Happy International Women’s Day! Female suppliers in the events industry have their own unique challenges. This year for International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate some of our incredible empowered women. From afternoon tea caterers to dancers – these ladies run their own worlds, and it is great to see! Events, like many industries, is a male-dominated scene, and our female suppliers work hard in their own sectors to be seen and to grow their businesses.

So, this 8th of March, have a read of our supplier’s experiences with being a woman in their industries!

Here Come The Girls..

Nicola – Chouxlicious

Chouxlicious has grown from strength to strength over the last year since its foundations in 2020. Nicola’s business is now extremely successful, delivering afternoon teas by postal couriers all over the UK. She also has been offering hampers for special occasions and other sweet and savoury treats.

I set my business up during our first lockdown. I had lost my “normal job” in the January. After having some time to reflect when the world stopped, I decided I never wanted to go back! Starting to delivering Afternoon Teas locally, I tried to bring a little bit of joy to people. I loved it so much that I decided to try and turn this dream into a business. It was a huge risk, giving up a lifelong career to make sandwiches and bake cakes! However I was determined to build a successful business.

After a month or so of setting up my Afternoon Teas in people’s gardens, I wanted to try and make a delivery service. So I worked hard, faced many many challenges, but I finally succeeded in delivering my
Homemade luxury afternoon teas by post!

The orders started to increase & I am now delivering approximately 70 Afternoon Teas per week, all over the country. This has grown my brand, I have been recognised and featured in various publications such as You Magazine. I have grown Chouxlicious considerably in 9 months – 382 bookings have come directly from Poptop!

Nicola, Owner of Chouxlicious

Location: UK Wide

Price From: £57 Per Event

Sophie Sax – Saxophonist

Sophie is a pro musician who attends both smaller and larger scale events as well as touring around the world whenever possible. She has a wide ranging repertoire, which is constantly being updated – includes classic to contemporary pop, jazz and classical. 

As a pro musician, life on the road is generally a man’s world. I have seen many things and witnessed a massive change in the way women are treated and accepted. It can be difficult being the only female within the band or touring show. This year, if the tour I am booked on can go ahead, I have promised myself to do a blog hoping this will help to inspire women of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and faiths; giving them the confidence to do something that they have never tried before, to stop thinking it is still a man’s world. Just get out there and follow your dreams.

Times are changing! Now I am concentrating more on a solo career as a female saxophonist, I am finding an increase in bookings from women who are ready to celebrate something in their life, with another female providing the entertainment. I am so pleased that I can be part of their special times and moments.

I’ve always felt welcomed at each event that has been booked via Poptop, and I have had many bookings from Poptop. I am so looking forward to even more events and festivals over the coming year and beyond. Let’s get the celebrations in place, so when restrictions can be sensibly lifted we are ready, dressed up, hair styled, lipstick applied and ready to ‘Rock’.

Location: Derbyshire

Price From: £220

Hayley & Katie – Abba Twins

Professional performers with over 17 years experience, this duo can shock and amaze your guests with their ABBAs greatest hits! They have a reputation for being one of the most professional and consistent acts in the UK; always performing to an exceptionally high standard.

‘We’ve been a female duo for close to 20 years and we love it! As the ABBA Twins we have the opportunity to bring ABBA’s music to life night after night and it’s amazing how it brings women together (and lots of men too!).

Poptop supports us to reach people all over the UK so that we can bring ABBA’s iconic songs to more dancing queens.’

Hayley, ABBA Twins

Location: Middlewich, Cheshire

Price From: £375 Per Event

Laura Kenyon

Laura is one of our incredible dancers. Originally from France, she now is a performer and choreographer based in London. With a bubbly personality, she combines technical precision, elegance and physicality to really add some WOW factor to her performances.

To be a woman in this industry you definitely have to be strong and be able to stand up for yourself as it can be sometimes overwhelming and intimidating. Being a solo female artist is really rewarding and I’m lucky to have my partner to support me. Whether it’s a friend or a partner, it’s so good to have someone on side to help and support you through the good times and the bad and to help you stay strong.

People may think that being a dancer is easy, or not a full time job, but whether you’re male or female, there is so much work that goes into it; rehearsals, editing, costumes, choreography. I’m so passionate about what I do and I think that’s really important. I wake up as a dancer and I go to sleep as a dancer – I don’t do this alongside a ‘normal’ job.

Working with Poptop is great and they’ve been very helpful and supportive throughout our working relationship. On top of that, all of the clients who booked me through Poptop have all been really lovely and good people to work with. It’s very rewarding work and I love getting reviews and photos from people. I previously worked with dance companies and wanted to break away from that to be my own boss and Poptop has really helped with that. It gives me the freedom to do what I love.

Laura Kenyon

Location: London

Price From £80 Per Event

Steph – Evelyn’s Bakery

With stunning afternoon tea and cupcake packages, Steph has been taking Buckinghamshire by storm with delicious for a whole host of occasions.

I run Evelyn’s Bakery in Milton Keynes, 2 months before the March lockdown I left my 7 year corporate job to pursue my passion full time – Scary enough without a pandemic!

Needless to say lockdown was a huge blow, income was initially non existent and cancellations were booming. In the midst of this Poptop called and I began offering afternoon teas. These were and continue to be a huge hit helping us to survive the pandemic storm.

