Top 11 Wedding Photographers Shared Their Tips For A Smooth Photo Session At Private Events

Weddings are all about surprises. Although, we are not denying the fact that wedding photographers do have magical abilities (just look at some works of our Poptop photographers) but they may not have enough power to fight all unpredictable situations at private events. The best thing you can do as professional is to acquire the knowledge of the top UK wedding photographers. Forewarned is forearmed, remember?

How to Get More Bookings in 2018: Guide to Make Your Poptop Profile More Attractive for a Client

Well-completed profile is 70% of success in Poptop

Do you wonder why some of your competitors achieve better results in business than you? The reason might be simple — their profile or website looks more attractive for a client. Believe it or not, but first impressions count and you only have a few seconds to attract a client to your services. How can you do that? We prepared some tips that will help you in creating a profile of top-notch quality.

Six reasons why hits on your website aren’t turning into event bookings

The hits on your website are totting up, but no one’s filling out your contact form or calling you up to book you for their big event. You’ve done the google ads, got the professional design, and you know your past clients love you, so what’s stopping the enquiries from rolling in?