Hiring a comedian to entertain is a great way to add a relaxed and unique form of entertainment to your event, whether that be a corporate summer gala, your 60th Birthday or even a fundraiser. Not only will your guests ease into their evening with a belly full of laughter, but with so many different options to choose from, you can even get them involved if you wish.

Have a read of the guide below to get you inspired and give you lots of important information.

Your Guide to Hiring a Comedian…

How to Get Started

Don’t worry! We have some top tips to get you started on your comedic booking journey. Remember to always consider your guests and what they would find funny and appealing and always relate it back to your event type too.

Setting Budget & Exploring Options

Just like with any event, the budget needs to be straightened out so that you can decide on how much you are willing to spend on a comedian or you might even consider having multiple comedians for your event.

Next you need to decide on the sort of comedian or the comedians that you would like to attend your event. From simple stand up, to musical comedy, there are a whole range of options out there. Be sure to explore all possibilities to find your favourite options.

Top Tip: Remember that your chosen comedians might also incur travel & accommodation costs if they are not local to your venue.

Discuss Details With the Comedians

The next stage is simple – narrowing down your options. Speak to the comedians you’ve highlighted to determine the topics that they cover in their performance. This should help you decide as to whether they would be suitable for your event.

Take a look at your audience demographic to see what they would find funny & entertaining. Are they mostly women or men? Are they older or younger? Should the set be clean or can it be a little rude?

Top Tip: Good comedians should have reviews from multiple past clients & should be willing to send you some video footage or give you a sneak peak of some of their material.

Ironing Out Finer Details

Set lengths & performance types will not only vary from comedian to comedian. Make sure to discuss with the performers regarding all of this prior to putting down a deposit.

After booking, make sure your to ask the comedian about their technical requirements & ensure they have all of the final details they need for the performance date.

Top Tip: Comedians will often want to be catered for if your event allows for it, so make sure to double check if you need to provide them with food & drinks.

Top Types of Comedian to Explore

  • Stand Up – The most common type of comedy performance. A comic style where the comedian talks to the audience through a microphone.
  • Musical – Usually high-energy musical comedians combine humour & music to engage their audience. This can be with or without instruments, but usually incorporates singing, rapping or spoken word.
  • Character – Impressions & character acting come into this. The comedian takes on a funny persona or personas.
  • Improv – Using audience suggestions or random topics to create funny anecdotes. Great for audience participation.
  • Magic – Pairing comedy & magic to create a unique and captivating set, perfect for those looking for something a little different.
  • Clean – Clean comedians usually fit into one of the other categories & their show is suitable for everyone. Sometimes this can even be tailored towards children.

Book a Comedian Now

We have tons of amazing comedians available on Poptop. Whether you are looking for a marvelous magic comedian, a superb standup performer or a comic illusionist, we have got you covered! Have a look at just some of the options we have available here to get your guests laughing…

Philip Simon

Philip Simon has worked for the BBC, Radio 1 & Mock The Week, so you are in safe hands when it comes to this comedian.

Not only that but if you are looking for some more bespoke material to suit your event, Philip will be happy to work closely with you to ensure that the performance is original and perfect for your event.

Price From: £300 per event

Chris P Tee Entertainments

From comedy magic & hypnosis, to puppet shows for the kids, Chris P Tee Entertainments has a range of different services to suit any event.

Chris keeps his audience in stitches & makes sure his subjects are safe and looked after, giving adults the chance to act like big kids. If you are looking for something a little different, check it out!

Price From: £495 per event

Edy Hurst

Edy Hurst is an award-winning musical comedian and one of the most exciting new acts to come out of the North.

Combining quick fire songs with oddball lingo and a skewed charm, he quickly wins over audiences across the country with a unique take on stand up, and is becoming a firm fixture across the UK comedy circuit.

Price From: £300 per event

Harriet Dyer

Everything Harriet Dyer does is from the heart, original, and above all, hilarious.

She has bipolar disorder and uses her platform to raise awareness, tackles the stigma. During the lockdown, she’s written for TV and a novel! In 2019 her mental health comedy won the best comedy in Manchester Evening News awards.

Price From: £100 per event

Drew Cameron

5 Star comedy experience with Drew Cameron. He is renowned for his comedic impressions and lookalike comedy.

With years of experience, Drew is sure to get you laughing the house down. He says he can seriously damage your health – “A woman literally died laughing at one of my shows. It was an honour to be asked to perform two weeks later at her wake!”

Price From: £350 per event

Craig Davies

Craig Davies is one of the leading and most sought-after Comedy Magicians in the UK. Audience interaction is at the heart of Craig’s performances.

His award-winning comedy show features a mixture of visual, fast-paced comedy magic, gags, and banter with loads of audience participation. Whatever you have planned, why not let Craig provide the ideal entertainment for your event. You won’t be disappointed.

Price From: £225 per event

Gary Haigh

Gary Haigh is a professional comedy magician, specialising in close-up and visual magic ready to add some wow-factor to your event.

This versatile performer has not only worked in the UK but all over the World. So, this is the perfect option if you want something interactive and attention grabbing to captivate your audience.

Price From: £225 per event

Nick Page

Nick Page is an award winning, versatile comic that has won the English Comedian of the year 2018/19 and has even been on Britain’s Got Talent.

He performed his first gig for a bet 29 years ago! Since then, he has performed over 6000 gigs in over 100 countries. He has performed on every continent except Antarctica ( he is going there in 2022)!

Price From: £300 per event

Joe Zalias

Joe Zalias has decades of experience entertaining guests, so you are in safe hands with this expert comedian.

He is happy to alter his act to suit your event entirely, moving from clean into dirty comedy or writing bespoke jokes just for you. What are you waiting for?! Check him out now!

Price From: £200 per event

Momentum Artist Management

Momentum Artist Management has rapidly grown into a thriving business since 2013. One of their top comics Joey Page is previously best known for his surreal flights of whimsy and early appearances out Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Joey has matured into an exciting headline comic whose comedy skilfully blends observational material about the every day with a uniquely surreal outlook that’s accessible to all audiences.

Price From: £250 per event

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect performer for your event can be a little daunting, so make sure to ask lots of questions and explore every avenue before booking. After all, the comedians are experts on performing so they will be able to help you along the process.

if you need some help with your event planning, check out all of our available services on Poptop. Or, drop us an email at hello@poptop.uk.com for more information.

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