Looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion but not sure how? Hiring a private chef can take the stress away from preparing a meal, booking a restaurant or organising a caterer, by creating an unforgettable, bespoke experience to share with friends and family! Here are 8 occasions to hire a private chef and put your mind at ease…


What better way to show your appreciation for a loved one and alleviate any stress on the day than by hiring a private chef to create their favourite meal? The menu can be created to show off their personality or career, taking inspiration from their life and pairing it with some culinary flair, all topped off with a magnificent birthday cake!


Create a unique and intimate experience to celebrate this special occasion. Why not choose a cuisine special to you and your loved one? It could be anything from the Oysters you shared on your first date, to the dessert served at your wedding reception. The chef will be able to customise the menu however you would like, creating the ultimate memorable experience. What’s more? They’ll even take care of the dishes.


Speaking of weddings, why not hire a private chef to create an unforgettable meal to serve your wedding guests? Private chefs, when manned with a team, are perfectly able to cater for a large party. You can create a bespoke menu which truly reflects your personality, whilst ensuring that the food served is of the best quality.

Hen Party

Today, the ‘hen do’ format varies from more traditional daytime bridesmaids lunches where bridesmaids exchange small gifts to the more infamous night-long party synonymous with strippers, shots and feather boas. Well, we’re not one to spoil the fun and both those options sound lovely, but if the idea of a low-key lunch or big wine-soaked night on the town don’t fit well with what you had in mind for your hen do, then we think we have a culinary solution for you and your bridesmaids.

Valentines Day

We’ve all been there. Trying to book a table at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day is often more difficult than finding true love. Why not bring a little touch of Valentine extravagance to the intimacy of your own home with a private chef? From creating the perfect menu to sourcing finest ingredients and cooking a multiple course meal before your eyes, the chef will wait on you lovebirds hand and foot to ensure every aspect of your romantic candlelit dinner goes smoothly.


Thinking of doing a staycation this summer? Make the experience even more relaxing by hiring a private chef to take care of the cooking. Whether you’re renting a seaside house in Cornwall or countryside farmhouse in Wales, the concierge service at La Belle Assiette can help you find a chef to cater for your every need.


The festive period is often a busy one, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and spend more time in the kitchen than you’d like. With a private chef preparing your Christmas meal, however, this time-consuming stress-fest can be a thing of the past. This provides benefits such as more family time, reduced stress, incredible food and no cleaning up!

Mother’s Day

Gathering the family for a meal at home but without the stress of shopping, cooking, serving or clearing up will definitely put a smile on your mum’s face. Being able to spend time with everyone while enjoying delicious food in the comfort of your own home is the perfect way to celebrate. This will set the mood for a special and intimate occasion to make her feel special.

In case you decided to hire a catering service instead of a private chef- check out this guide to event catering.


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