our top tips when making a request.

Picking the Perfect Photographer/Videographer for Your Event

5. To Read – How to book a live music entertainment for your event

So you’ve decided to have some live music at your event, but now you’re scratching your head thinking “how do I do this? There are so many things to think about”.

Top tips to book a band for your event

6. To Read – How Poptop Client Protection Works

Plan your event safely with Poptop to guarantee ease of mind. It’s one of the awesome things about Poptop!

Poptop Guarantee: Book Suppliers Safely with our Client Protection Program

7. To Use – Poptop’s Help Pages

Follow this link to explore some previous articles written exclusively for our Poptop clients – you!

8. To Use – Average Prices for Suppliers’ Services

Do you need to gain some idea of what things cost before you even think about booking a supplier? Take a look at our funky infographic that describes the average prices that suppliers charge for their services.

Count the Cost of Your Event: Average Prices for Suppliers’ Services