For any event, finding someone to capture special and amazing moments is vitally important. However, quite often you can be spoilt for choice or not even know where to start. We’ve made a list of our top tips for choosing a  photographer or videographer for your event.

Choosing your photographer

Before you make a request, there are things you’ll need to think about, to make sure you can make the perfect request.

First things first….

Make sure you have a venue and date before submitting a request. A photographer/videographer will want to know where your event is so that they can give you an accurate quote, and so they can see if they are able to travel there.

E.g. Saturday 8th August 2020, The Marriott Newcastle

Your Options!

Choose the type of service you want for your event, our suppliers offer many options to choose from, as shown below:

Wedding Photography

ALL Wedding Photographers specialise in capturing beautiful moments on your special day. They will spend time before your wedding getting to know you and going through the different options they can provide for you. They often have add-ons like a photo album to showcase your day. They’re also good for wedding vow renewals. If you don’t just want a wedding photographer there are other options!

Eleanor Joy Photography

Vintage Wedding Photographer

Fancy wedding photography, but want your photos taken in beautiful natural reportage style? A vintage wedding photographer is a supplier for you!

Sarah Cook Photography

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Taking photos throughout the day to document your perfect day to a T. They specialise in taking natural and candid photos of you and your wedding guests throughout the day. Perfect if you don’t like posing!

Paul Summerfield Photography

Wedding Photography Budget

Wedding Photographers are specialists in taking amazing photos of your special day. Most people opt to get a package.

e.g. Full day for £1000 and half day for £500. 

These packages can sometimes include things such as:

  • A Photo Album
  • A USB with digital versions of your photos.

Most Wedding Photographers charge around £100-£150 per hour.


If you’re not picking a package, you can still get some elements of a package, e.g.:

  • Photo Album: £50-£200
  • USB stick: Variable.

Things like the delivery type (printed/digital) and type of photo editing can also affect the quote, so bear this mind when thinking about your budget.

It’s worth noting that most suppliers will tailor their quote to your demands, so prices can change after receiving a quote.

Things to consider when choosing a Wedding Photographer:

  • Think about the style that you want (see the options above). Although all of the photographers are skilled in wedding photography, the styles differ every so slightly.
  • What parts of the wedding do you want to be photographed?
  •  How long for?
  • How do you want the photos to be delivered?

You can find out more about this in the “HOW TO GET THE BEST QUOTES AND MAKE A BOOKING”

Event Photographer/Portrait Photographer

These photographers are skilled in events like Gigs, Clubs, Parties, Anniversaries etc. They’re good at catching “action” and “in the moment” shots.

Malcolm SK Fitt Photography LTD

Also good for proms, reunions, “high profile” events and corporate headshots. You can have photos of your guests taken as they arrive at the venue, or have a set time for them to be taken. They are skilled at taking perfect “posed” shots.

Event/Portrait Photography Budget

Event/Portrait Photographers usually charge around £75-£125 an hour depending on the kind of event.

Some of them may have packages available, e.g. a certain number of hours + keyrings or a USB with digital versions of the photographs (should you choose not to have them printed).

If you choose to have more than Photographer (shooter) this will also affect the quote.


Some Event Photographers may give you a choice of add-ons if they don’t have packages available for example:

  • Keyrings: £50+
  • Green Screen/Backdrop: £50+
  • USB Stick: Variable

things to consider when choosing an event/portrait photographer

  • When do you want the photos to be taken?
  • How long for?
  • How you want the photos delivered?
  • Do you want more than one Photographer?

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are a great (and quirky) way to jazz up your event and get your guests to be creative. Most will provide you with props to help you give your best friend that mustache they’ve always wanted, or get your gran to wear a sombrero.

Quality Photobooth

There are standard “booths” available and also:

Magic Mirrors

A mirror with a camera and touchscreen built into it! Get your group ready and take some awesome selfies. You can even sign your name!

ReflectMe Events 


We even have some camper vans or old taxis that have been converted into photo booths. Perfect for “on the go”.

Photo Booth Photography Budget

Photo Booths can be around £90-£120 per hour. However, this can all depend on the style of Photo Booth, Props/No Props, how the photos are delivered etc.

Packages are usually for time e.g. 1 hour = £110, 2 hours = £200, 3 hours = £285.

