5 Ways to Explain Your Value to Price Obsessed Customers

Explaining your value to your customers can be tricky and for some, can turn into an anxiety ridden experience. Why? Because you are offering a great service which clients love but when it comes to pricing a slow head shake occurs followed by those dreaded words: “That’s too expensive” or “That’s way out of our budget”.
An immediate battle takes place in your mind: “Do I lower the price to keep the customer or do I stick to my value and risk losing a sale?”.
Fear not! Here at Poptop we have developed 5 ways to help out in these situations!

8 occasions to hire a private chef

Looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion but not sure how? Hiring a private chef can take the stress away from preparing a meal, booking a restaurant or organising a caterer, by creating an unforgettable, bespoke experience to share with friends and family! Here are 8 occasions where we think hiring a private chef could put your mind at ease…

Success Story of Poptop Supplier: Caribbean Caterer Spice It Up Bar B Q

Since 2013 more than 6000 event and wedding suppliers joined our roster. Some of them have grown from a few events per month to a fully booked schedule years ahead. We are very proud of our suppliers and would like to share their success stories.

We’d like you to meet one of our top caterers and Pro members. They have generated more than £25 000 and cultivated 31 bookings through Poptop. Introducing – Spice It Up Bar B Q. Debbie has shared with us thoughts on her Poptop experience, professional advice, and personal challenges. Read her interview below and get inspired to conquer the event business!

5 Reasons To Go Pro / Gold Member at Poptop

Do you want to get more from your Poptop experience and generate more bookings? As a response to many requests from our suppliers, we’ve implemented two new memberships in addition to the free one (applied to all suppliers by default): Pro & Gold. If you’d like to have more exposure, be more active with clients and generate more bookings – here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching to the new membership plan:

Top 11 Wedding Photographers Shared Their Tips For A Smooth Photo Session At Private Events

Weddings are all about surprises. Although, we are not denying the fact that wedding photographers do have magical abilities (just look at some works of our Poptop photographers) but they may not have enough power to fight all unpredictable situations at private events. The best thing you can do as professional is to acquire the knowledge of the top UK wedding photographers. Forewarned is forearmed, remember?