Staycations have been the biggest trend this Summer and it looks like they’re here to stay for Autumn! With many social events and plans being put on hold, people are taking this opportunity to spend some valuable time with their nearest and dearest in rented accommodation for the weekend and the half-term holidays. 

So how do you make your autumn staycation the most memorable? Get cosy and check out some entertainment options to create a personalised and unique experience with your close ones this autumn!


  1. Private Chef
  2. Mobile Bar
  3. Marquees & Stretch Tents
  4. Children’s Entertainment
  5. Hot Tub
  6. Indoor Cinema
  7. Singing Guitarist
  8. Afternoon Tea
  9. Casino Hire 
  10. Silent Disco

1. Private Chef – For Your Inner Foodie

La Belle Assiette – Private Chef from Poptop

Cooking a meal for your family and friends can be a tedious task at the best of times, let alone on holiday, so why not let a private chef get their hands dirty while you kick back and relax with your guests and a drink? Get everyone together at a table and eat the most delicious food without having to worry about the washing up afterwards – a win-win situation for all! The best part is… it’s budget-friendly, with tons of warm, hearty menu options you will be able to work closely with the chef you choose to find the perfect autumn menu to cater for all your dietary requirements and individual tastes.

💰 Price: from £30 per person

🌟 Best for: groups of 4+

😇 What do I need? Check that your holiday cottage has all you need in the kitchen, otherwise you can ask the chef to bring their own tableware with them. 

❤️ Health & Safety: Our Chefs will always keep a 1+ distance from guests and can layout the table with courses prior to the guests sitting down if needed.

2. Mobile Bar – Last Orders!

Fabulous Fizz Bar – Mobile Bar from Poptop

Mobile bar hire is a super flexible option for your staycation. You can book a mobile bar service which includes the full works, a party bartender who can make your classic favourite drinks, dry hiring the equipment to show off your own skills or participating in your very own cocktail masterclass. This can be set up inside your accommodation as a great way to elevate your autumn staycation and give it that little something extra.

💰 Price: from £100 for a night

🌟 Best for: groups of 6+

😇 What do I need? If you’re planning this for inside your accommodation, check about the size and space available that the mobile bar suppliers need.

❤️ Health & Safety: Ensure a plan is made with the supplier about any social distancing needs i.e do they have correct PPE or will there be enough space to allow a 1 by 1 serving system?

3. Marquees & Stretch Tents: Get Covered!

Dynamic Stretch Tents from Poptop

If you plan to have some drinks in the garden under the fresh autumn sky, be sure to make your plans weather-proof by hiring a marquee or stretch tent to pitch in your garden. Not only does this mean you are protected from the unpredictable British weather, it can also give your experience a unique festival-esque feel to your staycation as the suppliers can also provide equipment such as lighting, furniture and outdoor heating.

💰 Price: from £150 per night

🌟 Best for: groups of 6+

😇 What do I need? Check how much space you have in your garden before booking to avoid disappointment. Ask about any extras you need… furniture, lighting or heating. 

❤️ Health & Safety: The suppliers will put up and take down any marquees, tents, or tipis for you so this can all be done socially distanced. They will also be cleaned and sanitised between uses.

4. Children’s Entertainment: Calling All Clowns!

If little ones are joining you on your autumn staycation, it is worth considering hiring an entertainer to keep them occupied. The children’s entertainers skill set ranges from playing a few party games, providing a small disco or even performing a magic show – there are so many different entertainment options to consider for the kids – and who knows, the big kids of the family might enjoy this too!

💰 Price: From £100 per party package

🌟 Best for: groups of 3-6

😇 What do I need? Nothing! The entertainers should bring everything they need with them. 

❤️Health & Safety: children’s entertainers will remain 1+ meters away from guests and children.

5. Hot Tub Hire: Staycation With Style

If your cosy cottage or gorgeous glamping pod that you’ve been spending a lot of time searching for does not have a hot tub, you can simply hire one out to your holiday home for the weekend. Hiring a hot tub is the perfect way to warm up and relax under a cold Autumn evening. This can often work out better for your budget overall and if you are planning an extended stay, you can always just book it for the night or two that you haven’t got anything planned. 

💰 Price: from £250 for a weekend

🌟 Best for: groups of 4-6

😇 What do I need? Check with the accommodation rental policy before booking, it may be that they have a hot tub that isn’t shown in the pictures, or maybe they have a supplier they already use! Also, check with the hot tub supplier their time requirements for set up and removal.

❤️ Health & Safety: this can be delivered and set up for you without any close-contact assistance and all hot tubs are fully sterilised before and after use.

