From what to choose to making a request to booking a mobile bar or a hot buffet catering. We’re here with you every step of the way. Use this guide for all things drinks and catering from cuisine choices, to how to hire a bar service for your event.

Searching for the catering options available to you online can be overwhelming and tedious, with pages and pages of different websites and offers. Here at Poptop, we have them all in one place for you – what a relief right?

Choosing Catering

Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged! You’re turning 40! It’s your niece’s Quinceañera! Whatever it is that you’re celebrating, we’re here celebrating with you. And where the food is concerned, we want you to get it just right.

Let us guide you through the entire process from choosing caterers to securing a menu and making a booking. But before any of that can be done, you need to decide on what kind of catering and food you’d like to have at your event.

Unless you already have a clear vision of exactly how you’re event should look, you’d be surprised at the sheer choice available to serve amazing food for your celebrations!

Before you can request any quotes you need to decide on the type of catering you’d like. Read this guide to help you make that decision.

The Choice is Yours…

3 Course Sit Down Meals

La Belle Assiette

Catering is an important part of any event and you want to get it right. We work with so many suppliers, that we can provide a wide range of prices to fit your budget. But it does help if you have a price in mind that you’d like to spend when you make your request. This could be on a price per head basis or a total amount.

A sit-down meal can be an ideal option for many events, but there is a lot to consider. Each element of the meal will affect the overall price in some way and so this must be taken into consideration when thinking about your budget. These are our popular options when clients book a sit-down service for their catering through Poptop:

  • 3 course with canapes
  • 3 courses
  • 2 courses
  • 1 course

You must all take into account the possibility of needing to hire waiting staff as well as the effort of needing to collect menu choices from the guests.

Planning a smaller, more intimate event? Have you ever considered hiring a private chef? This option is growing in popularity and is great to add some pizzazz to your next quiet night in.

Buffet Catering


Did you know, some of our suppliers offer a cold buffet service for as little as £3.50 per head!

Buffets can be a great catering choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings and generally tend to come under two categories; hot & cold.

Sojo Kitchen

It’s worth remembering at this stage that you may require servers to be included in the package. Most suppliers will go through and include the necessary extras e.g servers, crockery, cutlery etc but it is always worth checking exactly what is included of any quote to ensure you’re not caught short further down the line.

Hog Roast & BBQ Catering

Hungry Hog BBQ 

One of the latest trends in events catering has been to hire street food stalls or food vans to come and serve to your guests from their stand or vehicle

The most popular ‘street food’ suppliers we work with supply:

  • Hog roast
  • BBQ

The effect of having a professional hog roast company bring a whole or small pig spit to your event will not only wow your guests, but taste amazing too! Our hog roast suppliers can take care of everything from the cooking, to the accompanying rolls and condiments, to clearing up and packing away! We have seen one of these inclusive hog roast packages for as low as £4 per head on Pop Top!

Similarly, a BBQ is a fabulous way to feed your hungry guests and can provide some good variety of the menu options. Perfect for an outdoor event, BBQ catering will add a sizzle to your day.

Food Vans

Scoops N Smiles

As well as having a stand to come and set up to serve your guests a food van proves to be a very growing popular event choice, particular for wedding evening receptions.


Although our food van suppliers cuisine range’s from Lebanese to Chinese, our most popular types  are the old favorites:

  • Fish & chips
  • Pizza
  • Burger

The Wandering Pizza Co

It’s a slightly more casual approach to event catering but we love it! And our clients love it too!

Desserts and extra

Sweet Ally Scoops Vintage Ice Cream Van

What if you’ve made it this far but don’t actually want full catering at your wedding? Don’t worry! We saved the best until last in presenting to you or ‘other’ catering options.

These options include:

  • A Chocolate Fountain – often kitted out with huge amounts of toppings, your guests will love this special extra!
  • Popcorn – A fun favorite for all! Available fully staffed by our suppliers!
  • Sweet Cart – A beautiful way to display treats for your guests and can tie in fabulously with a vintage theme!
  • Candyfloss – A sweet treat which we have known a supplier to have over 100 flavours of! 😳
  • Donut wall – This statement piece is growing in popularity with our users – and who can blame them? If you feel your event is missing something, chances are that something is a 10-foot donut wall!
Angie’s Kitchen

Haven’t seen that you fancy? Remember as well as everything mentioned here, different styles of cuisine from around the world are available within each category e.g

  • A Lebanese food truck
  • An Indian style sit down meal
  • An Italian themed buffet, but don’t forget – you’ll need something to wash it down with! Explore our Bar and Alcohol options next!
Serve It Up

Feeling Thirsty?

Barz8 Events

We know our clients very well, and out of those organising adult attending events – bar hire is a must. Of course, here at Poptop, we work with some fabulous alcohol and bar suppliers to give you exactly what you need. Still not sure exactly what that is? Take a look…

Toasting Drinks

The majority of our catering suppliers don’t offer ‘table drinks’ in their packages. This would include toasting drinks or wine to serve guests throughout the meal – although it can be discussed as an option.