These prices are just examples and do not reflect every Photo Booth.


Photo Booths are the most likely to have the most Add-Ons.

For a Photo Booth, they can include:

  • Photo Album: £50-£200
  • LED Lights: £75+
  • Keyrings: £50+
  • USB Stick: Variable

Things to consider when choosing a Photobooth

  • Do you want props?
  • How long for?
  • At what point?
  • How do you want the photos to be delivered? (Digital, Print or Both)
  • Do you have a theme?


Having a video of your event is a great idea. A photo can capture a laugh but a video can do so much more! Videographers work very hard to ensure they capture your event exactly as you want to. They will spend time getting to know what exactly you want to be captured in the video.  

BMN Weddings

Videography Budget

Videographers can start at around £100 per hour and go up to £150+ depending on the kind of event.  Some may offer packages and these are also usually time-based and may offer additionals like photos from the video and a highlight reel.

The price might also be affected depending if you want an edited video or raw footage.


If there aren’t any packages available then you might have the option to still get:

  • Photos from the Video
  • A Highlight Reel

Added on, however, these are all supplier dependent and some might include them in their base rate.

Things to consider when choosing a Videographer

  • How long for?
  • What part of your event do you want to be covered?
  • How long do you want the video to be?
  • Do you want music layering over it?
  • Do you want it edited or do you just want the RAW footage?

Want to choose more than one?

YOU CAN! Some people choose to have a Photographer, Videographer AND a Photo Booth at their event –  #treatyoself.

Natasha Ferreira Photograph

It’s worth noting that some suppliers do both Photography AND Videography, which is great if you want to combine the two. If you do want this, make sure this is communicated clearly at all stages.  

Look at their work

Poptop Photographers/Videographers/Photo Booths will have many photos and/or videos on their profile for you to view to ascertain whether or not they will be a good fit for you.

Honeydew Moments

We advise building up a relationship with the photographer but remember that it’s your event and you should be assertive about what you want.

Once you’ve thought this all through, it’s time to make a request and book! Follow the steps below!

How to Get the Best Quotes and Make a Booking  

Scott Miller Photography

Try and be as descriptive as you can where possible, especially when telling the supplier

  • What service you require
  • What kind of shots/video you would like
  • Where the service you require needs to be
  • How long for
  • How would you like your end results (Print, Digital, DVD, Album)
  • If you have any specifications (e.g. Vintage Photobooth or Asian Photographer only) then we can specialise which suppliers we invite to look at your event request. 


It is very important to know what time of the day/night you want the service, please mention how many hours you want the service, so the supplier can give an accurate quote.

For example, for a wedding:   Most people opt to have them for a full day (Wedding Prep to First Dance) or a half day (Wedding Pre, Ceremony & Drinks Reception or Ceremony, Drinks Reception & Party).

Chat with the supplier about your requirements before booking

Don’t be scared to say things/ask questions like:

“Thank you for your quote on photography, how much extra is it to add videography?” “I love your work, but are you also able to do this?”.

It’s YOUR event and if you don’t click with them, it’s not meant to be. Find someone you get on with and who is able to capture your event just how you want it.

How many staff will there be?

Some photographers/videographers will not come alone. They may have second shooters or if they are offering video services, may have more than one camera to get different angles. Find out how many shooters will come and, if you’d like more than one person but they don’t state this, find out how much it will cost to have an extra person.

There are many things you’ll need to find out from the supplier

  • How long the post-production of photos will take and bear in mind that processing your event photos. might take an extended period of time as they are shooting RAW files, far bigger than your average JPEG.
  • How long the video will take to edit (if you have chosen this option).
  • How many images you’ll get.  
  • If they’ll be a high or low resolution.
  • What the final product will look like (e.g. are the photos you select the final ones or will these be retouched?).

Let us know if something isn’t working or you need help

Send us an email or give us a call and we can help you.

For example:

  •  A supplier you require isn’t responding – we can try and contact them to speed things up.
  • You’re unsure how to proceed with something – we are on hand to help you.

You can always refer to this guide for FAQs.

Now it’s time to push that button and make your request for a free quote, what are you waiting for? Follow the link below to check out our suppliers in our catalogue:

Also, check out our recent guide to event & wedding catering. 

P.S. Download our free printable wedding checklist for a stress-free wedding planning process!