How To Book A Catering Company For Your Event

Booking a catering company can be more complicated than booking other suppliers. Why? Imagine you’re planning a wedding with 100 guests that include Uncle Barry who is diabetic, the twins, Steve and Steph who are lactose intolerant and most of the groom’s family who have just gone vegan! There’s a lot of detail to go through and our help ensures you can successfully and efficiently book a fantastic catering company for your event.

Send a detailed brief to the suppliers

Due to the amount of detail included in a catering brief, it can’t always be captured in the initial Q & A when you make your request. This is why it’s best to send a brief summary of your needs to each supplier, in order to receive replies that cater more specifically to your needs.

Work On Your Budget

Catering is an important part of any event and you want to get it right. We work with so many suppliers, that we can provide a wide range of prices to fit your budget. But it does help if you have a price in mind that you’d like to spend when you make your request. This could be on a price per head basis or a total amount.


Many suppliers will send an initial quote that covers basic provisions in order to start a communication. The quote can be amended later, but the communication is key. The chat function appears within each quote and suppliers can even attach photos and videos of their services to show you. As part of our privacy policy, we request that neither you nor the supplier share any contact information over the message thread. If you do need to get in touch with the supplier over the phone or using their email address you can just…


Confirm The Booking To Discuss Further

Confirming the booking is the preliminary way to release the contact details of the supplier, thereby opening up lines of communication to gather further info from them. You might want to arrange a tasting or receive PDF documents from their email and this is the way to do it. The booking is not finalised until a deposit is paid, so just keep your concierge updated on how you’d like to proceed once finer details have been discussed.


If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

Ultimately this is your event, so if you have any menu ideas or you would like to arrange a tasting before deciding on a meal choice, then ask if it’s possible. There might be a showcase coming up that you could attend to see some samples. Ask them!


We’re At Your Service

Use your concierge as much as you can. Confused about a quote? Not sure how to proceed with the booking? Can’t get in touch with the supplier? Call us! Email us! We’re here to help 🙂 

Follow these tips to eat your way to a successful event! 

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