Whatever your event, if you’re holding a celebration you probably want a photographer present to capture the fun and excitement of your day.

There are event photographers available at most budget levels, but in many cases, you get what you pay for, so be careful to check reviews and look through their past work before making a booking.

The type and style of your event will influence the photographer you book, as each will have their own style and specialize in capturing different images and atmospheres, for example:

 – Capturing candid moments at family gatherings,

 – Shots of kids at their cheekiest, without fear of the camera,

 – Catching colours and contrasts that really pop,

 – Artistic and creative alternative shots carefully staged in and around your venue,

 – Making the most of the daytime or night-time lighting,

 – Action shots, indoors or outdoors,

 – Corporate style and sophistication,

 – Reflecting the life and soul of the party.

When you’ve decided on the style you want, you need to establish your budget and whether you want the photographer to be present for all or just part of your event.

When you’ve shortlisted a few photographers, chat to them about what you want from your day, any specific shots you want to capture, and what set-up or access they require before and on the day.

As well as hiring a professional photographer, you can also create online albums for guests to upload their own snaps to, or scatter disposable or Polaroid cameras around your venue for attendees to use as they enjoy the event. These will capture moments no photographer could hope to catch, giving you a whole collection of unique shots and stories from your event.

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