So you’ve decided to have some entertainment at your wedding, but now you’re scratching your head thinking “How do I do this? There are so many things to think about”.

Don’t worry! Here are our tops tips to help you decide what wedding music and entertainment you need for your bid day.Before you make a request, there are things you’ll need to think about, to make sure you can make the perfect request. Weddings are such a special day, so having the right entertainment can make the day even more amazing. There are so many great options to choose from and you can have entertainment from your ceremony right through to when the lights come up at the end of the night, and here they are!


Live Music

You have a plethora of options for music to guide the bride/groom down the aisle to the one they love, such as:

However, these are just the traditional options, if you want a Rolling Stones Tribute band for this part of the wedding then go get it!

Drinks Reception/Meal

So you’re now married, CONGRATULATIONS! Now it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate with your nearest and dearest. During your drinks reception/meal, there are SO many options and opportunities for entertainment, we think you’ll be spoilt for choice, here are some ideas for how to make this part of your day as amazing as the rest.

Live Music

The drinks reception is often a time for people to catch up and congratulate the happy couple, so you won’t want anything too loud. But it’s still nice to have some background music.

Here’s what we think works best:

Tip: If you’re choosing live music for your ceremony and want the same kind for your reception, ask them if they can do both!


Thomas Dixon

The reception is often the time where the newlyweds are whisked off for their photos, so why not have a magician entertain your guests whilst you’re away? Or have someone whilst you’re eating your meal? The best option for this part of the day is a Close-Up/ Table magician. They can come round the tables and so small, yet amazing tricks to wow your guests!

Circus/ Dance Act


Want to wow your guests as they arrive at the reception venue or whilst you’re getting your photos taken? Why not have some circus entertainment to greet them?

Some examples of what you can have:

Circus entertainment is great because you can have just one, but you don’t just have to choose one kind, you could have more than one, walking about entertaining your guests. Circus entertainment is also great because they often don’t have to be rooted in one place.

Dance acts are also great for entertaining, like with circus acts, you can choose a solo dancer or a troupe. Even here there are lots of options. You can have anything from Bollywood to Burlesque, the choice is yours!


Want a funky way to remember your wedding? A Caricaturist is a great way to capture your wedding in a creative way. Have your guests pose for funny portraits and hang them up on the wall and it’s something that will last forever!

Francesco Caricatures

Post-Meal Party

Live Music

The possibilities are endless here! We have pretty much every genre you could need from Disco to Bandeoke to Rock to Tribute bands. This is YOUR party and your time to dance your socks (or footwear of choice) off.

Function & Wedding Bands are the most popular choice as they tend to cover music from across the decades and will sometimes, upon request, learn a song of your choice for the first dance.

If you want music from a specific decade, you can have a jazz band for 20’s music or a 60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s band. The choice is yours! Every band will tailor their music to what you want and need.

Bandeoke is becoming more and more popular. It’s just like a karaoke but with a live band, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to mix things up a bit.

Bands for this part of the day will usually do 1 or 2 x 45-minute sets.


DJ Sparx
 Don’t want the party to stop after the band? It doesn’t have to! Party into the wee hours with a DJ! DJ’s are specialists at starting the party and making sure everyone has a whale of a time. Want some karaoke thrown in? DO IT! It’s possible!

Something that is becoming increasingly popular is to have a DJ alongside a Saxophonist for that “Ibiza” feel, it’s a great idea!  


Lou Conran

Don’t want live music, but still want something to entertain your guests after the meal? After eating a huge, and delicious meal, you might want to sit back and relax to let the food settle.

Bring on the comedy! Comedians usually do 30 minutes to 1 hour of comedy so it’s a great way to entertain your guests for a short while. There are lots of different kinds of comedy, so you will have plenty of choices!


You hear those dreaded words: “So, what’s your budget?” and you think to yourself “I’m not actually that sure….”. Fear not – here’s our estimate of what you might need to spend for entertainment.


Other Things to Think About


If a supplier this there all day or during the meal, it’s worth thinking about feeding them. A full supplier is a happy supplier!


Some suppliers may have added travel costs, so it’s worth keeping this in mind.

If the band you really want is 200 miles away, then they may come but be prepared to pay for the extra petrol.

Once you’ve thought this all through, it’s time to make a request and book! Follow the steps below!

How to Get the Best Quotes and Make a Booking

Have as much information as possible in the event description.

Bad example:

Wedding. Indoors. Need a band.

Good example:

Hi, I’m organising my (indoor) wedding on the 4th of August 2019 at the Strand Palace Hotel in London. We’d love to have a live band for the evening as both my fiance and I met at a gig. Genre-wise, something quite upbeat and modern would be fab, sort of indie/rock.

We can provide food for you, please let us know in advance if you’d like that and if you have any dietary requirements.

We can’t  wait to hear from you.

8pm – 10pm: Live Band 

Ask questions!


  • If they’re there all day, they will need feeding, ask them what they need.
  •  Check if they have their own PA system, if not (and they need one) you will have to provide this.
  • How much time to they need to set up?
  • How long is their set?
  • Do they do requests?
  • How much space do they need?
  • Is their show suitable for all ages?

Try and book as far in advance as you can

The more notice you give, the higher chance we have of finding something for you and the more likely it is that you can find the supplier you really want. We do appreciate this may not always be possible.

Check with the venue if there are noise restrictions

The last thing you want is the band being cut off half-way through.  

Reply to our suppliers

This may sound quite obvious, but clients who respond quickly to our suppliers are more likely to secure their booking. Of course, we don’t mean you have to reply the second you get a message, but if you leave a supplier hanging for too long, they may have another booking by the time you get back to them.

If it’s going to take a while until you are able to make a decision, that’s okay! Just let the supplier or us know.

Let us know if something isn’t working or you need help

Send us an email or give us a call and we can help you.

For example:

Also, check out our guide to choosing the perfect photographer or videographer.

P.S. Use our new free wedding checklist for stress-free wedding planning process.












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