6. Outdoor Cinema: Bring The Big Screen To You!

Have you ever considered having a cinema experience in the comfort of your own holiday home? You can choose to hire a silent cinema where the suppliers will provide you with headphones for all the guests plus a large projector screen and projector. Alternatively, you can hire a projector and screen with a speaker system if you have neighbours that don’t mind the noise. Hiring an indoor cinema is a great idea for an evening activity that you and your guests can snuggle up to and enjoy a movie.

💰 Price: from £100 for all of the equipment

🌟 Best for: groups of any size

😇 What do I need? You will need the address of the cottage so you ask the equipment to be sent there. Returning delivery/collection time will be organised with the supplier before they are sent out.

❤️ Health & Safety: all equipment is sterilised before you receive it, so it will be just like receiving any other post!

7. Singing Guitarist: Warm Your Hearts

Dan Reynard, Performer from Poptop

Hire a Singing Guitarist to serenade you and your guests on your autumn staycation. The singing guitarist will be able to perform all of your favourite songs and they can perform either in your garden or indoors (socially distanced of course!) depending on the weather. This is a really nice and easy way to get some light entertainment and lift everyone’s spirits during this stressful time. 

💰 Price: from £100

🌟 Best for: groups of any size

😇 What do I need? Ask the supplier whether they need any access to mains plugs and how much space they need to perform. 

❤️ Health and Safety: just make sure to set up a performing area so the singing guitarist has plenty of space and you are socially distanced from the performance space.

8. Afternoon Tea: Fancy A Scone?

Matei Baran, Chef from Poptop

Who doesn’t love a warm fluffy scone filled with clotted cream and jam? An afternoon tea delivery is a fabulous treat to celebrate something special or it can simply just be a nice surprise for your loved ones – make an ordinary day extraordinary! Similarly to hiring a private chef, there are plenty of menu options to choose from. You can keep it traditional with a cup of Earl Gray, cucumber sandwiches and sultana scones or you can pop the prosecco and turn it into celebratory brunch. Either way, this is a budget-friendly and unique way to keep the magic of your autumn staycation alive. 

💰 Price: from £12 per person

🌟 Best for: groups of 2-6

😇 What do I need? Nothing needed for this one! Just make sure that you’re home when the delivery is scheduled.

❤️ Health & Safety: this can be delivered like any socially distanced takeaway food delivery service.

9. Casino Hire: Place Your Bets!

Seven Casino Nights, from Poptop

Casino Hire has always been a popular entertainment option for larger events, but why should it stop there? If your accommodation has space, you can hire a professional casino table with a smartly dressed croupier to play your favourite games of Roulette, Blackjack & Poker. A little bit of healthy competition never hurt anybody and it will be sure to create an exciting atmosphere for your evening. The suppliers can also provide fun money and prizes so no one is left out from the fun. 

💰 Price: from £200 per night

🌟 Best for: groups of 6+

😇 What do I need? Ask the supplier how much space they require to set up the tables

❤️ Health and Safety: the croupiers will wear full PPE and sanitise their hands and the equipment is sterilised regularly.

10. Silent Disco: Get Groovy

Super Silent Discos from Poptop

No noise? ✅ Sterilised equipment? ✅ Bad dance moves? ✅ ✅

Silent Discos are the best and most affordable option to get the party going, even more so on your staycation. If the children crash for the night early, then the adults can stay up and keep up the party without worrying about waking them up. This is also convenient if your rental policy has a clause on noise pollution. The silent disco headphones you rent will come with 3 channels so Mum and Aunty Sue can jive away to ABBA, while you listen to the latest chart tunes. The equipment is always super easy to use and because it is delivered to your door, you just have to set it up and get dancin’ away.

💰 Price: from £65 for 15 headphones

🌟 Best for: groups of 6+

😇 What do I need? You will need the address and delivery instructions of the accommodation you have booked.

❤️ Health & Safety: all equipment is sterilised before shipping, so it will be just like receiving any other post!

Whether you want to spice up an autumn evening, try something new or kick back and escape during these stressful times, all of these ideas will help you plan the best Autumn staycation experience for 2020. Check out the Poptop website here to search through our top-quality services.

Health & Safety is more important than ever and we understand it is playing a huge part in all of our holiday planning this year, so we have included our health & safety tips with each suggestion. We also include a free full comprehensive Health & Safety guide with each booking made with a Poptop supplier. If you would like to read more on this, you can read through here.

If you have any questions regarding Health & Safety guidance or about Staycation Entertainment in general, please drop us an email at

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