The spookiest month of the year is right around the corner and its time to get some Halloween food and devilish drinks together. Whether you are hosting the biggest spook-tacular event you have ever seen, or you are just cuddling up on the sofa with your boo, these terrifying treats are sure to get you in the mood.

From sinister savouries to some enchanted sweets and creepy cocktails, these Halloween food & drinks are sure to get your heart pounding. So, just add some Halloween Party decorations, grab your friends and lets throw a great paranormal party.

Be Bewitched By These Ghoulish Goodies…

Spooky Savoury Halloween Food

Staple party foods get an Halloween upgrade so that your party can be a feat fest in every aspect. Check out these easy peasy ways to get your freak on.

1. Zombie Finger Hot Dogs

Super easy, these horrifying hot dogs are an simple way to get your Halloween on without having to break the bank or get a ridiculous amount of ingredients. Oh, and you can top with spine-tingling sauces, unearthly onions, gruesome gherkins & more!

Find the recipe, here.

2. Jack O’ Lantern Crisps & Dip

This one is great because it combines the fun activity of pumpkin carving, with delicious crisps & dip. The best bit? You can choose whatever combination of crisps & dip you want to use to make this fearsome feast.

There’s a great recipe here.

3. Monster Mash Sliders

Halloween and monsters are like jelly and ice cream, they just go really well together. So, why not try out these scary sliders?! You can fill them with anything and use cocktail sticks and olives to make eyes.

Check out this recipe.

4. Mummy Sausages

Sausage lovers unite! Here is another easy way to get your Halloween tummy rumbling. Mummy sausages are the perfect autumntime treat for adults, kids and even your neighbour Beth. Invite her round for a snack and she is sure to love them.

Find a great recipe here.

5. Devilish Eggs

Devilled eggs are a private party classic, but throw on a Halloween twist and you’ll have yourself a crowd pleaser. Use food colouring to make them black, orange, red or even green!

Have a look and see, here.

Paranormal Pudding Treats

Who doesn’t love desert? It’s now time to up that fear factor and scare the sweet tooth’s among us. Here are some simple recipes to try out this October.

6. Creepy Cakes

These are a piece of cake and so cute too. If you are a sweet tooth, these will be the ones for you. You may even want to change the sponge recipe to suit your own style. Get creative!

Check them out here.

7. Demonic Doughnuts

Bite into one of these but watch they don’t bite you back! The perfect party treat, these grim goodies are sure to have you and your friends saying trick or treat. We bet that it will definitely be treat every time!

There are tons of options here.

8. Witches Fingers

Double, double, toil and trouble… Its time to get witchy up in here with these fiendishly fancy biscuits. Why not dip them in chocolate, strawberry sauce, melted bonfire toffee or make your own Halloween-y sauce?!

Something wicked this way comes.

9. Undead Oaty Biscuits

Maybe for some people, the raisins in these cookies will be the scariest thing they encounter all October, there is only one way to find out! Decorate with some scary zombie faces, spiderwebs & pumpkins for a real spooky desert item.

Have a peak here.

10. Terrifying Toffee Apples

An autumn classic, toffee apples are the perfect treat for a cool day under the falling orange leaves. But, lets add a little fear to them and top with scary spiders and wicked webs. Not feeling apples? Why not do chocolate covered strawberries instead!

Take a look at this recipe here.

Crazy Cocktails & Mocktails

Whether you are a seasoned mixologist or you just want to try your hand at making a Halloween a little more boozy this year, have a look at these haunting cocktail & mocktail ideas…

11. Poison Apple Punch

Filled with gruesome shrunken apple heads, this drink is sure to give you a fright. Fancy making it for the grownups? Add some cider and you’ve got yourself the perfect alcoholic tipple ready to give you a punch.

Drink up, here.

12. Morbid Milkshakes

Milkshakes are delicious, easy to make but now they can be spoooooky too! Serve in a boo-tiful bottle and you’re sure to give the kiddies a fright. Try different flavours, like creepy chocolate, slimy strawberry or murderous mint.

There’s a great recipe.

13. Spicy Bloody Mary

Halloween brunch time just got a lot more terrifying. This delicious cocktail can be enjoyed throughout the day, right to the witching hour. Why not get some grisly garnishes to really top off this creepy drink?!

Have a look at this recipe here.

14. Screaming Green

Are you screaming yet?! This might look like tricky, but it goes down a treat! Making something for the little goblins? Replace the alcohol with a green energy drink. Add a sprinkle rim for an extra special Halloween sparkle.

Get cracking, here!

15. Possessed Love Potion

Grab your cauldron and your witches hat, it’s time to cast a spell on someone with this deliciously wicked love potion. If you LOVE Halloween, then this might be your tipple of choice. Make sure you garnish it with something sinister.

Here’s the recipe

16. Phantom Pumpkin Martini

Pumpkins are an autumn staple. if you haven’t got pumpkins in your Halloween celebrations, then you are dong it all wrong. Add a little spice to your Halloween with these delicious martinis, sure to get you ready for the colder seasons.

Have a look at the recipe, here.

Final Thoughts

Halloween food and drinks can level up a simple autumn afternoon or add that whole extra level to your Spooky Season experience. From super simple Halloween Hot Dogs to more complex cocktail recipes, you are sure to find something to make your October special.

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