As well as hiring a bar company to serve general drinks to your guests they can also provide options to accommodate your ‘table drink’ needs.

For around £30 – £50 per head, our bar suppliers can offer at least 2 glasses of wine or prosecco to be served to your guests when toasting or during the meal. Alternatively, this can sometimes be sold on a bottle basis, for example, half a bottle of wine per guest or 3 bottles per table.

Full Bar Hire

If you’re looking for a full bar hire – which means booking a bar that can provide drinks for all your guests for the duration of your event – this is normally done through a refundable deposit.

Shake & Stir

Bar companies don’t expect you to pay for all the drinks in advance so when booking for a full bar hire, a deposit (usually between £100 and £300 is requested and then returned to you on the day of your event. Our suppliers will attend the event, set up the bar, serve all the guests, clean up AND supply the license needed to serve alcohol. As it is the supplier that will charge your guests for the drinks, and the deposit is refundable, this is essentially a FREE service for you to book.

Dry Bar Hire

Dry bar hire does what it says on the tin. If you already have the alcohol you’d like to serve to your guests but nothing more, this option allows you to hire all the necessities; bar staff, mixologists, glassware and an actual bar to serve from.

Bar or Box?

A recent trend amongst our suppliers has been to turn a trailer van into a horsebox bar. The Overall effect can be rather impressive and so many of our client opt for this option – especially for events being held outside.

Liquory Kiss

Cocktail Parties

Maybe you don’t need any drinks to accompany your catering because the drinks are the main event! You can book ‘cocktail party’ packages through some of our suppliers to give you and your group an amazing night – at a fixed price. An example of this kind of package might include a mixologist, glassware, a cocktail station and four cocktails each for only £30 per head, with unlimited drinks options available too!

The Vino Van

Cocktail Classes

Another great way to celebrate your event is to book a cocktail making session. This option has proved to be particularly popular with our hen party groups and the prices vary between suppliers from around £20 to £50 per head.

Themed cocktail classes are a specialty of some of our suppliers, our most popular being Harry Potter!

The options are ALMOST limitless, but now that we’ve shown them to you – what are you waiting for? Find out how to request quotes for your chosen catering type now…

Our Top Tips on How To Book A Catering Company For Your Event

Booking a catering company can be more complicated than booking other suppliers. Why? Imagine you’re planning a wedding with 100 guests that include Uncle Barry who is diabetic, the twins, Steve and Steph who are lactose intolerant and most of the groom’s family who have just gone vegan! There’s a lot of detail to go through and our help ensures you can successfully and efficiently book a fantastic catering company for your event.

Send a detailed brief to the suppliers

Due to the amount of detail included in a catering brief, it can’t always be captured in the initial Q & A when you make your request. This is why it’s best to send a brief summary of your needs to each supplier, in order to receive replies that cater more specifically to your needs.

❌Hi, looking for catering for 100 people for a wedding.

✅ Hello! We’re looking for a caterer for our Wedding Anniversary Party. There will be 50 guests and we require a sit-down 3-course meal. 4 guests are vegetarian and 5 are children who will require a separate menu.

Work On Your Budget

Catering is an important part of any event and you want to get it right. We work with so many suppliers, that we can provide a wide range of prices to fit your budget. But it does help if you have a price in mind that you’d like to spend when you make your request. This could be an on a price per head basis or a total amount.

✅ “I’m looking to spend around £30 pounds per head, and wish to include a canape, starter, main course, and dessert.”

✅ “I have 80 guests and require a cold buffet of sandwiches and snacks. How much would this be in total?”

catering average prices


Many suppliers will send an initial quote that covers basic provisions in order to start a communication. The quote can be amended later, but the communication is key. The chat function appears within each quote and suppliers can even attach photos and videos of their services to show you. As part of our privacy policy, we request that neither you nor the supplier shares any contact information over the message thread. If you do need to get in touch with the supplier over the phone or using their email address you can just…

Confirm The Booking To Discuss Further

Confirming the booking is the preliminary way to release the contact details of the supplier, thereby opening up lines of communication to gather further info from them. You might want to arrange a tasting or receive PDF documents from their email and this is the way to do it. The booking is not finalised until a deposit is paid, so just keep your concierge updated on how you’d like to proceed once finer details have been discussed.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

Ultimately this is your event, so if you have any menu ideas or you would like to arrange a tasting before deciding on a meal choice, then ask if it’s possible. There might be a showcase coming up that you could attend to see some samples. Ask them

We’re At Your Service

Use your concierge as much as you can. Confused about a quote? Not sure how to proceed with the booking? Can’t get in touch with the supplier? Call us! Email us! We’re here to help 🙂

Follow these tips to eat your way to a successful event!

P.S. Use our new wedding checklist can help  you make the wedding planning process easy and organised.

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