Working with Poptop has been a great experience, they are efficient, hands on and friendly. Thanks Poptop for helping me add a lucrative string to my bow.

Steph, Evelyn’s Bakery

Location: Buckinghamshire

Price From: £16 Per Person

Sarah – Lantana Events

Lantana Event’s business owner, Sarah, provides stunning bell tents, face painting services, and more to clients all over the south of England. With packages to suit all price ranges, you are sure to find something to impress your guests.

I feel extremely empowered as a female business owner in the events industry. Women in higher profile positions within events, or any sector for that matter, are certainly an entity we are seeing and hearing more of nowadays.

Unfortunately the stereotype of a female business owner still lingers and bringing up a new family whilst nurturing a young business has been my biggest challenge. It’s not something everyone, on either end of the gender spectrum, believes you can fully achieve in terms of getting the balance right. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and with that comes judgment. However, with enough determination and support from family and friends, I’ve been able to achieve my biggest ambitions.

Poptop have been an incredible agency to work with and they have played a significant part in the growth of my client base. They have provided me with a professional platform that has successfully raised my business profile within the events industry. They are a really supportive team working hard behind the scenes and I would highly recommend them.

Sarah, Lantana Events

Location: Greater London

Price From: £100 Per Event

Marie Louisa – Belly Dancer

Maria Louisa is a very popular belly dancer available for a whole range of events. She is a regular dancer at the Burq-al Arab in Dubai and has also performed for the Sultans of Brunei &Oman and the numerous crowned heads of Europe–including king in waiting Prince William!

Normally this time of the year I am out and about performing at numerous events, festivals and multicultural events to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Belly Dance is the ultimate display of girl power—not designed for the entertainment of men but actually a display of solidarity and love between women. Some say it started in the harem as an early form of aerobics/exercise!

I am lucky enough to perform at many women’s only events–pre wedding/baby showers and hen get togethers.

Maria Louia, Belly Dancer

Location: Greater London

Price From: £100 Per Event

Wendy – Time For Tea Parties

Specialising in afternoon tea catering for any occasion. Wendy ensures all products used are free-range, homemade and delicious. With exceptional attention to detail and flexible options, she is one of our female supplier who will ensure your celebration will go off without a hitch.

As a woman over 50 I began my career in catering late in life after raising my four sons and haven’t looked back. We usually cater for weddings and we specialise in afternoon tea and when all my 2020 weddings were cancelled I did wonder what to do.

However with the help of Poptop’s brilliant team I put together my afternoon tea delivery package and I haven’t looked back. I have delivered over 100 teas and the positive for me is that I am usually stuck in the kitchen at weddings and don’t see guests’ reaction to my food but delivering personally I have been able to see how much pleasure an afternoon tea delivery has really brought to clients who are locked down. Not every catering business has been able to adapt to COVID and it has been very difficult but I would say on International Women’s Day to all my fellow women caterers, “It’s time to get back in the kitchen because brighter times are just around the corner

Wendy, Time for Tea Parties

Location: Peterborough

Price From: £13 Per Person

Lynda Styan – Vintage Singer

Lynda is a vivacious vintage singer and one of our suppliers who specialise in the 1920s right through to the 1960s! With a huge number of previous clients and professional spellbinding performances, she has taken the vintage singing scene by storm.

I would choose NO OTHER job in the world than be a professional Vintage Singer. As a woman, I am blessed with the opportunity of doing the job I most love, and Poptop has been absolutely amazing, giving me the fantastic chances to do this.

Lynda Styan, Jazz Singer

Location: London

Price From: £155 Per Event

Julie – Crepe Britain

Crepe Britain makes fresh Crêpes order in both sweet and savoury varieties all over the UK for a huge range of events. From Banoffee to chorizo & cheese, you’re bound to find something that everyone will enjoy.

I love seeing customers faces while they watch us making sweet & savoury crepes and their enjoyment when tucking in!

Being a women running my own businesses, I love the freedom to change and adapt, whilst working around my sons home education. Last year I toured local villages which was fab. Poptop has helped me reach clients that never even considered crepes, let alone savoury ones.

Julie, Crepe Britain

Location: Hampshire

Price From: £499 Per Event

Lucia – Flamenco Dancer

Lucia brings the Andalusian heat! From interactive activities to stunning shows, this dancer ensures that everyone feels the magic with her routines. With over 10 years of experience, Lucia will light the party with passion and wow-factor.

Being my own boss as a dancer and entertainer is an empowering experience. Everything is in my hands, from the creative experience, choreography and costumes to the administrative side. It’s a lot of responsibility and hard work, but very rewarding. I love accompanying my clients from when they first dream of their party all the way to the big day. It gives me such satisfaction to know I’ve played a part in making it happen.

Poptop has helped me connect with wonderful clients and is there to support both me and my clients.

Lucia, Flamenco Dancer

Location: London

Price From: £170 Per Event

Final Thoughts

Our female suppliers are the true definition of empowered, running their own businesses and adapting through difficult times. We are always proud of them. Whether you are looking for a singer or a bell tent, consider supporting one of our fabulous suppliers this year. We have a huge range of options available, and you can check them out here.

Want to find out more about International Women’s Day, and what it means? Check out the website!

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